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  1. Msiiek

    Arms Race - Rankedy

    Ta część chyba pasuje do większości graczy :P
  2. For sure he wanted 4x3 460mm :D
  3. Msiiek

    Ranked has started

    If you can face tons of noobs without having mental issues after playing with them it's best to wait becouse it's actually much easier to carry them. At the start of the season games are really harder at ranks 10-2 than at the end of the season becouse the level of play drops significantly, but you also need a strong mind to withstand the noobs :P The best tip for winning is to not let other players get you mad. When you are mad, you will play worse and win less games. Simple :p
  4. Msiiek

    Arms Race - Rankedy

    Ja tam zawsze czekam ze 2 tygodnie zanim porządnie biorę się za rankedy. Wtedy wszędzie już są tylko nooby i łatwiej wygrać.
  5. Msiiek

    Aktualizacja forum

    Pewnie jak zwykle coś spartolili przy aktualizacji więc wrzucili jakiś backup sprzed paru tygodni. Poza tym po co komu "Announcments" na cały ekran gdy otwierasz jakiś temat? No i nie ma trollface :(
  6. Msiiek

    Get rid of camping BB

    Then make bb range equal to cruisers range. There are only several cruisers with range similar to BBs.
  7. Msiiek

    Get rid of camping BB

    Nerf BB gun range, remove range modules for them and make maps smaller
  8. Msiiek

    Disable SCs?

    Supercontainers? Never saw anything like that.
  9. I always load 30-40s before battle starts, but when i dont, i know i need to restart the game becosue it will not load at all.
  10. Msiiek

    A tale of three sheep - HYPE! Part 3

    looking at the deck it might be 2/2/2 with 5 places in each squad
  11. Msiiek

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    From the comments: "You see comrade, first WG introduces Hood that is immune to close range aircraft. Then WG introduces Kaga that excels at long range torpedo drops - very gud balans."
  12. Msiiek

    A recent review of captain skills

    IMO priority target is good skill for 1 point and thanks to it you can focus on other things than looking at every bb 24/7 if he is not shooting you. Adrenaline rush is my choice for every captain as this already gives 10% reload to everything on half hp. The only time I sail at full hp is the start of the battle or if the enemies die too fast to do anything.
  13. Msiiek

    Propozycja dla kapitanów lotniskowców

    Tutaj filmik z 12v12 hakuryu:
  14. Can Midway also have 12 torp bombers or only ijn can have 6+ torp bombers?
  15. Msiiek


    Rng lubi czasem zepsuć grę ale pisanie, że nie masz żadnego wpływu na wynik to głupoty. Yamato ignoruje pancerz z przodu i z tyłu więc wybicie cytadeli nie jest problemem. Jedyna obroną jest skątowanie się na około 30 stopni i skręt w momencie strzału. Trzeba liczyć że przeciwnik nie jest najlepszy i trafi w pancerz boczny, a nie w dziób.