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  1. I'd like to announce that all issues are solved. The power struggle that ensured after my departure overseas has ended and the new management is under strict orders. Given the situation i'd like by this way inform all ex-clan members who got wrongfully kicked out that they are once again invited back to our den. If not, i'd like them to know there will always be a clear berth for them in our clan. Good luck,good hunting and have fun! Your commander, Schumy90
  2. Hmmm...well, indeed i didn't know about this. I'm shipped out now and i'll be out of the game up till june-july this year. Real life called and i'm off to sail the seas in the real world as well ^^. Anyway, back on track I just got a bit of internet today and when i checked how our pack is doing i was dissapointed to see you left us. You and a few other good players. After some searching i see your post here. And now i'm dissapointed in my deputy. All i can do now mate is only apologize for my deputies conduct. I don't suport it and i strongly condemn it, but seeing as i'm offshore now i can't do anything about it till i get home in mid summer. I'll contact you around then and you'll also have a spot open if you'd still want to come back. This message goes out to all members who might get kick out by wrong reasons. Again apologies and hope you'll still have your heart with us. Your spot will be open when i get back. Cheers!
  3. Schumy90

    PSA: Beercan removal (Roma)

    Kind of brought a tear to my eye knowing i'm not the only one raping my credit card. Thanks mate!
  4. All positions filled! We'll post on this thread when more positions will become vacant! Good luck,good hunting and have fun mates! Signed, your commander, Schumy90
  5. Schumy90

    looking for a clan

    cheers mate! i believe you sound like a casual clan that has 2-3 romanians in it (in case of trouble with the misses) check us out and send an application if interested!
  6. We're down to 4 free slots! Sorry, all out of milk&cookies
  7. Schumy90

    Buff Montana

    Meanwhile @wargaming:
  8. Schumy90

    Buff Montana

    New Years Fools maybe?
  9. Schumy90

    Buff Montana

    A buffed montana owner
  10. All out of kegs of beer! But we still got the milk and cookies!
  11. We gave out our first keg of beer! 2 remaining!