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  1. Mockery discounts (rant)

    I got a 70% discount off "selected packages" in my alternative account (unused for months) a couple of days ago. When I checked the coupon it turned out to be for Hero bundles. I had no idea what it was so after a while of searching around the store I found them. Applying the discount I could get an Atlanta+4 port slots+1500 doubloons for 12€. Good deal, but I couldn't send it as a gift to my main account , so there it lies. unused again. In the meantime, I never get those big discounts in my main account , even though I have much better games than the one that earned me that. Probably just got it because it was the first time for months that that account saw some activity.
  2. No comment...

    Hilarious from a player who can only be minimally influential in mid tier carriers. Ships that, as everybody knows, take massive risks sending their planes to strike across the map.
  3. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    Don't bother. Just like last week, WG has removed the missions to get rewards for 5 stars and 3 stars in operations, so no decent player that has already 5-stared this operation is going to bother. What you have left playing are 90% potatoes of the worst kind that hide the whole game, or die in the first wave.
  4. What ships do you think need buffs?

    Emerald and JianWei are the most obvious to me. I used to hate Kasrlsruhe, but it got buffed and seemed fine in the few games I played with the new version. Myogi was quite bad long ago when I played it, and I guess it's still in need of some love. The old original tier 3 BBs (Kawachi and South Carolina) were quite outdated when Nassau appeared. Yorck could benefit from some new AP shells instead of the WWI vintage ones. In general, Japanese DD torpedoes need detectability slightly decreased. They're too easy to dodge. Oh, and before I forget, I bet the new USS Dallas will need some buffs in not too long.
  5. With the release of the U.S.S. Dallas...

    I bet for USS Debbie
  6. french

    Try with this:
  7. Freedom Containers

    To be honest, by now that I've opened like 15 or more of the free containers (10 from the Marathon, all of the Indianapolis miles ones and 1 from the campaign), I expected to have at least 1 mission, even if it was for Cleveland which I already have. But absolutely nothing. Only got 1 mission (for Nicholas Monaghan) from the single container I bought from the Premium shop. EDIT because of brainfart.
  8. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    Funny that you spread such BS, when Flamu himself was one of the first to notice that his Missouri wasn't performing as before. Live on stream, so everybody could watch it.
  9. Hmmm, I dont think so. Less guns, weaker AAA, worse armour, less health points and shorter range than old Cleveland (just a few hundred meters, but still), and apparently a pretty bad dispersion... Cleveland was too good, but the replacement looks like garbage by now.
  10. Right now Raptor Rescue is probably the easiest operations of all. Now, if you get 4 team mates who cant hit a DD at 4kms there's nothing you can do, because you alone can't sink the 2DDs fast enough (except by pure lucky detonations.). Raptor will get torpedoed to death in the middle of the game and game will be over. But complaining about the opening bot wave... OMG.
  11. French premium cruisers

    Since Jeanne d'Arc torpedo armament was 2x1 550mm (not 2x3), I'd say they can be removed without hurting the ship too much. But 10 Bofors and 18 Oerlikons (+ the original 4x 75mm) seems a bit overkill AA at tier 4.
  12. Freedom Container Results

    I spent my yearly budget for WoWs in a single container, and got the Monaghan mission .
  13. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Nelson is unique. Musashi is just a bad Yamato.
  14. New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    Had a game last night where, after clearing the beachhead area, carrier force didn't appear (although the 2 DDs that attack them didn't either). No repair circle for the cruisers that survived until then. I was heading to the meeting point to take advantage of some extra repair time, but NOPE. You can guess what happened afterwards: the last wave of enemies was there, and we weren't even capable of getting close enough as to spot the airlfields. Not sure if it's an error in the mission script, or if there are conditions we didn't meet for the carriers to appear, but until then I couldn't notice anything different from the other games I had played before (sunk first wave of DDs, saved one of the Marine Regts., a few ships lost etc.), and carriers had always shown up. EDIT: I think this is the replay file (I can't check it, for some reason I can't open them in my client): 20180610_201816_PRSC108-Pr-68-Chapaev_s10_USS_CL.wowsreplay
  15. New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    Charles Martel is a beast against the Japanese cruisers of this scenario. Unfortunately, only 3 and 4 stars.