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  1. red_eye1980

    October Revolution dates - WG get your timezone right

    Juanx, no I won't, not for a ship I would have got for free. It's a principle thing. And a man sticks to his principles. Or maybe I didn't care as much as I'd like to think. Anyways, rant over. Back to the grind
  2. red_eye1980

    October Revolution dates - WG get your timezone right

    I understood it wrong I guess. I just look at the missions and challenges in game mostly, hardly ever on the website. So I thought, yeh got until the 25th, which in my head was until the end of the day. Wish I hadn't bothered now and was playing the Halloween event instead. Was so close though. I really wanted to try the different type of heal. I do care Helmut Kohl but in my mind it was not so last minute only had minimum two maximum say 6 games to play. :-(
  3. red_eye1980

    October Revolution dates - WG get your timezone right

    I thought the event would end at the end of the day. As if end of the 25th of October. The mission title was saying until the 25th....only had two more wins ranking among the top 5 to go.....
  4. OK. I admit it is a bit of a whine here. I have ignored all other events and missions running at the same time and have been trying my hardest in my limited free time at the moment to get the October Revolution boat. And it is supposed to run out today. And guess what it was cut short. So we are on the EU server. What time does WG consider official? Central European? Greenwich Mean Time? Because according to those two the event should still be on. And I was on the final stage. I am gutted, but no not giving them the money even if it was £5. So what is the official time for the events in the EU server?
  5. red_eye1980

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    That video by nozoup was good! WG, please hire him to make some of your tutorials, and have them as a compulsory watch after each patch lol. 20 secs is long though. So if someone is close, me covering him in my DD makes not much difference at all, even if he can resist firing. So best tactic now I suppose is to create a smoke wall and have the BBs CAs stay some miles behind it to try and maximize their distance. Provided there are no CVs around, and the flanks have not been compromised of course. Or did I understand it wrong?
  6. red_eye1980

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    OK, I haven't tried the NEW smoke mechanics yet so probably the most inexperienced person to talk but.... I think the idea of smoke is now intended as a more defensive/protective ability rather than offensive. In reality, they should have not let you see anything when in or behind smoke, just what friendlies are spotting on the minimap. Plus in real life every ship could produce smoke. I know this is an arcade game and not real life and also USSR and US destroyers have relied on smoke as an offensive weapon so that's why, I think it has not been implemented this way. DDs and CLs have been needing a buff so if it results being one, it is more than welcome. Now RN CAs might have to rely on ''different'' tactics.
  7. red_eye1980

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    Thank you both , at work now so will watch the video later tonight.
  8. red_eye1980

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    I have a question in case anyone knows.... Let's say I'm in smoke firing my guns at something. Then an enemy ship detects me, because I'm firing. Can I detect that enemy ship myself or not, because I'm in the smoke screen? Or do I need to rely on friendlies spotting? And what about when he fires his guns? Should at lease the detection time be less when I'm in the smoke screen? Sorry about all the question but I haven't played yet since the changes.
  9. red_eye1980

    Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    I think numbers will eventually talk. If WG makes less money from the whole rental scheme, than the premiums etc sold for ranked, we will see ranked back pretty soon ''back by popular demand''. Or maybe the whole CW rules changed. What put me off the most was the T10. I don't own tier 10s and did not want to enter a ''competitive'' mode in ships I have no experience of. Why not tier 8? Also plenty of premiums to choose at t8.
  10. red_eye1980

    Suggestion for the next free xp ship

    USS San Diego, and make it better than the Atlanta. One of the most decorated US ships in WW2
  11. red_eye1980

    No ranked battles during clan wars, please reconsider!

    And what about the vast majority of the players that I see in random battles that are not in a clan? And what about the ones that do not wish to be in a clan? And what about the CV players? And what about the players that play BB that are not good enough to be the one and only BB of the team? And what about all the players that have no tier tens and do not want to rent one because they would be a burden to their team? Would they not enjoy a ranked season? The beauty of this game is that you can jump in and play one battle and have a break and vent for 20 minutes. I could not commit to be somewhere at a given time just to play a video game. I am neither a kid nor retired and have so much going on. I think clan wars are a niche compared to the majority of the player base. So no reason to suspend anything because of them. Think again WG....Think of your player base. Also think how many premiums you sold for every ranked season!
  12. red_eye1980

    Fleet battles

    Id say enable voice chat for the whole team if technically possible.
  13. red_eye1980


    Yeh you re right about that. I noticed there was more cvs at t4-5. Was wondering if removing manual drops actually worked, was it an easter weekend thing, or like me replaying cvs after a while out of curiosity. It is bad for dd clubing. At least my kamikaze r reload is fast so if they spot them I dont wait too long to have another go. Thats the thing though if cvs were present more often, then we wouldnt need radar, hydro, torp detection nerfs, rpf, stop invisifiring (unfair I know) etc. Gonna have a look at this long thread tonight before bed. Thank you all for your replies. Matley laugh..priceless
  14. red_eye1980


    I agree with you. Can you think of another way though? Just wondering what sort of ideas WG will come up with about the carrier rework. They have been quiet about it for a while now. Only announced a new prem the Kaga. So maybe the rework is around the corner? Apart from the original 2 lines and the Saipan, nothing else has been released. Maybe that is another reason their numbers are down. Lack of new content? I want to get back into them although I was never good at Starcraft/Age of Empires etc. I did enjoy playing RTSs though. I was playing them since before mirror MM and stopped when the strafe ability came out. Grinded through Indy but never purchased Ranger. Ijn I stopped at Zuiho.
  15. red_eye1980


    You guys are right about good players should be rewarded. Theres no doubt about about that. But it was said before that cvs can have a huge impact on the battle especially if one player is so much better than the other. So is there a way to narrow that gap and impact? At the end of the day its still point and click. You just press the alt. If you are approaching from the wrong angle you will miss or have your planes shot down at higher tiers. If a unicum bb player faces a potato, yes the good bb player will win on a one on one but he will not walk out of it with his ship unscathed or be able to dominate the battle after that. Just trying to find out what more experieced cv players opinion are on the matter.