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  1. Yang_Wenli

    Too often seen problem

    just make the border an enforced turn, so when they hit the border the "automatic collision avoidance system", that normally helps dodging islands (so it is already in the game, therefore easy to use for the border), takes over and turns you back into the battlefield. no harm done to any of those that go there by accident and people abusing it would not quite be able to as before. turning cycle would be closest possible route back into the battlefield ofc. and as i said before, the system is already there, why not use it for the border problem, as it kinda gets out of hand by now. as you had the same idea, and i shamefully did not read your post before writing mine^^, i will mention your idea too again
  2. Yang_Wenli

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    fear not xandier, i speak your language! *rubs flat deck of RJ* and thank you again for all the skins
  3. Yang_Wenli

    No good events

    good old soontm ?^^
  4. Yang_Wenli

    warspite back on sale

    oh i know ^^ but as naive as i am i have this hope inside me that wargaming might change their marketing strategy, without being forced to ^^ i guess we are derailing the thread so, uhm, yay warspite bundle
  5. Yang_Wenli

    PC Gamer: WoWs is 'expensive and exploitative'

    funnily enough i can agree with that, i would instantly buy the warspite alone, instead of that full bundle atm and recalling all those posts before, some many more would too (not on the warspite mabye but you get the point) so yeah, make bundles + the ship alone as specials and you won't be disappointed wargaming
  6. Yang_Wenli

    warspite back on sale

    well enjoy your warspite again, it was a fine ship (had it in closed beta too^^) may fortuna protect your warspite in the battle
  7. Yang_Wenli

    warspite back on sale

    kinda sad to see that the "milking" gets worse and worse, even after "release" i hope this nonsense will stop at some point or WoWS will go downhill sure there will be player here and there, but they will not be the paying backbone that left because of being milked dry at every occasion - which results in a failure like WoWP
  8. Yang_Wenli

    warspite back on sale

    meanwhile i am sitting here on 10k doubloons (since closed beta wipe) ingame and don't want to buy the atlanta^^ gimme something else to buy ingame pls oh and while we are at it, how about some sales on ship/port slots, pretty please^^
  9. Yang_Wenli

    when do carriers get nerfed?

    OP Guy: or he really is just a troll
  10. Yang_Wenli

    What happened to all the draws?

    the higher the tier the more draws, at least that was my experience before the wipe as many ships have more HP, better maneuverability and better armor, so sinking them takes considerably longer than on t1-4 for example
  11. Yang_Wenli

    Increase distance for air dropped torpedoes to activate?

    the only thing that really needs to be adjusted for low tier CV is their torp damage, they do the same damage from t4 to t10 for IJN, and that is just stupid...^^ everything else from manual drop to close and not being able to doge torps etc. etc. is just nonsense as usual from player that got hit once from a good CV player and have to write a forum post about it, how evil and OP CV are. you should maybe try to play a CV and do the exact same that that CV player did to you, you will be surprised how much more skill it takes than just clicking the left mouse button to fire your main armament on a BB, pretty sure most of you will not be able to hit any torps at all after those many nerfs AND surely not with auto drop - not. at. all. if this nerfing for CV on the wrong places keeps on then you will not see any CV at all in the game, as basically an AFK ship can already dodge 2 out of 4 torpedos (for IJN) WITHOUT doing anything, nerf that more and he will only eat 1 - try to hit an player that acutally moves his ship then. and now the tipp that has been given since alpha and yet almost none uses it -> start dodging when the planes are coming and not when the torp hits the water and turn INTO the torp wave/planes not away, as that only makes you a bigger target as you cross the whole torp line when you turn away from them trust me it works, i did mainly play BB and CA before the wipe and in alpha and you can avoid most if not all torps that way
  12. Yang_Wenli

    MM should enforce equal number of CVs on both teams

    if CV would be so OP as in many threads (again...) mentioned, then why is no one playing them? normally in every online game, the class that does the most damage will get an huge player increase and will form a new meta. you can actually count the CV player on both hands at the moment, there are hardly more than 10 people playing CV anymore cause of constant nerfs and whining. and unsurprisingly, those are the good players that stayed with the class cause they like that kind of gameplay, and a good player will ofc do bloody well in a game with a CV, as would a good BB player as it is their prefered ship class - just that the MM is flooding with BB player and ofc all the focus is on CV when they hit you... i can actually count on my ONE HAND how often a CV oneshoted me with his torps (every ship class from BB to DD) and that is since alpha, i can not count the many times my CA got oneshoted from a BB or my DD from CA. and in those cases, where the CV did actually oneshot me, there i made a mistake and sealed my own fate. it just doesn't happen if you really try to not get hit by torps and watch out for planes instead of tunnel visioning. so please come again how CV are OP. even more so as on low tiers the planes are nervestrainingly slow and most ships turn fast, on higher tiers the AA takes your squadrons apart which balances the slower turning rate and faster planes out. this goes for most of the threads that came again after the wipe, not specially this one - but i can't really write into all of them the same answer.
  13. Yang_Wenli

    Which line are you starting with in OBT?

    IJN CV and IJN CA just love my torps on crusiers and, well, i like IJN CV more than US atm^^
  14. Yang_Wenli

    A different idea of US staff from EU staff?

    i was joking ofc, i know you guys do your best and i see you moan alot with us about CV gameplay, so keep up the good work that manual drop is back as non perk is very nice, would've been a big mistake to make it a perk
  15. Yang_Wenli

    A different idea of US staff from EU staff?

    what if the carrier supertest group gave feedback to nerf them?