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  1. Please, look at the date of the opening post...
  2. Also remember that next week there's a second week-long mission that will unlock another mission to be completed AFTER Nov 30th to get 129k commander XP.
  3. Nothing interesting. Get 20k XP in Japanese cruisers of tier4 and higher to earn 1x Damage Control System Mod 1 and 1x Steering gears mod 2. EDIT: Ooops, there's 2 more challenges: +25% credits if you win and make 2 citadels. Any ships of tier 4 or higher. Only repeatable 3 times per day. 1x Type 59 camo if you win a game and do 35k damage with main guns and 15k damage through fire. Any ships of tier 4 or higher. Doable only once per day.
  4. Thanks a million . There should be a bigger one (the most recent ones are 2048x1152), but that one will do by now.
  5. This is a bit off-topic, but I wondered if someone saved the ship card that used to be in the opening post. I collect them, and this one for some reason went off the radar for me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's this: But in English and in a much bigger size.
  6. HE ammo without IFHE does very low damage. AP on cruisers is quite good, so both statements are correct. Sorry. As far as I know, no shortcuts for that. You'll need to grind your way towards the 10-14 points captain or invest a good amount of Elite Captain XP if you have it.
  7. I'd say there's a hint in the top of the forum.
  8. wow, tiers 6 and 7 are fugly as hell.
  9. Emile Bertin B hull is completely made up. It has no resemblance to the ship post USA refit. They just added the A hull a few Bofors and Oerlikons here and there and called it quits. A very cheap work.
  10. I have my current Cleveland captain with IFHE skill. From what I've read so far, I will get a tier 6 Pensacola in its place, and the captain will stay in this Pensacola, with new tier 8 Cleveland getting a new 8-point captain. That would piss me off a lot, since IFHE is useless in a Pensacola. Does anybody remember if we got to reset the captain skills in the previous line changes?
  11. I wonder who had the stupid idea of giving the Halloween ships camouflages as reward in the containers. I have no use for it, and I can't even sell it for credits. Do you really expect me to buy containers when I could get only this crap I have no use for?
  12. 3 battles, only 1 win, with just 2 stars. 75x India-Xray signals 15x Stormwind Camo meh. Expected something better out of special containers. Edit: 2 more containers, 75x India Xray again (FU) and Charle Martel Halloween Camo (More FUUUUUUUUUU)
  13. These days it's been good for October Revolution. Tons of them in the queue made that even in tier 7 games most of the enemy BBs were other tier 5s. But when this is over from tomorrow on (no more nice containers) it will be dragged into the typical tier 7 battle against 3 or 4 top tier BBs, and it won't be that nice. It's an OK ship, will be great to have it when the standard line of Russian OP killing machines battleships arrives, but definitely for me is not a "play every day" ship.
  14. Of the ships you have in your port in the screenshot, Fuso is possibly the most suitable for this task. Then I'd say Nicholas, since capping and spotting usually gets good XP, but you will need to do a good amount of damage to enemy DDs as well.