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  1. PSA: Beercan removal (Roma)

    Kind of brought a tear to my eye knowing i'm not the only one raping my credit card. Thanks mate!
  2. All positions filled! We'll post on this thread when more positions will become vacant! Good luck,good hunting and have fun mates! Signed, your commander, Schumy90
  3. looking for a clan

    cheers mate! i believe you sound like a casual clan that has 2-3 romanians in it (in case of trouble with the misses) check us out and send an application if interested!
  4. We're down to 4 free slots! Sorry, all out of milk&cookies
  5. Buff Montana

    Meanwhile @wargaming:
  6. Buff Montana

    New Years Fools maybe?
  7. Buff Montana

    A buffed montana owner
  8. All out of kegs of beer! But we still got the milk and cookies!
  9. We gave out our first keg of beer! 2 remaining!
  10. Looking for a clan

    Greets mate you can try us if you like, but we're mostly fellows around the EU
  11. Ex torpedo tubes... should be written in wikipedia articles Some battleships had them also (albeit underwater)