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  1. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    irrelevant... stick to the above example
  2. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    That is a frequent habit of MrConway/WG ^^
  3. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    Thank you for the answer/answers. I didn´t know that the planes are treated like the other consumables, good hint and yes, I maybe should use a little more patience about attacking ships, good hint. Thats my approach too but the transition from spotting to attacking might be a little too early ;-) Yes, exactly. The so called "Rework" is still a fail imho, CVs are just a way, as being a solo player, to get more independant from the average brainless action on the surface...
  4. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    what a surprise a Midway...
  5. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    You don´t play T10 CVs so why are you answering? Jeez, your comment is useless.
  6. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    Read the above again and think before typing...
  7. _TinPan_

    CV Reward Punishment

    Dear WarGaming, what did you think when you created the reward system for CVs, especially T10 and more special Hakuryu... Look at the following example and tell me how to get +credits (I still run a Premium Account too) against blobs of op AA ships
  8. _TinPan_

    HMS Exeter Tier V

    btw... it is next to impossible to finish the Exeter Mission where you have to shoot down 30!!! planes with T5 to T8 DDs/CAs because no one is playing CVs... Just annoying and another sign that no one is interested in playing CVs - gg WG
  9. _TinPan_

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    No critique or complains will make WG turning the wheel back. They were told in advance of 8.0. what the consequences of this "rework" will be and they didnt care because they never do. WG simply declares the current messed up consequences as Beta and let us continue to pay money in the form of Premium Account time. The only T10 CV you can work with right now is the Midway, Hakuryu is a totally atrocious failure. And it is not only the CVs that were dumbed down but also DDs have no real stand any more because of the CV spotting and the millions of radars which had been buffed too with the last patch... And I am so fed up with ppl like the above @ulcusrodens who obviously have no clue about CV gameplay and never stop complaining about OP CVs.
  10. _TinPan_

    Update Hotfix


    As for my understanding, CVs arent in the game primarily to deal DMG but support the "team" with spotting DDs/ships and cover e.g. DDs from enemy CVs planes with you fighters. You get a lot of XP from spotting dmg. The other thing is dmg dealt to enemy ships... you arent able anymore to nuke/1 hit ships with 1 bomberattack as in the RTS system (which is good), but on the other hands it´s very hard to deal significant dmg due to the op AA from ships and an erratic RNG factor with bombs.