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  1. Two of them were 4 camos, one with 300 doubloons and the last one with 50 Papa Papa (FreeXP) signal flags. Quite disappointing, but with the seven Tier 10 containers* (which I think are the same type of containers) I got a T-61, 2500 coal and 300 more doubloons (among other stuff), so quite happy overall. EDIT: Typo, I meant "seven Tier 10 SHIPS containers"
  2. JapLance

    Which tiers do you find the most fun to play?

    T6 to T8, which are IMO the least bad Tiers. 1-3 are too chaotic. Too low tiers for missions, so no incentive. 4-5 are infested with carriers. T4 doesn´t count for missions again. 9-10 are boring as [edited]. Most ships are too cumbersome (so manoeuvring is a pain) and guns are too accurate and too fast reloading.
  3. JapLance

    The Yubari. Worth Some Coal?

    Good luck in your T4 "AA cruiser" (LOL) when focused by 3 carriers. Got this ship in Closed Beta, enjoyed it a lot in times when carriers where a rare thing (and only 1 per battle). Now I wouldn't buy this ship even if someone else paid for it.
  4. JapLance

    How much have you captains spent on WoWs?

    Thanks for the warning. I would have also fallen for that scam if you hadn't explained it. BTW guys, a tip that will spare you many rage moments in these forums: Answering to the main question in this thread, I've spent around 300€. Mainly in 2015 and 2016, when this game was promising. Only very minor spending since then.
  5. JapLance

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    Bought the 250 Doubloon one, praying not to get Premium time, as I don't really play much lately. Guess what happened... :-(
  6. JapLance

    Blyska Camo Missions

    Thanks for the answer. I think I'll pass.
  7. JapLance

    Blyska Camo Missions

    Are the benefits of this camo any different from the permanent camo the ship has when bought?
  8. JapLance

    Cruiser Conundrum

    Of all those, the only one I wouldn't recommend to anybody but my worst enemy is Indianapolis. You need to be quite experienced to make that ship work without your game being ruined by the first enemy salvos. The rest are all good ships. I don't have Wichita, but looks like the old New Orleans at T8, and I really loved that ship (the reason I'm considering getting it).
  9. JapLance

    (FIXED) PSA: Bella Italia mission may be bugged.

    Twitch missions results, for some reason, have not been showing up in the Battle result screen for some time.
  10. JapLance

    No colectables from daily containers.

    First container got me an item for the collection. Second container... a [edited]duplicate!!!! This has to be a [edited]joke. You can stick your containers up your a$$ WarGaming and Lesta.
  11. JapLance

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    None from the first 3 directives (7 containers), log-in containers (2) and 7 or 8 bought with tokens. Not bothering with the 4th directive.
  12. JapLance

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    I opened 6 containers (4 from directives, 1 from logging in and 1 I bought in Armory for tokens) and got no cruiser missions. Not even the shitty T5 (14 secs reload in 4x2 152mm guns LOL).
  13. JapLance

    Monarch is utter trash!

    I never had any problems with Monarch accuracy. And after hating KGV because AP was rubbish even on broadside targets, it was nice to see AP shells actually doing damage instead of shattering or bouncing on any BB armour (slightly angled or not).
  14. JapLance

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    I got a HungHe. Played a couple of games, nice ship (even though I would have preferred an original Arethusa class cruiser, without the Russian gadgets.)
  15. JapLance

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    Just guessing here. For air search Ibuki 3D model has a Type 13 radar in the rear mast. Type 21 was an old model by the time Ibuki COULD HAVE been in service. Old ships kept their Type 21s even after getting a Type 13 (probably for redundancy, as Japanese radars tended to work poorly), but newest ships didn't get Type 21s. Check the latest Akizuki class DDs as an example (in WoWs as well). Now, if anybody knows what radar set has Zao in the forward mast (apart from the Type 13) I'll be happy to know.