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  1. _Yanisin_

    Bug Reports

    Keep getting "Transaction error" when moving captains between ships.
  2. _Yanisin_

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Yes of course it will screw up the guy who sendt the torpedoes. This is where the element of being careful comes in. I don't disagree with what many of you are saying that it is the responsibility of the guy who are sending the torpedoes. Personally I am very careful when doing it and I try to predict that it is safe and so far in 3,5k games I have been pink once. (Well, technically two but a friend tried one of my dd's so I don't count that in.) Also, only yesterday I myself ran into friendly torpedoes and died from it. Still, friendly torpedoes damage or destroy friendly ships from time to time, and it leads to a lot of yelling and anger in the game chat, and it can ruin the game for the rest of the team. I have witnessed several times that team play simply deteriorate because A yells at B and C joins the fight and sometimes another guy torps back because A sendt torps first and whatever ... What I am saying is that with a possibility to blow up own torpedoes we can avoid a lot of problems, and I believe it would contribute a little bit to a friendlier atmosphere in the game. That is a new argument that I am sad to say it is valid. I guess I just think too good of people and wouldn't even consider that people would be so mean to even consider something like that, but yes, You are right, it could be misused like the way you are describing. However, I don't think it would be a big problem. I still think the positives outweigh the negatives.
  3. _Yanisin_

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Yes I can agree on the historical point, but it is a game with an arcade twist and we could talk all day about what is not historical in the game. Radar seeing through islands for instance ... Personally I think it would be easy to implement a button to blow up your last salvo of torpedoes. Yes, just blow them all up to avoid the unlucky torpedoes and give the player an option to blow up rather than hurting a team mate. This way it will be easier to separate from who really wants to hurt team mates, reduce toxicity and anger in chat because someone sends unfortunate torps. We have all seen the yelling in chat after someone gets hit by friendly torps. I am just suggesting an easy way to get a more comfortable environment where we accept that accicedents can happen and to make it so that the whole team won't suffer from it. Humans are humans after all and do mistakes.
  4. _Yanisin_

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Yes I can agree on that but still the torpedoes do unnecessary damage to your team. Also as I said I wasn't talking about me personally but a situation I witnessed. I have been pink only once. Still, I feel it would be much better if we could have a button to blow up our torps when we see they are in danger of hitting someone. I mean, randoms are randoms, you never know what they will do, if they read chat or their surroundings so a "blow up"-button would solve a problem in my eyes.
  5. _Yanisin_

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Yes yes I hear you but why can't we just have a button to blow up torps and have an end to this problem? I am talking more of a way to improve the game, rather than listening to "it's your fault bla bla bla". Plus it is just as much about those long range torpedoes that hits a friendly after a minute or so.
  6. _Yanisin_

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Hello! I was just in a game with a pink Udaloi. His torpedoes in a former game was of the slow, long reaching type and some dude ran into them after a minute or so. Then in the game I saw he clearly warned a Montana that he was about to send torpedoes, and from what I saw did everything he could to avoid hitting the Montana, but of course the Montana turned into them and the Udaloi hit him with one. I have been in the same situation many times, and I have a feeling that there are two kinds of dd players. Those who have been pink, and those who will be. Now, I do understand the need for a team damage system and all that, but why can't we simply have an option to blow up our torpedoes when we see they will hit a friendly shipmate? This way it will separate better between those who are deliberately team damaging, and those who are just plain unlucky. I can't see a good reason for why we can't have a torpedo detonation button. Being pink isn't cool plus it sucks for the whole team loosing a ship due to friendly torpedoes. - _Yanisin_ -
  7. _Yanisin_

    Super containers

    Seen SC once or twice on who knows how many containers. I am not pressing "Try Your Luck" to put it that way ... 15 Santa packs didn't give any either. I'm just unlucky I guess.
  8. _Yanisin_

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    Same. Never had it before but now I have multiple crashes. Can't be bothered filling out a report and upload right now.
  9. _Yanisin_

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thanks for a first step towards a hopefully better future in this game. It is a great game and with better interaction with your community it can be even better. My biggest thanks however goes to the community for not accepting being treated like a step-child in the family anymore. Respect! I am a pragmatic guy so I believe in changes when I see them, but I am also a dreamer so I really hope for 2017 to be a way better year than 2016 ever was. It has been disheartening to see NA always had better missions and interactions with their community, but it's never to late for changes in a better direction. Happy new year!
  10. _Yanisin_

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thanks man for the laughs. I can't stop laughing.
  11. _Yanisin_

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Out of +1's a long time ago but have one here :-)
  12. _Yanisin_

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Just tell them to try out the same treatment we have here on the russian server. If there wasn't a war before, that would sure create one.
  13. _Yanisin_

    Gun Reload on Battleships and Range

    True but I personally wouldn't want longer effective range with larger maps. The reason I want larger maps and longer rounds is to have another meta. It won't happen and I am fine with it. OP talks about 33km range and so on. I am fine with the effective range as it is reflected in game as of now.
  14. _Yanisin_

    Gun Reload on Battleships and Range

    I'm all for realism and personally would have loved to have 4 times larger maps and rounds lasting an hour. However, WoWs is WoWs and I think it works in it's current form too. It isn't realistic and doesn't claim to be. You say 30sec reload on a BB is too much. No, I don't think so really. It is just right if you ask me. I wouldn't want to play a game if the BB's had reload every 10-15 seconds. That would give dd's perhaps one secobnd reload and cruisers around 4 seconds. No thanks.- 30 seconds is fine.If you want 3-4 seconds shorter reload play german BB's.