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  1. Dies hier sollte für Diskussionen und Meinungen dienen über die umfangreichen Infos aus allen möglichen Quellen die wir hier im Forum für den deutschsprachigen Teil sammeln. Leider ist es z.T. schwer sich einen Überblick zu verschaffen, da naturgemäß über manche Sachen ausführlich diskutiert wird und es seitenlange Lücken zwischen den Infos gibt. Dadurch wären im verlinkten Thread alle Infos ab jetzt gebündelt und leichter zu finden. Ich habe darum gebeten den Info thread dann zu pinnen, damit er leicht zu finden ist. Mal gucken ob das klappt
  2. LilJumpa

    [VERALTET] Matchmaking in 0.5.9

    1 Spielen, danach 5 gewinnen und 500k Schaden bis 01.11.
  3. LilJumpa

    [VERALTET] Matchmaking in 0.5.9

    Da ab heute die neue Mission läuft bei der du (im Random!) 5 Gefechte mit der Oktober Revolte gewinnen musst um die Tarnung zu bekommen wirst du die Chance noch ein paar mal haben.
  4. LilJumpa

    [VERALTET] Matchmaking in 0.5.9

    Manche Leute brechen die Warteschlange ab wenn sie 2 CV 196 BB 1 CA und 3 DD in der Übersicht sehen und 4 Minuten warten müssen. Andere Leute bleiben drin, machen nen Screenshot und heulen dann übers MM.
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    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    First one i got. Ofc I had to gamble
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    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    A gift from wargaming worth 253*22.500 credits + other stuff. Totally lame.
  7. LilJumpa

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    That's what everyone gets. The 5 containers have fixed loot. (see patchnotes)
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    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Nikolai, live on a stream (obv a supercontainer) https://clips.twitch.tv/vuigarrtheviking/CuteLlamaUncleNox
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    [VERALTET] Matchmaking in 0.5.9

    In Tier 9+ 10 Spielen kann maximal nur noch 1 CV pro Seite sein. Demnach kann es nicht mehr vorkommen, dass T7/8 CVs gegen T9/10 CVs gematcht werden (als Teil eines 2vs 2 Träger Spiels) Du kannst allerdings mit einem Tier 7 Träger immer noch in Tier 9 Spiele kommen und musst auch weiterhin gegen Tier 9 AA spielen. Saipan wurde wegen dieser Änderung auch seines special MM beraubt ( so Vermutungen)
  10. In May 2015, when World of Warships was still in the Beta Phase, Sharana wrote an excellent guide for new players and veterans alike to understand the basics of the game mechanics for visibility and spotting. A lot has changed in the last 11 months. New ships, new consumables and changes in the behaviour of existing parts of the game called for a rework of this guide and Sharana allowed me to use parts of his former work and I will mix it with a recent guide from the russian Forums , posted by the developer of WG/Lesta Sub_Octavian (here) What I want to provide with this guide, is the basic understanding on how the visibility and spotting mechanics work in general and also provide you with additional information on differences between certain ships, classes and nations. These more detailed lists and numbers you will find in the spoilers at the end of each chapter. Please feel free to comment or hint me on the mistakes I made during typing , so we can get all the Bugs out Table of content A. The basics of visibility 1. Direct line of sight and Visibility circles 2. Maximum Acquisition range (Spotting range, render range) 3. Concealment from ships (surface detectability range) 4. Concealment from airplanes(air detectability range) 5. Assured Acquisition Range (Proximity Spot) 6. Torpedo Detection 7. To know when you are spotted - Situational awareness B. Modifiers for Visibility 1. Smoke - How does it work 2. Radar and Hydroacustic Search 3. How to lower your base concealment 4. Target Acquisition System Modification 1 C. Weather - Cyclone on the North Map and its effects Changelog: A. The basics of visibility First of all there is nothing broken in the spotting mechanic, it's "working as intended™". The question is what's intended? Well the truth is that the visibility mechanic in WoWs is relatively easy and straightforward. If you have played World of Tanks you may have already heard of and expirienced some of these mechanics but the visibility system in WoWs is different in a lot of aspects. You may have asked yourself several times during the course of a battle "Why am I spotted?" ,"Who is spotting me ?" or "Why can't I see that pesky destroyer who is near me?" There are several requirements which have to be met in order to spot and see enemy ships and these requirements are explained in the following guide. 1. Direct line of sight and Visibility circles The first requirement which has to be met in order to spot an enemy ship is a direct line of sight between your vessel and the enemys. The Server draws a direct line between the highest parts of each ship. If this line is not interrupted by obstacles like islands or smoke clouds, you have a direct line of sight and are able to spot the enemy ship. If you don't have a direct line of sight you are dependant on the spotting of friendly ships or planes to see the enemy ship. Only exception to this rule is at very close distances (inside the assured acquisition ranges, explained below). Spotting from Airplanes works a little different in this aspect. There is no line drawn between the plane and the ship and they completely ignore islands, meaning you cannot hide a ship behind a landmass from the detection from a plane. Smoke on the other hand has the similar effect to both ships and planes of the enemy. Smoke is explained in Part B of this guide. The further requirements are ship and class specific. While Battleships (BB) are relatively easy to detect, since they are large but powerfull ships , Destroyers (DD) have to rely on being hard to detect and remain invisible for portions of the match in order to be successfull. The basic visibility mechanics are the same for each ship, but the various ranges are different. In WoWs, each Ship has 4 circles of visibility around it. Each circle affects different parts of the spotting and visibility mechanics. 2. Maximum Acquisition range (spotting range, render range) The largest circle around our ship determines what is graphically rendered by your PC and made visible on your monitor. Every ship or airplane outside this circle is not visible for you and can only be seen on the minimap. The exact range is not listed in the ship specific charasteristics in port. It is only visible in game and displayed by a white sector on the minimap. Aircraft Carriers (CV) have a fixed maximum aquisition range of 50 km while being in the strategic view managing their aircraft. Note: Although not visible for you, these ships are present for the server and can be damaged or damage you. Some ships have weapons with ranges exceeding their maximum acquisition range (e.g. Kagero , Tier 9 IJN DD) 3. Concealment from ships (Surface detectability range) This circle around each ship defines the range when this particular ship will get spotted for the enemy team. Every enemy ship that is inside this circle can spot you as long as it has a direct line of sight to your ship. Every enemy ship outside this circle is not able to see or detect you, unless you are spotted by somebody else. What is important to know about this circle: depending on what is happening in the game, it can increase in size for a certain amount of time, meaning you will be spotted by enemy ships which are further away. These Penalties are added to the base ships surface detectability range. This value can be viewed in Port for each ship but is not visualized in game. Action Duration Effect Firing your main guns* 20s after the last shot Penalty: + (caliber x 30) m** Firing your Anti Aircraft guns as long as these guns fire Penalty: + 1.3km Firing your secondary guns 20s after the last shot Penalty: + 1.3km Fire on board your ship as long as the fire burns Penalty: + 3km ** Example: Firing 203mm main guns would add : 203*30= 6090m *Firing your main guns While most of these penalties are pretty straight forward and easy to understand the penalty for firing the main guns has some exceptions which have been added to the game for balancing certain ships and classes. Exception for all ships added in patch 0.5.5: If you fire your main guns and cannot be spotted at that moment, even with the penalty added to your base concealment range, the 20s duration is not applied. So when there is no enemy ship or plane close enough (= inside your ships surface/air detectability range + penalty) or has no direct line of sight because your ship is inside a smoke cloud, the penalty is not added. Note: Airplanes don't need a direct line of sight, so you can get spotted by them even behind islands Exceptions for specific ships: Example Now let's take a look at the spotting itself and how these two ranges work in game. Don't mind my Paint™ skillz (Sharana ), I just tried to visualize the process. So let's take a look at it: Situation 1: Both ships are far away from each other and outside of their respective maximum acquisition range. Even if they are spotted from other ships they won't see each other in the game, they will only get marks on the minimap. Situation 2: The ships are now closer to each other. The DD has spotted that CA, because it has entered the CA's surface detectability range (let's say 12km) and it's also inside the maximum acquisition range. The CA should theoretically see the DD as it's inside it's view range (maximum acquisition range), but can't spot it, because the DD's surface detectability range is 6km and the distance is still 12km. If a plane spots that DD then the CA can see it and shoot at it, but can't spot it alone, so if the plane is destroyed or gets out of range then the DD is invisible again. Situation 3: Both ships are now close enough. The CA entered the DD's surface detectability range and can spot it. 4. Concealment from planes (Air detectability range) This circle works in a similar way as the concealment from ships, but applies to airplanes. It also increases but with slightly different numbers and the penalty is added to the base air detectability range. Action Duration Effect Firing your main guns* 20s after the last shot* Penalty: (caliber x 20) m** Firing your Anti Aircraft guns as long as these guns fire Penalty: + 2km Firing your secondary guns 20s after the last shot Penalty: + 2km Fire on board your ship as long as the fire burns Penalty: + 2km **Example: Firing 203mm main guns would add : 203*20= 4060m *Firing your main guns See above. It's also appropriate to mention the planes here. There is slight difference between the catapult planes and the others who are carrier-based. Their maximim acquisition range is 11km and that's the maximum distance they can see ships. They do not need a direct line of sight but cannot see through smoke. The scout planes can be detected from both surface and air at 4km, while the other planes get spotted from 8km. 5. Assured acquisition range (proximity spotting range) The smallest circle around each ship is the distance where it is impossible to hide. Any ship inside this assured acquisition range is automatically spotted and there is no direct line of sight needed. So it does not matter if the ships is behind an island or inside a smokecloud. Important: It does not affect torpedos or enemy planes. The basic assured acquisition range for every ship is 2km. There are three possible modifiers to change this basic range for your ship, which in detail are explained in Part B (Radar and Hydroacustic Search) - the Consumable Hydroacustic Search, which is available for almost all Cruisers Tier 4+. Effect: temporary replaces the assured acquisition range with the range in the description. - the Consumable Surveillance Radar, which is available for US and RU Cruisers Tier 8-10. Effect: temporary replaces the assured acquisition range with the range in the description. - the module Target Aquisition System Modification 1 (TASM 1), which is available for ships of Tier 8-10. Effect: permanently increases the range from 2km to 3km. 6.Torpedo Detection Torpedos have different defined detection ranges and can be spotted by ships and airplanes. These detection ranges are based on the size of the torpedos and the speed at which they are traveling (detailed information on the different torpedos inside the spoiler). Once enemy Torpedos are detected, they stay visible untill they hit a target, an Island or run out at the end of their range. Friendly Torpedos are always visible. If torpedos are fired at your ship you have the possibility to change these detection ranges in your favor so you can see enemy torpedos earlier and have more time to react. This is called torpedo aquisition and replaces the detection range of the torpedos with the the modifiers you have equipped, once torpedos get near your ship: - the captain skill Vigilance, which is available for 3 points for every ship. Effect: permanent - the Consumable Hydroacustic Search, which is available for most cruisers and some premium ships like the LoYang. Effect: temporary - the module Target Aquisition System Modification 1 (TASM 1), which is available for ships of Tier 8-10. Effect: permanent Note: None of these have an affect on the spotting ability of your own airplanes Important: Patch 0.5.5 has a Bug where all ranges on the Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar consumables have a wrong description, if your captain assigned to the ship has learned the skill Vigilance. All ranges are 25% too high. (example: ship aquisition of the consumable is 10km, the tooltip says 12.5 km) Example: Let's say that a Destroyer has fired Torpedos at your ship, which have a detection range of 1000m, which is the distance they will be visible for the first time if nothing else has spotted them before. How these Modifications work seperately: - Vigilance Skill: adds +25% to the detection range --> 1000m x 1.25 = 1250m - TASM 1: adds +20% to the detection range --> 1000m x 1.20 = 1200m - Hydroacustic Search: replaces the detection range with the range in the description for the stated duration: 4575m for 114s How these Modifications work together: - If you have Vigilance and TASM1 on your ship they multiply, so in this example you get 1000m x 1,25 x 1,2 = 1500m - If you have Vigilance and use Hydroacustic Search on your ship, they are multiplied as long as Hydro is active. In this example: 4575m x 1.25 = 5719m temporary or 1250m permanent - If you have TASM 1 and use Hydroacustic Search on your ship, they do not add or multiply. In this example: 4575m temporary or 1200m permanent So TASM 1 is multiplied with Vigilance but does not add/multiply to the range of Sonar. Only Vigilance does. Here are the different parameters of all Torpedos in the game as of Patch 0.5.5
  11. Im englischen Forumsteil gibt es schon seit Langem einen Thread in dem sich einige User im RU- Forum umsehen und interessante offizielle Posts herausfiltern und übersetzen. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/#topmost [ auch wenn sie es nicht lesen, herzlichen Dank an Takeda92, Takru und Carnotzet, der hier fleissig übersetzt. Wenn ihr "Likes" geben wollt, dann gebt sie denen] User die auch im englischen Teil regelmässig unterwegs sind werden ihn kennen aber ich denke viele auch nicht. Warum schreibe ich das nun? Nun aus meiner subjektiven Sicht füllt sich das Forum immer mehr mit logisch nicht mehr nachvollziehbaren, haltlosen Aussagen und Posts und die Qualität driftet immer weiter in Richtung WoT-Forum, welches ich z.B. meide wie der Teufel das Weihwasser.( Ich nehme mich und meine posts da übrigens explizit nicht aus) Vor 2 Tagen gab es im RU Forum nun ein paar offizielle Aussagen von höherer Stelle über die Entwicklung im Zusammenhang mit Feedback aus der Community. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__1300__pid__918686#entry918686 Das ganze ist vom Russischen ins Englische übersetzt. Falls es dazu Fragen des Verständnisses gibt, kann ich gern ein paar Passagen ins Deutsche übersetzen. Darin enthalten war ein Link zu einem Video, welches die Entwicklung des Spiels anhand von Screenshots in einer Art Zeitraffer darstellt, auch mit Screens aus der Alpha. Das war der Hauptgrund dieses Topics: Der Zielgruppe aus der Überschrift, die nicht im englischen Forumsteil unterwegs sind , dieses zugänglich zu machen. Das Video ist russisch, aber man braucht den Text nicht und kann das Video auch muten. Die Bilder sind selbsterklärend und zeigen auch Teile der Spielmechanik die immer wieder zu Fragen führen. Z.B. die Ungenauigkeit der Geschütze (Jeder der mal Arty in WoT gespielt hat kann mit den ersten Bildern was anfangen ) Man kann und sollte jetzt natürlich über die Antworten und das Video ausführlich diskutieren. Mir gings hauptsächlich um den Informationsgehalt.