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  1. JapLance

    Japan and Germany war economy

    OP's last working brain cell about to explode due to the complex calculations involved
  2. No, at least for a few months. It will be a nightmare full of veteran carrier players grinding the new lines. Hopefully the initial enthusiasm will wear off fast and finally WG will realise they have to remove this cancer from the game.
  3. JapLance

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    This evening I broke a mouse against the table in frustration when playing this ship. A game of 44 hits, less than 40k damage.... shatters and bounces at broadside ships, overpenetrations...An absolutely ridiculous amount of "supposed penetrations" that do 0 damage, much higher than any other BB I've played before, and something that convinces me that the WG explanation that 0 penetrations are because you hit a module blah blah blah ...you can kiss my [edited], WG. Had I been playing a Warspite in that game, I would have reached 80k easy (probably more because I would have hit more often).
  4. JapLance

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Most of the ships usually labeled as "the worst ship in the game" are not that bad. Most of the time it's player's lack of skill and/or patience. I skipped only one ship through freeXP after a number of games that convinced me to do it, and that was Emerald. Izumo is universally considered as a bad ship, and at T9 the way to Yamato becomes really long, so maybe someday this will be my second ship skipped with freeXP (if they ever remove carriers, that is).
  5. JapLance

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Today I got the ship, finally... Ship is good, guns are rubbish. The Dunkerque syndrome again: Bad dispersion, tons of overpenetrations and pitiful damage when finally you get some hits. Got it, will play it a bit now to get the steel and will probably be a port queen only used again when a mission requires German ships.
  6. The GUI is a real disaster, and not only they do nothing to fix it, but instead they keep adding stupid options nobody asked for to make it even worse. Another failure of this amateurish company.
  7. JapLance

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    And the last container of the New Year daily rewards got me... I would have never paid for it but I won't say NO to a gift. Even if it's my 4th British T7 BB in port after KGV, DoY and Nelson.
  8. I don't know if game is going to die because of this. But I know that I won't be playing WoWs for a long time after 8.0 is live. Hopefully I'll be back to see carriers removed once and forever. They should have never been in this game, as carriers completely changed the way naval warfare was fought, making the rest of classes irrelevantly reduced to escort them.
  9. JapLance

    Operation Frontier - Why do people find it so hard?

    Played this scenario 6 or 7 times since it's become Operation of the Week again this patch. "Won" in all of them but one, but never managed to reach more than 3 stars (usually just 2). I can do a lot of damage, often compensating for another player that basicly does nothing but offer a good target for the bots. but it's impossible to reach the levels of damage required to compensate for all the braindeads you get in your teams. Just a few minutes ago:
  10. JapLance

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I had tons of fun in this game: /s This has to end. Radar is fine. MM is not.
  11. Carriers and a line of 7/8 paper ships. Excitement under -9000
  12. JapLance

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs? Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?
  13. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    And I'll repeat, some of us don't get that box (check my previous post with a screenshot) EDIT: OK, it's a mod problem. Even using the just updated offical MODSTATION tool... Got 2x50 of some of the most useless flags for me. FML
  14. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    As shown above,, some of us don't get that advert.
  15. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    Can you notice the difference? Guess no free Santa containers for me