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    is there a way to see damage you did to one ship?

    Do both, so you can know the instant damage and the damage you dealt the whole game. It's very helpful for BBs.
  2. Sgt_Enforcer

    is there a way to see damage you did to one ship?

    Just install the damage counter mod from Aslain's mod pack. You can find the installer here (it has a lot of mods to use, none of them are illegal) ---> http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0524-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v52401-05022016/ Start the installer, pick the WoWs folder and instal any mod you need/want (press the description button to see a picture of the mod in-game). Have Fun!
  3. Sgt_Enforcer

    IJN Battleship VS IJN Cruiser

    I just unlocked the 2nd hull for the fuso and i already can win 1v1 fights with other tier VI Battleships. Im average because i started playing one week ago, and i just needed some advice. About the stats, i was talking about my last 5-10 games, and yesterday i didnt even have the hull upgrade for the Fuso. So, just dont mind the kills i mentioned and start talking about the topic. Thank you.
  4. Sgt_Enforcer

    IJN Battleship VS IJN Cruiser

    Thank you guys for the fast reply. Looks like i will try my best at battleship. I am shooting AP and i am hitting citadels, but the spread at long range, especially with the Fuso is making me sick. Plus the HE cruiser fire sets me on fire every other hit and it really annoys me. For the people who says we troll, check our accounts, and dont write comments that are off topic and filling wargamings server with completely useless comments. Another question is: If i buy premium for one month while playing 2-3 hours each day with an average 800 exp (without premium) will i be able to get the Yamato, or at least the Izumo within this month.
  5. Sgt_Enforcer

    IJN Battleship VS IJN Cruiser

    Hello guys, i need a suggestion. Im having a problem and i cant decide what to do. Im amazing with cruiser. Im destroying 3-4 ships each game, and im good with torpedoes(thats the reason i go with IJN Cruiser line). The problem is that i love Battleships more that cruisers (Yamato is my favorite ship) BUT i cant play well. I get 1-2 kills each game with 20-40k damage, and sometimes im able to achieve 70k with my Kongo (i got fuso last night so i cant aim right yet). I dont know why but RNG seems to hate me while i play battleships. So what should i do? Play with what i like or with what i play well? Thank you for your help.