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    Player Evolution vs. Devolution

    I'm 36 and started with the Atari 2600 wood panel. Space Invaders and Combat ftw! I think the problem i'm seeing with world Of warships is it's another team game suffering due to unlocks and rewards with grind. I love unlocks like the next guy, but with little incentive for helping out your little man, people just aren't doing it. So most games are a huge death match with ships doing suicide runs for kills without much concern regarding the outcome of the match for their team.
  2. *Any tier under 9 with the Essex Guys, come on what you doing. I knew some people are upset about torp bombers, but when fighter combat consists of point and click with little xp return... Is it so hard to have 1 fighter, Just one with, 1 torp and say 2 bombers. Is that so OP? Plenty of people can dodge a single spread from 1 torp squad so again, just what are you doing wargaming eh?
  3. SilentKnighT79

    Citadel - how to hit/pen it? (with BB's against BB's)

    AP rounds and aiming are all well and good, but truth is in a vicious fight between multiple threats, with the game the way it is at the moment, HE all the way. Using HE rounds with some quick aiming you can kill rudder, turrets, and engine just fine with fire to boot. You spend time focusing AP shell hits, you'll miss those torps coming, island, other ship or anything else. You live longer if you press shift to set up the shot, and then zoom right out again so you can view your surroundings while keeping the LMB pressed. Trust me. These tails of great shots on citadel etc are on 1 on 1's with distance and time on your side, if you have that it's either the end of the game with few ships remaining, or you've left your team and trying to be rambo which means you'll get one or two kills but ultimately you're team will be the worse off as you weren't with them. Situational awareness using HE rounds and keeping your eye on maneuvering trumps focused firing on citadels, every time! I see these AP shell sniper getting stuck in islands or floating right into torp' spreads every game.
  4. SilentKnighT79

    CV fear reasons

    CV's take no risk? In most games as a CV player a DD has weaseled it's way around the map to find me, escape at that point is next to nil if your team doesn't help you. yes I mean even when you're sailing right next to them as the DD player will target you and do a suicide run just to take you out. If I have bombers fighters around to strike at the DD sometimes that finished the problem, but not always. I think all the people complaining about the CV role should try playing it first, you'll see like everything else you have to be good at it to get rewards, it's not just an I win button! I wish it was as grinding their incredible xp requirements per level takes ages!
  5. SilentKnighT79

    Focus firing effect?

    To give an example of why this would be used, if you have multiple air threats coming at you by an experienced CV, player you'd focus the torp' squad right away (hopefully there isn't more than one) as he will no doubt have sent two other squads to try and get your AA on the wrong targets.
  6. SilentKnighT79

    Airdropped Torpedoes Are Impossible To Avoid

    Is everyone forgetting that good AA makes pilots panic and their drop is drastically reduced. I play C.V's and I certainly don't see other C.v's get their mark every time like myself. A good DD nearby and upgraded AA on your BB and you're good to go. I can't help but wonder if this is another please nerf cry because you're splitting from the pack trying to solo to grind your points and chasing kills, and the only thing that stops you is a torp hit. This game is rock paper scissors. If you don't have scissors with you, that BB rock of yours will get wrapped. want to live get help, don't cry. As for cruisers, no sorry no, a good cruiser constantly moving and turning, again with AA and even better a spotter plane and again you're good to go! P.S. I've watched the last video, why is he sailing about on his own, away from the pack. Why, if it's a carrier tier 5. You stick together and work your way to the carrier.
  7. SilentKnighT79

    An option for Squads or Solo play please

    That makes no sense, unless you like to partner up and pub stomp. 3 player squads is a limit yes, but often one side has many squads. I've seen combos of DD's and 1 BB work together and dominated against a completely solo opposite side, it's a massive advantage. I don't think people even notice just how many are squad-ed up on the other side most games to care. Start looking closely though and you'll see.
  8. SilentKnighT79

    An option for Squads or Solo play please

    Now I know this is beta, and a game where the match maker takes too long is soon to be a dead one, but much like the problem League of Legends suffers with in a way is the lack of being able to choose a solo only option. Being with someone else on skype etc is fun and a great experience, but we don't always have that option, especially those of us who have busy work & home life's. I'm seeing quite a few games now be ruined by a team with 1 squad (if that sometimes) with 3 or 4 on the opposing side. Now how can this be called a fair fight. It's bad enough with match maker dumping you against higher tier's (deadly if you only have the first carrier and the other side has the second up) but this is quite annoying truly. Please sort this out. I ask with little hope of it being sorted however, as it's a common lazy sin of most online competitive multiplayer games these days on PC.
  9. SilentKnighT79

    Carrier modules

    In the carrier if you are getting shot at, it's my experience that little will save you. You certainly wont run away and if your on fire with repair down (everyone spams HE atm as fire dmg too high atm so you WILL BE on fire regardless of any minus buff) you won;t be launching any planes. Like a DD being hit a few times on the aft section, if your hit as a carrier the end is coming, try and at least get a kill of something quick.
  10. SilentKnighT79

    Did the Langley get nerfed?

    I don't know how the carriers were before as I haven't been playing long. Playing with it today however is a nightmare. Your one squad of torp's of course encounter AA on every battleship and panic, so when you try alt firing, they often circle a few times, you have to constantly jiggle it to eventually get them to fire. Try this with two b/s in range and you have had it. At least under those conditions an auto aim on two squads may have got a kill. Using the auto fire is rudimentary at best. At least four games in the last hour or so have had me against a higher tier carrier. Just forget that. I know people were crying nerf, but quite honestly in my eyes, compared to the youtube videos I've seen, taking away a squad from the first carrier you get, with a 25k exp grind was horseshit. Nerf the torp damage or something but this... I can't honestly see me bothering with the US carrier that long now.
  11. SilentKnighT79

    Destroyer locking targets not working for me.

    The white space does update however live, so it's sometimes ideal to not shoot all torps at once, sometimes shoot one volley and wait a while before the second and third.