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  1. aquiles7389

    Anniversary Event

    21 SC from the TX's, and the results are: 3k doubloons, 50k free xp, 1,025 flags (600 bad, 400 average, 25 good), 300 cammos (50 bad, 100 average, 150 good). I can't complain because all that was free, but somehow I feel the supercontainers are not that "super" anymore.
  2. aquiles7389

    PSA: Anniversary Collection

    Do we need to buy a premium container to start collecting stuff like in the other collections?
  3. aquiles7389

    [PSA] Massachusetts available for Early Access

    I'm premium....can't see the offer
  4. aquiles7389

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I would like to see the Makarov on sale again Also yeah....big drop in FPS
  5. aquiles7389

    Roma does not live up to the hype

    5km from a NC....full salvo to the broadside of the NC and not a single hit. All the shells went above the NC or hit the sea...5km FFS..... Oh yeah, I forgot the W key...next time will try 3km.
  6. aquiles7389

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Amazing, thanks for the lottery! I'll join. 1.Roma (or Tirpitz) 2. Warspite 3 Doubloons
  7. aquiles7389

    How is your Yamamoto Isoroku campaign going on?

    I'm on the last stage with 5 stars short from Yamamoto... Also, it will sound weird, but....Where do you get the items for the collection?? Is it once you get Yamamoto?
  8. aquiles7389

    Preview: New Ships Galore!

    Are you all asking logic and fairness to WG???????!?!?? Plebs....
  9. aquiles7389

    Rewards for not torping allies at low tiers

    You, I like your idea...But most of the time punishment never works and only make people flood the forums with complains.... I like your idea even more.
  10. aquiles7389

    Rewards for not torping allies at low tiers

    Like in WoT....after X number of battles without torp damage to your allies you get a ribbon/medal. And maybe after X number of ribbons/medals you get some cammos/doubloons/xp/something as reward.
  11. Hi. I've been playing low tiers a little bit more lately due to the "Spoils of the Revolution" mission...But I found that I've been torped more by allies than by enemies. I can make my way to avoid enemy torps by using WASD hack, but FFS allies firing their torps not giving a flying fu*k and turning pink it's very common!...And of course they will always come with the "You jumped into my torpedoes" retard argument...(yeah, me on my big slow bb charging towards the enemy....). Explaining them that they should not fire torps when there are allies nerby is harder than teaching Nuclear physics to a Kindergarden kid. Penalties are harsh and accidents may happen....Why not reward the fact of actually aiming where are the low tier dds aiming their torps?
  12. aquiles7389

    Collectors club

    WG EU giving special treatment to collectors just as in other servers?? No way....this is EU server, we dont have such things
  13. aquiles7389

    So the terror of Tier 5 is finally getting a nerf

    As you quoted my comment instead of the one from the guy who thinks Emerald is OP, I tought you were another OP Emerald believer... And yeah, "I'd go ahead and ask your mother for a refund on your brain, it's clearly malfunctioning" its quite a personal attack, thus ad hominem....But as you clarified that your comment went to the people that think that Emerald is OP, then I have no problem and actually agree. Carry on good Sir.
  14. aquiles7389

    So the terror of Tier 5 is finally getting a nerf

    Wow...ad hominem offending other players without reason....very mature from you (It's sarcasm, I can see you are a bit slow) BTW....stats show Emerald as the second worse (Win Rate) T5 cruiser...and the WORST damge of all the T5 cruisers... There you go kid....cold hard numbers. And keep your forum picture...It suits you.