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  1. Brackish

    How do we help players like these?

    Maybe I was exaggerating a bit with 'sucked' but I came from the same place as you: about average/below average. As for the campaign progression through PvE enabling a certain ship line: great! You would have to take current players ship ownership in consideration though so WG doesn't suddenly deny certain ships to players who have for example 15 tier X's in their line-up. I would actually enjoy a campaign mode myself.
  2. Brackish

    How do we help players like these?

    Maybe it's time to ignore @fallenkezef after multiple attempts to derail this thread. Moving on and first things first. 1. No sensible person is calling for a ban on bad players from whatever type of battle. Wargaming will never make such a move anyway. 2. Can we stop calling people with good stats elitists? I sucked when I started playing this game and slowly progressed to the point I'm at now, as did all the others. Nothing wrong with that. One of the last ideas was to implement a threshold before being able to participate in PvP either by tier and/or ship type. The required elements are already in place but incentives will probably be needed.
  3. Brackish

    How do we help players like these?

    I agree with all your points especially with the 'lead by example' point. Helping and being friendly towards everyone, including the people making bad plays, can be really hard though. I for one, can be a real salty [edited] when I lose due to blatant misplay. Cumulative bad match experiences tend to wear one down over the span of years unfortunately but the community is toxic enough already so any positivity goes a long way. We should all try to help and be positive to the best of our abilities. One can dream. Regarding Wargaming I share your jadedness, as do a lot of other people. I've sometimes pondered about the idea of educational videos and guides. They already make nice productions about promotions, events and game mechanics so why not educational? It would better the quality of life for WoWs.
  4. Brackish

    How do we help players like these?

    Let's go back to the OP shall we? No need to have a discussion with 1 guy playing spokesman. Nobody opposes people playing randoms to have a fun time in their own way and with their own definition of fun. This however doesn't change the fact that a lot of players get rightly annoyed by players sailing their ships like absolute idiots resulting in heavily lopsided matches that end way too early. Simple fact: Players don't get annoyed by players actively trying for or contributing to a victory but players can get annoyed by bad players messing up a match. This can be addressed and should be addressed. We all want to enjoy playing WoWs, don't we? So the question remains: How could we try to better the quality of the matches by potentially educating the player base? What responsibility do we as captains have (in game) and what role should or could WarGaming play? Mod: Plz delete my above post. I somehow couldn't delete the mention or edit the post.
  5. Brackish

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    I'm not even playing ranked but still felt the need to respond
  6. Brackish

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    I have not encountered the FPS drops yet but I do hear a lot of talk from clan mates and others that crashes are way more frequent than before, especially compared to the 0.6.x versions of the game. Has anyone experienced the same?
  7. Brackish

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    I haven't had any issues yet as of but reading the new reports has made me worried. I'm yet to play a bunch of rounds consecutively but will do so soon and I will report back if anything is awry.
  8. Brackish

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    The fact that it gets progressively worse after a number of matches makes it even more weird. I hope we can get an official response because it affects so many players.
  9. Brackish

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    I've been experiencing stutter and an erratic FPS count after the last update. It seemed to kick in after a couple of games and was especially bad on the Islands of Ice map (that could've just been just me). I checked with my clan mates and they are having the same problems. I have also checked the NA forums and read similar reports. Has anyone experienced the same?
  10. Brackish

    Suggestions thread

    General: Clan barter system I have multiple clan mates sitting on several special upgrades that they don't need. They have for instance 3 Radar Upgrades and 6 Speed Boost Upgrades lying around. Other clan mates could certainly use those but right now they're going unused and are essentially wasted. I suggest adding a clan market place or simple barter system so people can trade certain upgrades to other clan mates for either silver, doubloons or other upgrades.
  11. I second this. Name and appearance would be really welcome, would gladly pay silver for it.
  12. Good people of [HOME], I would very much like to join the clan and continue playing warships with a group of like minded and skilled players. I'm 28 years old and hail from the Netherlands, speak fluent English and have been playing WoWs for quite a while now. I'm at 61% winrate at the moment but I always strive to get better. Stats Some of your recent additions I already know (TheSailingRobin, Desatinado. GarrusBrutus). I look forward to getting acquainted and kicking @$$ in CW. Regards, Brackish
  13. Brackish

    Is IFHE mandatory now?

    The only thing I can say is that IFHE can greatly improve direct HE damage output. My personal experience with the Chapayev supports that, IFHE will definitely change the ship for the better. I'll let mister Flamu explain it you, this video provides a very concise and accurate explanation. Edit: Ninja'ed!
  14. Although I'm quite competitive in general I couldn't care less about which team wins, both teams are part of the same community and I would not begrudge team water a win. That win just nets them more rewards and that's all right by me. In the end of the day I just want to buy some nice consumable upgrades, in particular the speed boost and the acoustics one. That being said having your own CoE stat page bugged is no fun at all and seeing it affects both sides, I hope this will get addressed.
  15. Well, the CotE stat counter doesn't seem to be working for me. This afternoon I played 9 battles while the stat page only displayed 1 battle played, other stats were clearly off as well. I'm part of team Fire and if this is an actual bug and/or severe lag I'm not surprised team Water is miles ahead all of a sudden. In the first week the site worked fine, correctly logging and displaying the correct amount of coins collected. Has anyone encountered something similar?