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  1. SC drops??? Haven't seen one of those since February...And only had 4 so far (from around 500 TYL containers maybe?)
  2. Thank you @Aotearas Got the 7 days prem, Marblehead (4.5 M credits) and slot.
  3. Maybe because when we hold the pitchforks you go full herpderp... Also, you made us like Peter and the wolf!
  4. Agree with FallenOrchid...Thats a "cruiser" mission.
  5. Ultra hard...same mistake all the time. Get used to it
  6. Thank you.
  7. Sisyphus might like to put some flags and cammos on his boulder....also using premium drecreases the height of the hill
  8. Do you still believe what WG says?? Bruhh......
  9. How do you know how WG intentions look like? They want people to spend premium time, cammos or flags (at least) to get Nelson. If they really wanted to give the ship for free (or as a reward for gamming), then they would have implemented a mission or a series of tasks (like shinonone) to get her, you know, something achivable only by playing. Here is obvious WG want people to spend money on it, so trust me that WG intention is not the one you think. Now, Mo is in the range of XP that a fully upgraded Iowa costs, plus all the previous ships...Nelson should be priced under the same logic to make it fair/logic. I dont care the price neither as I have enough to get her asap, but the price is not fair, regardless what anybody thinks (the maths are objective). And S_O saying that the XP meta and prices has changed... Inflation in a videogame???!!!?LOL
  10. There is a feature in game that allows you to exchange locked XP for free XP, which has a cost of 1 doubloon for every 25 XP points of free XP unlocked... /Sarcasm off You know that a lot of people will use doubloons to unlock it (at least partially), and it sits a little bit too high on the price tag when comparing to same tier ships (premium or nnormal).
  11. 15,000 doubloons (10,715 when exchange is in offer), higher than any other same tier ship. WG taking advantage of a fine line ship made premium, nothing new here...
  12. Could be worse, 6 months without any SC...
  13. last SC was around February. Nothing since then.
  14. Do you want to wake the dragon? No, I want the other lines from the main navies.
  15. Buen objetivo! Posible si juegas y como han mencionado la cuenta premium ayuda mucho. Yo tengo 207 barcos y suficiente XP (y otro tanto mas sin convertir) para la linea britanica que sale este mes.