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  1. HelldiverGr

    Bug Reports

    Also couldn't use any keyborad keys that I have altered in the options.. eg: delete key for repair consumable. Or for torps reload. Couldn't use settings or oprions in game. But this are minor bugs that happened and then dissapeared. by the way... servers are down?
  2. HelldiverGr

    Bug Reports

    Same think happened, at many ships but I think mostly battleships. They show 0 Hp but they appear alive at TAB screen. So that affects score. needs to be addressed.
  3. HelldiverGr

    Server restart - 04/07/2018

    I was actualy in Battle and twitching... ALL respectfull games throw a scrolling title or a flashing title that says: server will be down for maintenance in 30-15-10-5 minutes accordingly to the message....
  4. HelldiverGr

    EU server down

    YOUR SERVER IS DOWN. Without announcement.
  5. HelldiverGr


    Fingers crossed until 09:00 CEST lol, Let's hope the guys will do all right and do not delay it untill 13:00Cest like the previous update.
  6. HelldiverGr


    Yes you get three captains of a Gearing and one gearing, but you loose your resources buying the same ship over and over again... :)
  7. HelldiverGr

    Bug Reports

    Guys have you tried to purchace the same ship from Arsenal? I actualy (for test purposes) bought three times the Gearing, resources and transaction went ok but ofcourse I just got ONE gearing and three Gearing captains... :) So this has to be addressed I think?
  8. HelldiverGr

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    You are welcome, but what for?
  9. HelldiverGr

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    Good luck Wargaming... we trust you as much as you care for our opinions.
  10. HelldiverGr

    Matchmaker Improvements

    Never said to remove radars or anything, I am just saying 2 x Atlantas waiting for match. DO NOT put them in same team. 2 Belfasts waiting for match, do not put them in same team. you can't have 2 Belfasts in one side and 2 myoko at the other. (Well I know you can cause this is what is happening atm). And two stock Myokos for example? No way.
  11. HelldiverGr

    Is this a war game?

    DO not reply to insults? Not a very ''war'' attitude, or a straight one.
  12. HelldiverGr

    Is this a war game?

    No it is just I ve seen in many games that you cannot actualy write anything flamming or offensive : eg : chat appears as :**** you ****** you ***** *****? So why in this chat people are allowed to swear so much? My mother my father, my family, my sickness and all that? Put a moderated chat cause you know why? I am not a robot when someone insulting me I cannot just stand and watch the insults. I will reply. defending myself. Is this wrong too? And usualy the offender manages to make his team ban me in the end. This report abusing isn't made for kids. (cannot work for kids) So if wargaming realy cares about the children in this game, then they should implement a more sensitive chat that will not allow at all offensive language to be seen. IMHO always. ALSO, when you chat ban an officer, at LEAST you have to allow the CLAN chat for him, not perma chat ban. This auto ban robot first bans the player and AFTER the moderators will check your mail and log, and ONLY if you make a ticket. This usualy takes one day, so fair or not you will get chat banned for one day. So if you are in a CV the LEAST you hear all day long is: ''USELESS CV''. This is the LEAST you hear. I will not refer to other offensive words, we all know them. (do I have to report all this all day? I should, but you see they are so busy that they only allow you 6 reports per day, while we are usualy get offended in EVERY game. CV's AND DDs get the most commands and offense. DD spot, DD smoke, DD CAP. IF you don't? Players start flamming at you and: report abuse, report abuse.
  13. HelldiverGr

    Matchmaker Improvements

    I cannot disagree with you in the way you put it... But this only IF the Myoko see the Atlanta. You know it, you ve been there. You get burned without having the opportunity to spot them, they fire long curved shots behind islands. Many shots. Anyway my conversation had to do with at least splitting the Atlantas instead of having them in same team. And yes they might not ever hit the Myoko, but they will play their part by spotting DDs or setting on fire unaware BBs.
  14. HelldiverGr

    Matchmaker Improvements

    Obviously not only the radars in this situation but 2 x fire spamming Atlantas...
  15. HelldiverGr

    Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    In reality it have been always more difficult to spot someone in high aspect to you (air force term) than someone medium aspect. (his 3 or 9 looking your 12 o clock) . Is this going to get implemmented in the game? I mean different concealment =in regards of the aspect of target to you, high or medium (head on or broadside), Nobody can miss a Broadside N.Carolina for example, while you can see it a bit more later if it is head on to you. (I think I ve went too far in this one ) too realistic for a game like warships. Anyway, I was in the PTS two days now, played many games, concealment maybe worked in LAN tests it doesn't work on the NET. Funny I always get the spotted!! symbol and then I see it in the minimap and after the ship appears visualy. I am talking always for same ships, lowest concealment modules etc.