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  1. 4 games played: 2x 5 stars 1x 4 stars 1x Defeat Nothing remarkable. Enough.
  2. JapLance

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    Have just realised after the battle we met a few minutes ago. Another great mission design by the geniuses at WG...
  3. JapLance

    Acasta thoughts??

    Well, I played Acasta once with just a 10-point captain in a tier 7 battle., and I don't think I will play it again
  4. In the last container (I can't get any more as I already spent all Sovereigns in more containers from the Arsenal) RNG gave me the mission for the T5 Acasta... after I had the T6 Icarus like 30 containers ago. So disappointed...
  5. Just finished getting the mission containers. Overall, 50 containers to get T6 Icarus. Pretty disappointing when you literally see hundreds of T7 Jervis around. EDIT: Just realised there's still one last directive with 3 containers. Not holding my breath though.
  6. JapLance

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    20 I like to tell it like it is in the game chat, and If I have to tell our BBs they're rubbish I will. Unfortunately, that's incompatible with high Karma figures
  7. Finally, after 19 containers (according to the number of Sovereigns in my account, I stopped counting how many containers I opened long ago) I got a mission to get the T6 Icarus. I would have preferred the tier 7 to get a few extra containers from the missions, but at least I won't have to play the lower tiers when the line is released.
  8. JapLance

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    Had one game with Monaghan at more than 50 planes, but it required the B-hull with just 2 guns, which makes you almost useless vs the mosquitoes. Not sure it's worth it.
  9. Have you thought that maybe he dealt almost as much damage as you, but simply didn't get the kills?
  10. 9 containers from missions so far, I got a big NOTHING. Again.
  11. JapLance

    Dying in the new Operation

    I don't know how Leningrad AA compares to Minsk, but Minsk surprised me by taking down many more planes than I expected That's a captain with both basic and advanced fire training, which helps, but still the range is just 3.9kms for the 37mm guns. With regard with OP problem, never sail alone far from the convoy. Special air groups are spawned if you sail too far from the convoy, and without another AA ship close you'll struggle.
  12. This is specially disgusting, as you can only get a tier 7-8 British destroyer by sheer luck with the containers, or of course by getting yourself a Cossack in the Premium shop. This kind of details make me hate this company.
  13. JapLance

    Royal Navy Arc

    This is what I consider a rip-off. You should get your money (or whatever you used to pay) back ASAP.
  14. JapLance

    Can we have axis vs. allies events?

    Fixed it
  15. JapLance

    First poll - best looking ship

    Of that list, Admiral Hipper for me. It stayed in my port for months only because of its beautiful lines. After the last buffs I'm even using it every now and then.