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  1. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    Inflatable islands best islands. They can be relocated at will .
  2. Tier 10 premiums

    Wargaming is giving me more and more reasons not to play anything over tier 7. FreeXP ships are an undercover sale. Instead of buying the ship in the shop, you buy doubloons to convert XP. Coal will soon be the same probably.
  3. Got it yesterday when I saw it on reddit. Must be limited to one per account, because it disappeared from the shop after I got it.
  4. Pin-ups 2018?

    Women in the kitchen and women with the brooms... all correct .
  5. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    I use some of the Myokos regularly, and the Takao every now and then. Kongos not really because I don't usually play tier5, not because the ships themselves. I think they're all perfectly playable even without the camouflage bonus.
  6. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    After getting the maximum Shark loyalty yesterday, today at log in I selected Eagles. Unfortunately, seems I'm still getting loyalty for Sharks.
  7. Got me the Boise after having bought its Pan-American Twin. I didn't expect to get it so fast

    What a great game to end the 24 hours of Premium that allowed me to powergrind the last 100k of XP for the Boise and the long awaited 14th captain point, all at the same time . I'll leave the replay here. Honestly, I thought this game was lost long before the final part. 20180811_191215_PVSC507-Nueve-de-Julio-1951_46_Estuary.wowsreplay In the end, getting the 300k of XP for Boise took me only 45 games. I expected this to last much longer, but a generous use of special flags+a couple of days of premium time made it much faster than I expected.
  9. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    So do we have another Belfast-Saipan-Cesare situation?
  10. Darstadly Deads by Dasha

    The question is why did people side more with Sharks at the beginning. Afterwards is clear that, as Sharks were winning, more and more people in Eagles switched sides. But the initial distribution should have been 50-50. Rewards are the same for both teams, so this is not the reason. I wouldn't blame WG for this.
  11. Boise or Nueve de Julio?

    I suspect the Boise/9 de Julio release won't happen again. The problem came when they started testing 9 de Julio as USS Boise. They did it for convenience, as the new nation (Pan America) was not yet created inside the game files, and adding it (provisionally) as a US ship made testing easier and faster. They warned everybody that the final version of the ship would be Pan-American... but US players didn't listen, or didn't want to listen, and started a "I want mah Boise" shitstorm. In the end WG has folded, but they have probably learnt the lesson and won't make the same mistake again.
  12. So how do WG balance ships ?

    Every time I see a Belfast or a Saipan massacrate tier 5s I wonder who was the idiot that decided that those ships were OK for release at their tier.
  13. Win Rates

    Yeah, sure. As if hiding 90% of your statistics (in the case of a 1000 battle player) would make you a better player.
  14. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Or play better and get more credits per game. Just a suggestion. Or buy Premium time and get 50% more credits per game. Another suggestion. And before you come with another stupid argument, no, I dont have Missouri and have 300 Million credits in my port.
  15. No need to put a link to the Fletchers. The Dutch Admiralen-class had this feature and that's why it's been suggested. It was simply an experiment, as were the Fletchers. It's still something idiotic in WoWs.