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  1. JapLance

    Kansas event

    The event is fine. The ship is terrible.
  2. JapLance

    Funny maths

    So... you sold a 425k module and got 1M 475k removed? Holy crap. This is a very serious bug. EDIT: did a test in my 2nd account, and all worked fine:
  3. JapLance

    How can I get the Eagle camo for Kansas

    Having played the weekend extra missions, I currently have 18300 tokens. I haven't spent a dime in the doubloon bundles and still could get 1200 tokens in missions I haven't finished. Now my main concern is whether I have to buy the permanent camo for Kansas or use them to get expendable camos.
  4. JapLance

    US Battleships Directive 4.

    Co-op Bismarck, around 200 secondary hits per game guaranteed. Just pray that human DDs are not numerous and proficient. Probably doing it at low population times may help.
  5. Just got Kansas, played 3 games and won them all. So far so good. But the guns must be a joke. Fuso is a sniper rifle compared to this. I understand that 12x 16in guns at T8 is a strong armament, but this is ridiculous. I had a Vladi showing me the bow at less than 5 kms and could hardly hit it with one or two of all 12 guns... This is just another example of the absolutely retarded ship balancing department at WG/ Lesta. This ship should be a T9 with a decent reload and dispersion, but no, they decided to shoehorn it in a tier it doesn't belong with multiple nerfs, so they could add yet another stupid 18in gun ship at T10. Good luck devstriking something at more that 5 kms. The dispersion of the shells is not of this world.
  6. JapLance

    Secret Mission bugged

    Another bug in these missions: the rewards are not "Random" containers, but exclusively TYL containers....none so far has been a SC for me (as expected).
  7. JapLance

    Secret Mission bugged

    Same here.
  8. JapLance

    Anchorage do you like her?

    Have you ever heard of the "Firing in smoke penalty"? Bots charge to close quarters combat, so you get easily spotted once you fire in smoke if any enemy is closer than 8kms. I just played a couple of Random battles (decided to buy this morning), and you can definitely fire from smoke without being detected. The ship seemed to me quite well-balanced. Not an unstoppable machine, not a complete disaster. It's something different from the rest of US heavy cruisers thanks to the 12 rifles, the torpedoes, the smoke and the lack of radar, and I wished more Premium ships were something like that. Still I think the reload for the main guns is a bit too long. Currently using the Concealment+Acceleration upgrade, but later on I plan to test an Acceleration+Rudder2 configuration.
  9. JapLance

    Recommend me a Tier VIII premium cruiser

    I played 3 games with Bayard in a rental time and lost them all, but had a lot of fun with it.
  10. JapLance

    New commander skill tree incomming!

    WG changing again the goalposts. This game looks everyday more and more like a big scam...
  11. Instant buy? NONE. The times I gave money to WG are long gone.
  12. Get 50 credit flags for 15k doubloons, and you get a T10 ARP Yamato completely for free!!!!!!!!
  13. JapLance

    This game should have a difference name.

    Before Alfa, I think. When in very early stage.
  14. In my version: 1x Supercontainer 1x 100 doubloons 1x 50 doubloons 2x 24h Premium time 3x 200 coal 2x 400 coal 2x 600 coal 4x 50.000 credits 2x 100.000 credits 6x assorted normal containers
  15. The new one I didn't know you could get different versions (or none at all).