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  1. SuperPorky

    Pantalla negra

    Para verificares las temperaturas, te aconsejo Speccy. Perdonem mi Español, soy portogues. ---Super
  2. SuperPorky

    Fotos históricas y no tan históricas de navíos.

    El Malat, navio russo.
  3. SuperPorky

    Any Idea's when ?

    It is stupid for you guys to ask dumb quastions here in the forum. If WG didn't announced it, nobody will know about it. ---Super
  4. SuperPorky


    I'm SuperPorky! And welcome to the forum!!!1 ​​​
  5. SuperPorky

    Do you get a reward for being a CBT tester

    Yeah, i think that's the only thing. But if you wore on alpha i'm pretty sure you win a ship.
  6. SuperPorky

    passive players

    DreadArchangel, it is not forbidden, i remember when i started playing wot, i didn't even knew how to zoom in.
  7. BTW, i think it is to soon to think abou CW, we don't even have all the ships in the game!
  8. That's a nice point of view, but like that accounts wouldn't e able to be unified ( i think )
  9. SuperPorky

    Draws, there must be a way of deciding a winner.

    Imagine a game with no draws: everyone camping in base, waiting for enemies to appear and kill them, so like that, it makes you play better, more agressive.
  10. SuperPorky

    Possible game breaking mod

    Yes there are, seen some gameplay vids with players using them. And, in my opinion, mods shouldn't be allowed, because it makes the game diferent for every player, and that throws some players onto disadvantage.
  11. SuperPorky


    Cobra, what to say? you know it all!
  12. SuperPorky

    Toxic Behaviour

    Toxic behaviour is something that WG can improve, by adding chat filters, so whenever you say a badword like (sorry for the term) FVCK, it should appear like this : #%$& or like this : ****
  13. SuperPorky

    Toxic Behaviour

    Don't question yourself about that! We will!
  14. SuperPorky

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    Just don't listen to them! They are like that because they died! Let them be fools in their own ship!
  15. SuperPorky

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    I think they shouldn't be allowed, the game should be equal for everyone, otherwise it would be unfair.