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  1. Just the ships that are mentioned. There is nothing to stack. If you win a battle in any of those ships then you get the described bonusses for this particular battle.
  2. Backround updates are available?

    "enable automatic updating" has the updater run in the systemstart/systemtray when your computer is running and will not start the client. But the Launcher will start and you have the Icon too. So you don't have to start the Launcher manually to get the update but it will download as soon as it is available. As long as I have played WG games there has never been any update that was made available in advance, so the second option is kind of obsolete in my book If you run the original Launcher there are only the 2 Options explained: If you run the Gamecenter the Options are for all Games
  3. Hi Da dies an sehr vielen Sachen liegen kann würde ich dir empfehlen die gleiche Frage in unserer Technik Ecke zu stellen https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/534-technik-ecke/ Dort wird dir in der Regel geholfen. Was du unbedingt noch dazuschreiben solltest sind die technischen Daten deines PCs - Betriebssystem - Prozessor/MB - Speicher - Grafikarte - Treiber auf dem neuesten Stand Viel Erfolg.
  4. Public Test Help needed

    The public test server is a seperate server which is hosted via the russian website and the support there. You have to register there again via your email adress (to get the rewards). Not via Twitch. Only the email adress has to match your original EU account, password can be different and no twitch link needed. And you have to download the PT Client which also is different than the EU client. If you want to link your twitch account you should do this on the EU server website with your original account here: https://eu.wargaming.net/id/signin/
  5. What has happend to the Missouri?

    Stealth nerfs make absolutely 0 sense from a business standpoint. Conspiracy theorie.
  6. There seems to be a lot of botting going on

    Not that hard to google tbh. The first 6 hits are "services"
  7. There seems to be a lot of botting going on

    Then it seems I am the only one that actually looked at the googled results. (read clicked on them to see what those offer) Sorry about that. I'm going to take that useless information out of the thread now and leave it to the guys with the already made up opinion (see title) and let you guys further speculate about bots.
  8. There seems to be a lot of botting going on

    Boosting your stats with a bot will surely work. If you are able to program, script and run a bot that ranks out and has 60% Winrate in randoms then you probably would be making (guranteed) money somewhere else.
  9. There seems to be a lot of botting going on

    It is not botting. Those "services" have good players behind it playing the accounts. So you have cases of account sharing. And even if this would be against rules (it is not) only the account that willingly shares his information would be punishable. One could make a case and construct a match rigging violation but then again only the account that uses these sevice would be punishable.
  10. Da Ostern mit dem 01.April zusammenfällt und es diesbezüglich wohl Missionen, Space battles und Space Container (und wahrscheinlich einige Angebote) geben wird, denke ich nicht das irgendwas speziell zu Ostern kommt.
  11. Flaggen

    Da wir bereits zweiunddrölfzig verschiedene Flaggen in diesem Spiel haben (hab selbst 51) wäre ein Clanemblem analog zu WoT meiner Meinung nach besser. Die Möglichkeit dieses am Bug oder auf den Schornsteinen anzubringen dürfte ja nicht wirklich die große Herausforderung in Sachen Modellierung sein. (immerhin haben wir ja auch überdimensionale Bierdosen, runterhängende französische Betttücher und vergoldete Ziertürme im Spiel) Eine weitere Möglichkeit wären Clantarnungserweiterungen. Natürlich etwas aufwändiger aber auch da gäbe es die Möglichkeit das Clansymbol als Emblem an der Seite des Schiffes zu haben. Ähnlich wie die Republic Tarnung auf der Richelieu. Also Quasi eine Art permanentes Wasserzeichen in der Mitte des Rumpfes unabhängig der gewählten Tarnung So wie bei Herbi die Nummer,, halt nur nicht so prominent sondern eher verwaschener.
  12. Lyon 340 MM Ap pen

    The problem in your example is not the penetration capacity by itself but the game mechanics regarding AP ammunition: AP ammunition can bounce off armor plates, depending in the impact angle: For the Lyon (as for most ships) if the shell hits at an angle of 45° it has a small chance of bouncing and doing no damage. This chance increases and becomes 100% chance to bounce (autobounce) at 61° impact angle. Exception is here if you overmatch. This means that your caliber is simply too big to bounce. Overmatch rule is caliber /14.3. So this would be 340/14.3= 23.78 mm of armor that you can overmatch and the angle here is irrelevant. St Louis has a 25mm bow, so you cannot overmatch it, hence you probably bounced a lot of shells. There is a pretty good video covering these thematics: Edit: If you just want to know the pen capacity here is a site that has penetration curves: http://proships.ru/stat/ships/1075/
  13. 0.7.2 FPS Drop fix

    I actually reads that it will fix the "memory leak" issue and not the freezing. Additionally it does not really relate to this tool and the wanted feedback at all.
  14. AP Fix?

    Rants this way please: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/480-gameplay/ or here if you actually have feedback https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/484-current-update/
  15. Statistik auslese tool

    Nein können sie nicht. Das sind dann alte Snapshots von Statistikseiten oder alte Einträge in einer DB die nicht mehr aktualisiert werden. Zum Thema: Wers braucht....