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  1. JapLance

    Armada: Boise

    Yeah, WG trying to sell this turd before people realises it's the perfect example of the kind of ship completely, absolutely RUINED by IFHE changes. Good luck with your less than 14km range and your poor real DPM against anything in your tier and higher now that either fire chance or penetration have been killed. You've been warned: don't buy this until it gets buffed somehow.
  2. Oooh, it's that. You play all DDs with 3-point captains. Now I understand.
  3. JapLance

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    "It's just an arcade game".
  4. I already have the tokens to get Cunningham, but I'm hesitating whether to grab it or exchange the tokens for doubloons. Cunningham is not that great as a commander for my ships. I never pick JOAT, and my only ship that could benefit from the special abilities is Conqueror, which I hardly play and already has a 19-point commander (Actually I consider him a commander for my Premium UK BBs: Warspite ,Hood, DoY and Nelson). And it's also just 10 points. You'll need some time or a lot of Elite Commander XP to fully benefit from it.
  5. JapLance

    Paper ships design flaws

    The rear turret of HMS Drake looks stupidly high in my opinion. They've put some boats next to it, and I guess they did it because of that, but I don't think any engineer would add so much weight so high for such trivial reason. It's not just the turret weight, but also the added height of a heavily armoured part like the barbette. They would simply reposition the boats.
  6. Got my London before I expected, in part thanks to a streak of not so ordinary games in KGV that allowed me to knock off the mission of "60 fires or citadels in a BB" in just 5 games. That left me a couple of games away from HMS London, which I grabbed in style with this New Orleans game: Time for a hard-earned break.
  7. Just a few pages ago I set a new personal record for BaseXP at 3002 with a Shchors. Now planets aligned, and Albemarle gave me a good game coupled with a victory (a RARE sight).
  8. JapLance

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Co-op is for pussies.
  9. JapLance

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    I just downloaded it from the thread in the mods section. Current one works fine, but I remember (back in the time when I used to tinker with the camouflage files ) that you had to, every now and then, download the latest one because changes in the game made it unusable. Maybe yours is too old.
  10. JapLance

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    That's easy to get. London uses two different sets of textures: one for the hull and another one for the superstructures. Here they are in its original .dds format. If you need a .bmp format just let me know. London textures and camo.rar
  11. JapLance

    Cheshire good bad or indifferent?

    If this is an just Albemarle hull with guns exchanged for the 234mm of the higher tiers, I have to give a warning to anyone even thinking about buying this : JUST DON'T DO IT! Albemarle eats damage at all angles and ranges. If it's the same, just run away from it.
  12. JapLance

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Nope. I have it for today. EDIT: strangely, It doesn't list my Albemarle as suitable ship, even though I've been using it since the 1st day. Maybe it's been like this since the start and I hadn't noticed. I don't know. 900 tokens after finishing 3rd directive last night. Time to relax now until 4th directive
  13. Sorry, didn't realise you were in a game with me. I don't usually pay much attention to the player names, but at what ships are in both teams.
  14. Nothing is too absurd for WG.
  15. Really? I guess they don't play the ships they design. Well, I've thought this since closed beta, so it doesn't take me by surprise.