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    Balance changes

    Hi Folks! Just played on the test server. Without throwing crapat anyone and questioning motives of WG here is what I experienced and felt while playing. 1.: T4 and T5 CVs are really boring to play. You designate the targets and watch your planes get there or being shot on the way. Almost no way of controlling what happens there. When I actually hit something it doesn't feel good!!! I don't feel the joy that I aimed well or was able to prdeict the actions of the opponent! Basically all I did was clicking on it... Imagine a BB with secondaries only... That's how it feels like. This is a huge problem as unlike the testing one, on the live server you have to play many battles to get to T6. Who would want to grind through two tiers to actully enjoy playing a class (without even knowing that it is actually good at T6)?? 2.: These CVs are not only boring but also really weak, especially T5 ones. ​Ships in smoke are immune to these CVs. Previously at least we could guess the location and drop something in the smoke. And even when not in smoke, good players will have no problem evading the torps even in a BB. The greatest problem comes when T5 CVs get uptiered. In a Zuiho got into a battle where we had 1 Independence and 1 Zuiho per team. My fighters could do nothing, not even hold them back. Managed to get one squadron through their fighters, only to run into a Cleveland... Was a really "fun" game... If I could strafe, I would have at least a chance to do anything with enemy planes, but I would not like the experience either... 3.: Concealment changes... ​I played Shiratsuyu on the test server. I found that using my guns in it "causes more pain than profit"​... ​​On more occaisons I could finish off low hp DDs around range of 7-8km (my detectability is 6.5km, it is not even a stealth build!). I did nothing as I saw enemy ships around 11 km and they would keep me detected for 20 seconds after killing the DD. This also makes the game a bit boring and in my experience is just as frustrating as being under fire form invisible enemies... Some other things regarding ships that got buffed by this. I played with Kongo and noticed it has been significantly buffed concealment wise. I did not feel the need for this... It is also strange that spotting plane makes you easier to detect... To summarize in my opinion these would help: ​Leave CVs as they were! If not buffing them, please don't nerf them at least. If you must nerf them, please don't take away the only fun part in playing them... If you must apply this gunrange-detecatbility rule, then don't apply it to ships which had greater detectability after firing, than the gunrange. No mor buffs for BBs is needed... Make the detectability radius shrink gradually over time after firing, not pop back to original after 20 seconds. If Concealment could make the detectability shrink faster, there will be more reason in increasing gunrange and concealment. Now there is little to no point in concealment, as when firing your guns, only the gungrange counts and it is absurdly often a disadvantage!
  2. tenceus

    about Divisions

    Hi Folks! We have this nice feature in tis game to be able to play with friends. It is awesome but definitely needs two things as divisions are small fighting groups in the whole team: -An In-game chatroom. The ability to talk only to division members would greatly help the communication which is key in every team game. -The game should place the division members close to each other in the beginning of the battles. If I decide to play together with a friend or two I want to work together with them not watching their minimap markers the other wing of the front or in some cases the opposite side of the map. Also quite annoying if a division in our side decides to spend the first three minutes of the battle looking for each other instead of helping the team. I would be happy if you could take this things into consideration during the developing of the next patch. Good luck and fair seas!