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  1. KHS01

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    When I wanted to listen to my own music in the war, I started getting a critical error message and the game is crashing. This issue started by this version (9.0) in my computer.
  2. KHS01

    How many planes carrying T8 CVs?

  3. KHS01

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    149. I want to participate, Massachussets.
  4. Now it is ok here. I can connect. Thanks. (Istanbul)
  5. I can not connect right now.
  6. KHS01

    AA Defense Changes

    How can we use new AA sector system while flying in CV gameplay?
  7. KHS01

    General Feedback

    I loved new CV autopilot system. Thank you very much! But there is a little problem with new AA sector settings in CV. How can we use sector AA while flying?
  8. KHS01



    I think today cariers are nerfed. Yes it was need but I think this nerf is so much. This time cv loose it's fun. If I lost my planes waiting so much to reload them.
  9. I'm a avarage player and not play for nonsense status. Doesn't care me. My goal is having fun and I really have. This is important for me. Others must show id. :)