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  1. I think this is a good decision. In this way, we know which ships in the game which capabilities will always know. I really want this practice to be done on all ships. I think that non-premium ships should be included in this decision. After the tests, the ships put on the tech tree should not change again. Thus, everyone is responsible for his / her choice and no one is a victim. Thank you WG.
  2. KHS01

    Old & New CVs together

    If you are looking for reality in the game, CVs must be in the game like real life. And many people wants reality in the game.
  3. KHS01

    Suggestions thread

    Why there is no AP and HE bomb choose option in CV?
  4. KHS01


    After last 2 patches, I have frequently short pauses in the game. About 1/2 sec. Especially while a ship destroying. My ping (35) and fps (80) has no problem. They are same. It started bothering me. Anyone else have this problem or is this problem may be in my computer/program/connection etc..?
  5. KHS01


    OMG! Wonderfull patch, I loved this. Good job team. Thank you!
  6. KHS01

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Yes me too but now I'm pink! 3 match penalty!
  7. KHS01

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    No we got it. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tr/products/wows/hot-issues/10794/
  8. KHS01

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    This message was for NA servers, not for EU. My fault, sorry. There is a problem in EU servers at the moment. We must wait for fixing by them.
  9. KHS01

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

  10. KHS01

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    I made 2-3 test battle with CVs. New sounds very annoying in CV game. And too much noise. I had headache. And it's not possible to adjust this sounds. Also long targeting delay is still continue with attack aircrafts. Attacking to ships (especially to DDs) is a torture. No fun playing with CV anymore for me. Therefore I can not play with CV anymore. I sent all CV commanders to vacation again necessarily until improve these problems. Now I'll test playing with other ships. I'll report my observations (if you care).
  11. Everything is perfect. I love it.
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  14. KHS01

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    We completely agree. :)
  15. KHS01


    So what dude? This is very normal. CVs always hide their self and hardly sink. They have no guns as you know. What about their dmg or kills? Tell about them to us please.