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  1. What? More ships? It's always been 12vs12...
  2. No need to read any further.
  3. If the average player was someone with half a brain it would be a nice addition. You would only stop to pick up survivors if there was no immediate threat or more urgent tasks (rush to capture a base because your team needs the points). Unfortunately... you know.
  4. dunkirk

    I sent a ticket. Waiting for WG answer.
  5. dunkirk

    I'm tired of the WG lies. You only get 3M credits. Had I known I wouldnt have played 20-30 battles in the crappy ship that has become Dunkerque. I demand my 2000 doubloons.
  6. Bolognese, of course.
  7. Go tell that to the Bismarck and the Kurfurst that obliterated my cruisers with 30k salvoes 15 and 18kms away from them yesterday.
  8. It's been 8 months since Campaigns were implemented. I never really liked the gameplay of high tiers.
  9. Launcher is now updating...
  10. What? Can you really hit something with Dunkerque at 10Kms? HAXX Seriously, cant hit crap with this ship, and then you do almost no damage. And the thing is that I didn't remember this ship as bad when I bought it. Just played it again lately (because I got the sale for the doubloons and got those missions that triple your XP) and found it HORRIBLE. And now I have to play it again to get those special flags... Damn it.
  11. And you still don't seem to understand that more normal XP means more commander XP and more free XP. 1000XP = 1000CommanderXP = 50Free XP 3x1000XP = 3x1000 Commander XP = 3x50Free XP So the only thing totally worthless is your comment.
  12. Ugly as f*ck, and no real benefit over the standard one. I feel scammed, want my money back .
  13. Yes, Cyclone has poor AA
  14. I'm in the 3rd stage of this week mission, and just had this (poor) battle. None of the ribbons were counted for the total of 1000 required. Why is that? The fire damage part of the mission was done many battles ago, and I was just playing a few ships to add ribbons, but this time they didn't add to the total. EDIT: seems like it's a server problem. Logged out and in and I'm already at the 4th stage.
  15. The best part comes when you check, and