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  1. soviet_pobedi

    - [XTREM] -

    Mirage isn't it frightening, Mirage aren't you scared....
  2. soviet_pobedi

    - [XTREM] -

    prog metal bump: Dream Theater
  3. soviet_pobedi

    PSA - Container di Babbo Natale

    Sarebbe sensato (e trasparente) postare questa comunicazione anche sul vostro sito e nel client, luoghi in cui questi containers vengono tipicamente acquistati. Non necessariamente chi li compra/ha comprati frequenta i vari forum
  4. soviet_pobedi

    New Halloween Event - what you can win

    give us the filth event back
  5. These asymmetrical battles are an epic fail. The higher tier "players" are almost exclusively bots and these games end up being more dull and braindead than co-ops (an objective not easy to reach, well done WG). And it's not surprising that nobody wants to play in the higher tier team since you need to spend tokens (earned in lower tiers) in order to play but you have absolutely no reward for playing the higher tiers (a dedicated mission would have done the trick and could have populated with humans the higher Tier teams). Another solution to make these battles somewhat enjoyable would have been to let divisions play them: organisation could have overcome the inferiority in term of ships, providing some fun in the process. As they are, they are a total waste of time
  6. soviet_pobedi

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    I have rendering problems. Both in port and in battle, the camo mounted doesnt show up correctly. Anyone else experienced this?
  7. soviet_pobedi

    Ultimo aggiornamento, meglio non ci fosse stato

    Pienamente d'accordo col mio compagno di clan che ha aperto il thread. Se tanto era stato fatto in passato per scoraggiare i camper, ora si e' creata una situazione assurda, con tutte le navi immobili nello spawn (i rari DD compresi). Magari la colpa andrebbe divisa a meta', tra WG che ha introdotto questa modifica, e la community che ha "reagito" alla modifica stessa semplicemente camperando. Ma a me interessa il risultato finale, non e' compito mio fare processi. Sta di fatto che il gameplay e' diventato terribilmente noioso, con scontri a lunga distanza senza alcuna valenza tattica Screenshot recente per rendere meglio l'idea (guardate la minimappa)
  8. soviet_pobedi

    Reclutamento Clan -BIG-

    Anche questa stagione di clan battles si conclude. Entrambe le squadre, Alfa e Bravo, hanno raggiunto la Lega Tifone. Dobbiamo ovviamente migliorare tanto (e sempre) ma siamo tutto sommato soddisfatti del risultato. Una cosa che ci ha fatto molto piacere e' stata la grande partecipazione, anche da parte di nuovi elementi. Ricordo che siamo sempre alla ricerca di nuovi giocatori, sia per il competitivo che per il casuale.
  9. soviet_pobedi

    Reclutamento Clan -BIG-

    Ciao a tutti, reclutiamo attivamente giocatori sia per casuale che per competitivo (clan battles e tornei). Contattate per domande e/o informazioni me oppure - Gneo_Cornelio_Scipio - Bubbuciaccia93 - fede_scar - Stefano95 - Birrozzo Potete contattarci in gioco oppure direttamente qua sul forum. Vi aspettiamo!
  10. soviet_pobedi

    German BBs

    lol you made me laugh
  11. soviet_pobedi

    German BBs

    I totally agree I don't agree. Actually, I am not a BB main, but I consider the German BB the weakest ones overall, simply because you can never rely on their guns. We all know that dispersion affects every BB to some extent, but in the case of German BBs, you are way too affected by randomness (even trolled, most of the times). And yes you are tanky, yes have turtleback, yes you have secondaries but the main guns are the bread and butter of any battleship, at least as far as I am concerned. They can be good brawlers, but brawling requires perfect timing to be successful
  12. soviet_pobedi

    German BBs

    Has someone else also noticed that German BBs have become almost a burden (for their own teams) in this game? In most of the games, Bismarck and Tirpitz are consistently underperforming, both in terms of final results and in-game perception. As a matter of fact, I tend to make predictions at the very start of a game, right when I see the MM, about who will win, solely based on how many of Bismarck/Tirpitz each team has (i.e. the less of those, the higher chance of victory). To some extent, the above applies to Der Grosse and Kurfurst as well. I don't have access to the actual stats about this, and, of course, it is just a personal perception. However, has someone else noticed this? If yes, why do you think is that? Power creep, less effectiveness of the ship and/or misusage by their captains?
  13. soviet_pobedi

    Other Changes

    I've done few games in the Yugumo to try the new torps. However, I've had the impression that, sometimes, my kills were actually credited to one of my fellow teammates, even though I was sure I sunk the enemy ship. Also, the XP at the end of the game, in the Yugumo, seems much lower than usual. Just my impression?