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  1. ...is actually the worst requirements for anything in the universe ever. Topping even the worst EU missions. First you need to roll the dice enough times that you get a battle where you win the lottery and score 4+ torp hits. Then you need to do f***ing 15k damage with the worst guns in the entire game. Not fire damage, but actual raw gun damage... Kill me now. Akizuki is the only reliable ship of those four to get that achievement. Shiratsuyu might. I didn't even bother, as I just finished the collection through duplicates.
  2. Today I've learned that there is something more unbearable than a Superunicum streamer, and it's an average player who thinks he's a superunicum.
  3. My 3 tier X got me 100 ESCL signals (had like 1000 of them already), 1 radar crap-module and 1000 doubloons. Nothing spectacular.
  4. Just got the flags
  5. A real moron. Glad I put 3 friendly torps into his BB,

  6. If you're moving the captain to the higher ships, use the 203mm. I did it this way, only swapping to the 155mm (and a new captain) when I bought Ibuki.
  7. I would say you lack experience in Japanese cruisers. For what I can see in your stats, you just started with Furutaka. Playing Furutaka, Aoba and Myoko would give you more experience to face tier 8+ games. Having said that, your damage in Atago is over the average, so I wouldn't worry too much. Win Ratio is irrelevant with the low number of battles you have in the ship.
  8. This is what takes me away from this mode. Once I collected the rewards for the 4-5 stars, the scenario loses all interest for me due to the absolute disgraceful average level of the player base that makes you lose games time and time again. Dunkirk Scenario was different in the sense that it was easier to get a decent amount of XP because the question was not whether you would fulfill the primary victory condition (had like a 90% WR in Dunkirk), but how many secondary task stars you could get.
  9. Played almost exclusively Japanese DDs. I took advantage of the British BB at mid tiers overpopulation to buff my Mutsuki until the 10th captain point and getting CE. Also moved Shiratsuyu captain to Kagero and retrained him as well. WR wise, probably around 50-55%. Not too bad.
  10. Incompatible? I dont think so. Just takes longer to finish. I've personally selected both the splash 300 planes and the spot 500 torpedoes. Will take me a while, but I have no carriers, so I'm quite limited here.
  11. An in-game Premium shop. Do you (you=WG) really think people don't buy more ships (or gold or premium time) because they don't know there is a Premium shop? Really?
  12. Do you mean the hull and deckhouse normal textures?. Its a bit heavy, so I uploaded to Mega in their original format. https://mega.nz/#!5hhlTZxa!sbVk6ad8Ix2T2CKge9qTG5-PAGei1KHANycdCuVEA3U
  13. Maybe this helps. They're in PNG format. 1st one is hull, 2nd is deckhouse.