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  1. Xceptor

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    Can someone help me with AP and ognevoi? Is it easy to citadel other DDs? Cruisers? BBs I guess are out of the question. At what range can you load up AP usually? 10 km? 5? I still dont get how to play Russian DDs, im baffled but in the same time Intrigued
  2. Thats EXACTLY what happened to me too!! Its definetely a severe bug because you cant use bombers at all from that point on !! What a bloody mess this patch is ...
  3. Uh oh I did forget one of the most important roles of the carrier which is scouting and map hacking the game >.< Thx for bringing it up even in a troll way Thats a role noone else has (I did say about the AA vs planes). But thats it: Damage support + Scouting. nothing else. At least carrier scouting is unique to its role (noone else can scout like a carrier).
  4. For people who say that carriers are risk free... RISK free? What risk? The risk of dying ? DYING? is that the mindset of your gaming in team? NOT to die right? A team game isnt about avoiding death, is about ACCOMPLISHING the target objective which is winning. That means risking/sacrificing your ship in many forms, caping objectives, DELAYING/ DISPERSING enemy formations long enough, Screening/tanking appropriate soft targets/friendlies, Defending objectives long enough for you team to get ahead , etc All those team objectives that Carriers CANT BLOODY DO. All they can do is damage, not dying easily, and assisting friendlies with AA and damage. THATS IT You cant screen, you cant tank, you Cant cap, you cant defend cap(effectively) or participate in 1 circle dominationfest, you cant disperse formations. Actually enemy comes even remotely close, you need care from your team to bail you out because you can barely defend vs a cruiser or DD in kill range. So yeah, next time someone equates game advantage to risk of"death", is showing off his mindset: basically that of a solo fps deathmatch drone with the added inclusion of pixelated bots that speak in chat like humans... I do believe our teammates are worth more respect than that, because that's where the secret recipe of a match's success is PS I didnt play a single game the past 2 days even though I was in WoWs gaming spree before (loved my CVs and DDs and Cruisers). I just cant be asked anymore. Lexington dropped to 43% from 65% winrate as I practically lost 26 our of 30 games or something ...
  5. I played around 20 games with my lexington, maybe more. I won about 3 ...
  6. Since the patch, I dropped 20 % on my carrier win stats. from 65 to 45 on Lexington Someone can say its a coincidence, just Happened to have bad games on the patch day and lucky games on EVERY other day. Ok, I dont know, but all my games are a pile of devastation and I can barely get a kill BARELY. Im not even sure whats wrong. My torpedoes are less accurate, more AA etc. I FEEL USELESS with Lexington and fun has been Snuffed out of me. Such a sudden change to the worse makes me feel helpless and useless by the will of a higher power that punishes me. Yup thats the feeling, I get punished for playing this game. I will play through Saturday too, but every game feels like walking into a torture chamber with an inquisitor during the medieval ages ...
  7. Xceptor

    Dogfighting Expert

    i think its just 10% increase. Anyone tested it for sure? 100% should be a visual bug
  8. Xceptor


    how do you know someone has aimbot?
  9. Xceptor

    Dogfight bias in 0.5.1

    oh didnt know, thanks for the info That practically means, the dogfighting expert skill is amazing then
  10. Xceptor

    Dogfight bias in 0.5.1

    when it says different tiert, doesnt it mean SHIP tier? I dont think it means module upgrades, but fighters from different tier ships like bogue vs independence etc
  11. Xceptor

    Firing Control and targeting

    Because with so many mods out there, aim assist might be reffering to something less nefarius. For example theres different mods for targetting which change the UI quite alot. I wasnt sure and thats why i asked the obvious Thx for the answer
  12. Xceptor

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Server is up, lets get wet
  13. Xceptor

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    yup server down for me too! right when i was about to leeroy a Battleship damn!
  14. Xceptor

    Firing Control and targeting

    ill repeat my question. is aim assist a hack/cheat or just a mod like aslains targetting reticule etc?
  15. Xceptor

    Firing Control and targeting

    is aim assist illegal for the game? or is it like Aslains mods?