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  1. XalYWero

    Commander Skills Update

    Yes, they made 2 overpowered skills (PT and AR) cost 1 point more (while also buffing AR). Not sure why there's suddenly a problem with balancing the game (the fact these skills are broken by design and should be included in the base game can be put to the side for now). Also if a build cost the maximum amount of points before, wouldn't it be buffed if it didn't cost the maximum amount of points now? Another thing to consider is that this commander skills rework is intended to incentivize different builds, and to paraphrase shonai from the dev stream, you are not meant to be trying to recreate the same builds you used before.
  2. XalYWero

    Average player looking for an average clan

    Apparently I can only join a clan on the 24th, but okay, thanks.
  3. Just looking for a chilled out clan with perhaps some divisions and clan battles mixed in between. I'm an average to below average player. Check my stats if you want to. English or Czech speaking.
  4. XalYWero

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    How exactly have you done that? Edit:now i know but didn't fix for me
  5. XalYWero

    Can't launch/download game

    oh there already is a topic, admins remove
  6. XalYWero

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    The same problem
  7. XalYWero

    Can't launch/download game

    So I have tried to launch the game through the launcher but when I tried it gets stuck on 100% of Updating game client: actualizing data and a black square with the logo in the middle. I have tried reinstalling and deleting files but neither helped. Anybody knows what to do about this?