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  1. as i remember it is only XML settings in /gui/camerasettings.xml under <snake_tail> *edit* i just updated my camerasettings for the increased fov which works but arty view didnt .. oh well
  2. nice looking tool, ill try that out sometime
  3. i was back on WOT and waiting for OBT to come out, but i'm back and will gradually update my mods again also work is really hectic at the moment
  4. Once you are in zoom mode, you need to move the mouse forward to raise your camera angle. There is also an arty view mode where you view top down which can be installed via Aslain's modpack (or use mine) My camera config has the arty view but i increase the FOV for all modes, you may want to set your Y sensitivity down (in settings) when using my config MTX_artyview + big FOV.zip
  5. try this one and let me knowparticle_update.zip
  6. cool, as I am not colorblind ie. hard to judge what works best. Is the original color better or can you recommend a color?
  7. sorry, i pulled the pack offline due the issues i found. it is now up and ready enjoy
  8. here is attached, i also uploaded versions with completely stock icons MTX_compass_brass_v031.1_regular_torpedo.zip
  9. M0nsterTr4x

    MOD [0.3.1] Bowsers "First Simple UI Mod" (22.05.2015)

    yes but on 2nd thought.. how about this we replace the ship health icons as a simple bar (it is a very simple 4 step color bar, the shape doesnt matter.. only the color) then slap on this layout ? thx in advance!@!
  10. Captain_Edwards, on 24 May 2015 - 12:19 AM, said: Nice selection of mods there mate. I like. I have tried your brass compass ui mod and its real nice, but I have one small issue with it; Torpedo markers. I really prefer the default triangle as for me its far easier to judge. Any chance of the same mod without the changes to torpedo markers? sure, i could do that tw53, on 23 May 2015 - 10:34 PM, said: +2 , but how do I get overhead to work ? the regular OTM markers are not mine so not included, it can easily be installed from Aslain's mod installer for the colorblind UI ill need to mod the colors, maybe i'll have something done tomorrow.
  11. M0nsterTr4x

    MOD [0.3.1] Bowsers "First Simple UI Mod" (22.05.2015)

    nice!!! if possible could you move the healthbar above the autopilot icon? and would you let me borrow your layout so i can mod it with my icons? thx
  12. 5hrs later... lol its done i'll do some testing and upload later skotish, on 23 May 2015 - 04:21 AM, said: Fantastic even some tips on editing the files myself would help then i can update myself save you time but thank you dearly oh great.. and now the patch comes in
  13. okay i'll make a colorblind UI mod, gimme a day or so
  14. updated advanced scope to pro scope .. felt the adv didnt give the view i wanted. pro is hits the mark i think