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  1. FML

    338 battles. Intention of playing clan battles... FACEPALM
  2. How many premium ships do you have?

    Tier 4s: Yubari, Ishizuchi, Arkansas Beta Tier 5s: Kamikaze R, Marblehead, Texas, Murmansk, October Revolution, Giulio Cesare Tier 6s: Shinonome, Molotov, Graf Spee, Gallant, Warspite, Anshan, Dunkerque, Duca d'Aosta, Perth Tier 7s: Scharnhorst, Duke of York, Blyskawica +9 ARP ships + 1 Dragon ship + Bretagne (technically a Premium ship right now).
  3. Bretagne GFCS Bug

    16kms is the range of other tier 5 BBs. G.Cesare, Iron Duke, König, October Revolution all have a range of around 16kms, so it's not the end of the world.
  4. I have NEVER EVER paid for a single container. Those you see there are "Try your luck" containers. I won't open them until I get a Supercontainer. EDIT: Now that I remember, I paid for a couple Christmas containers the 1st year they made that stupid thing. Never again.
  5. My very first salvo has been a double citadel on a Nurnberg at like 12kms Ah, OK, thanks. I expected to be able to play them and unlock them at least up to the tier 8, which are the ones offered in the missions. Then it makes no sense playing them now, since you can´t progress.

    Better rudder shift time. Turns Iowa from a sailing brick into a stranded whale.
  7. OK, I got the Bretagne mission in the first free container, and after a few games I now have the ship. But it's not a normal line ship, it has the symbol of a premium. So the XP I earn with it cannot be used to eventually unlock the tier 6 (If I can't get it with another container). Will this ship turn into a normal ship when the line is released, or how does this work?
  8. I'd love to see that in a proper naval game someday. Unfortunately, WoWs is Tanks on a flat surface, so it makes very little sense.
  9. stopping at bayern

    My recommendation: stop playing German BBs. AP bombs will make every game with a US carrier a nightmare.
  10. Is the citadelling fun mission bugged?

    This has been a long lasting mistake in mission designing. These repeatable missions always get reseted daily, which is a pain in the [edited]if you can only afford to play a couple of games per day, as you usually can't do it even once in the 3 days of the weekend.
  11. Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    Deep water torps where an awful idea, but making DW torps that cant hit cruisers... I have no words. What's next, DW torps that can't hit BBs? Only Carriers? Let's make torps that can't hit anything. Oh wait... Japanese torpedoes. Cossack... LOLssack definitely not as single € of my wallet to these idiotic developers.
  12. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    How is pressing M twice considered "SKILL"?
  13. Has anyone else noticed??

    There used to be a difference from week days to weekends, but it's been like a year when both have merged into a full 7-day weekend.
  14. The worst ships

    The most recent turd I've found is the T5 Pan-Asian destroyer Jianwei. 8 second reload of the guns lose fights vs T4 destroyers... and I'm not talking about Clemson. I had already got the T6 through the New Year campaign, but I thought the T5 would be a good place to train more captains for subsequent ships. Massive mistake. I've also rebought the Karlsruhe, since when I played it for the first time was a complete disaster of a ship, but had received buffs since then. Well, I'm doing slightly better now, probably because I'm a more experienced player, but I still think it's not a good ship. Someday I will give Emerald a second try. That was the only ship I ever freeXPed after just a few games.