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  1. aquiles7389

    Collector's Club Launch

    So....hows going with the captain retraining? XD
  2. aquiles7389

    Collector's Club Launch

    I only got 2 emblems but have +250 ships... Will the wait take long?
  3. aquiles7389

    Anti-Aircraft Cruiser-Battleship USS Kentucky

    AA is over 9,000!!!!
  4. aquiles7389

    How QuickyBaby would fix World of Tanks

    So finally his dignity was bigger than the "gifts"?? Was about time XD
  5. 20 mega gifts... All of them flags and cammos....*edited*
  6. aquiles7389

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate! Just opened 20 mega gifts and all of them were flags and cammos....want to check if its my shitty luck or just the shitty game
  7. aquiles7389

    Anniversary Event

    21 SC from the TX's, and the results are: 3k doubloons, 50k free xp, 1,025 flags (600 bad, 400 average, 25 good), 300 cammos (50 bad, 100 average, 150 good). I can't complain because all that was free, but somehow I feel the supercontainers are not that "super" anymore.
  8. aquiles7389

    PSA: Anniversary Collection

    Do we need to buy a premium container to start collecting stuff like in the other collections?
  9. aquiles7389

    [PSA] Massachusetts available for Early Access

    I'm premium....can't see the offer
  10. aquiles7389

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I would like to see the Makarov on sale again Also yeah....big drop in FPS
  11. aquiles7389

    Roma does not live up to the hype

    5km from a NC....full salvo to the broadside of the NC and not a single hit. All the shells went above the NC or hit the sea...5km FFS..... Oh yeah, I forgot the W key...next time will try 3km.
  12. aquiles7389

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Amazing, thanks for the lottery! I'll join. 1.Roma (or Tirpitz) 2. Warspite 3 Doubloons
  13. aquiles7389

    How is your Yamamoto Isoroku campaign going on?

    I'm on the last stage with 5 stars short from Yamamoto... Also, it will sound weird, but....Where do you get the items for the collection?? Is it once you get Yamamoto?
  15. aquiles7389

    Preview: New Ships Galore!

    Are you all asking logic and fairness to WG???????!?!?? Plebs....