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  1. Carriers and a line of 7/8 paper ships. Excitement under -9000
  2. JapLance

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs? Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?
  3. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    And I'll repeat, some of us don't get that box (check my previous post with a screenshot) EDIT: OK, it's a mod problem. Even using the just updated offical MODSTATION tool... Got 2x50 of some of the most useless flags for me. FML
  4. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    As shown above,, some of us don't get that advert.
  5. JapLance

    PSA: Free santa containers

    Can you notice the difference? Guess no free Santa containers for me
  6. JapLance

    cossack captain skills

    I would use something like this (from http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc): Last skill (#7 IFHE) could be swapped for Radio Location, or for another 3-point skill (SI or DE)+Priority target
  7. JapLance

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Got the ship during the weekend... Cossack is gorgeous, teams are not... 33% winrate in 6 games, but my Cossack is behaving really well, which probably means it's OP as [edited] since I'm a rather mediocre DD player.
  8. JapLance

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    5 games with Cleveland yesterday, and 4 of them in T10 battles, with more T10 ships than ever. Great work.
  9. JapLance

    lol - someone at WG didnt do their math homework

    Hidden stats... DOH!!!!
  10. JapLance

    Royal navy missions

    I thought Cossack was 5.5Kms, and Kagero is 5.4. Am I wrong?
  11. JapLance

    That's how you use radar on DD

    Are they giving radar to Boise? EDIT: Oh, just realised this is a 5 month-old video, early pre-release Boise version
  12. JapLance

    So, can we get a company battle like game mode now?

    Team Battles it was. You can still see it in your profile where you can select the game mode: Didn't last long.
  13. I still have a few hours to decide, and around my head is the idea of getting Haida. But I'll be getting Cossack in a few days/weeks, and I'm not sure if it's worth it, having in mind that I only play DDs once in a while..
  14. JapLance


    I play Boise regularly and have 0 problems, so the ship is technically fine. I'd suggest you to run the game without mods if you do, and also use the "check game integrity" tool.
  15. JapLance

    1st Anniversary? Thanks , but not really...

    And don't you think reading the whole thread should also be mandatory before writing anything?