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  1. Cheers mate for a very nice event! I'll join the rant! 1) Graf Zeppelin/ if not, then Roma/ if not, then Enterprise 2) Molotov 3) Doubloons Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. RACISM!!! On a more serious note, sadly this is the internet. And btw haven't you found any other place for clan recruitment?
  3. That's a nice way of saying "F[edited]k you, my shells are prettier"
  4. Your CV also has bombs and torps. And he has to use them. Too bad you can't torp planes outta the sky.
  5. greets mate, from what i see, you need to become a CV player yourself, then you can start ranting about unskilled CV players
  6. Black Wolves, casual clan if you're interested. Looking for CB oriented players.
  7. Make up your mind regarding the thread theme, my 2 month old daughter is more on point than you. You're in diapers and complaining, but still playing with bots. AFK players sort themselves out along the way. When you'll reach 200+ battles you'll be playing with the big boys with big guns and AFK players will be no more
  8. In the end what's this thread about? TK by irresponsible torping or AFK players?
  9. Positions filled at the moment, but with a posibility to free up 3 spots. If you have 1000+ battles and reasonably active, feel free to apply or notify me on this thread! Good luck,good hunting and have fun!
  10. and the answer to the question is? (my dear sir)
  11. Don't get left out, join us! Positions open!
  12. greets mate! i believe you posted on the wrong forum, this is EU. can't find you ingame
  13. Had her as well, needed a port slot desperatly and sold her. In the long run i regret the decision. She might not have claws but she's a beaut. For eye candy and the occasional spin, she is worth it. She's quite pleasant to see in port and battle. Plus for 1550 doubloons she's worth the price ->