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  1. Gregpl79

    Can't press battle

    hi. Same problem with ours 2 accounts from yesterday aftenoon. After battle was finish we was start another and boomm - cannot get in to battle as team and alone, pls if you can release sessions on server will be great.
  2. Gregpl79

    Carriers problem

    Hi. Will developers fix in future carriers MM and planes setup? 3 battles today with my tier 5 American carrier all vs tier 7, something is wrong.... What chance i can have vs. Lexington carrier..... Even on close beta I dont have that big difference on tiers. Pls do something with that and give some chance players to play carriers. Greg
  3. Gregpl79

    Problemy z dzwiękiem

    Witam. Spotkalem sie z podobnym problemem. Po okolo godzinie grania odglosy walki (glosy zalogi samolotow, dzwieki wystrzalow oraz ostrzegania przed torpedami) zanikaja. Pozostaja tylko odglosy otoczenia (szum wody i wiatru). Sledzilem fora i do tej pory widze ze tylko ledna osoba ma podobny problem. Mam pytanie Yatesh czy masz rowniez zintegrowana karte dzwiekowa? pozdrawiam.
  4. Gregpl79

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    Yep i can just say about CV. Playing few times tier 5 vs 7 and even today tier 6 VS 8 what was crap. Opposite CV commander just sent 1 F.sq around my carrier and result was 1 sq f enemy was shot down my 2 sq of fighters + 1 d.bomber without taking any lost. Sorry but thats need to be fixed. Another battle egz. - tier 5 CV launching 2 torpedo bombers vs. enemy tier 7 Cruiser and result = Iv lost all aircraft before they was even close to hit tgt. Pls do something to get MM like -1 +1 for carriers. Y never win on battle against 2 tiers aircrafts ( bigger speed, fire power and HP )
  5. Gregpl79

    The problem with this game is...

    I was today testing shooting to DD from my BB IV tier and hmm... Sometime iv get 2000dmg but was also 4 savlos for 250-500 dmg. I think if y will hit DD from BB bullet should just do a big whole on side or even sunk it. With fights vs CL or vs BB ok they have better armor and thats could be append. I was try with AP and HE ammo with similar dmg - some time great 23000 but some time for around 500 or even less ( record whole salvos to DD for 28 dmg) Meaby its just my luck