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  1. game client EU /NA

    Hi What do you mean when you write "refering"? Each server (EU, NA, ASIA) has its own client that has to be installed on your PC and you need a sperate account on each server (for game , website and forum). Those clients only connect to the respective server when you launch them. So to connect to the EU server, you have to have the EU client installed and launch it. A transfer of ships/curreny between the servers is not possible.
  2. 0.7.5 and new EULA

    That reddit thread is one of the funniest I read in a while. So many clueless people who are hobby lawyers at the same time, this is both fascinating and scarry.
  3. That is very well hidden, sadly Maybe we could convince @MrConway or @Sehales to link it under the english speaking section ( https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/119-english-speaking-forum/) so it could actually be seen and maybe clicked on more often Untill you answer is up top with that green symbol I'll edit my post
  4. Yes, there is no dedicated section for this kind of discussion. Gameplay - for more people seeing it but with the good chance that the thread will become derailed Off Topic - the opposite That are the only 2 sections that come to mind Edit: There actually is a historical section:
  5. Ich hab jetzt auch mal schnell nachgeschaut, wie auch @Klopirat Du hast ja in jedem dieser Container 3 Plätze Auf dem ersten Platz sind immer Signale drin (6 verschiedene möglich Zulu, Victor Lima, India Xray, ESCL, JW Unaone und Sierra Mike) Auf dem zweiten Platz bekommst du entweder: - Signale (9 verschiedene, anderer Typ wie oben, nur Unanoe und Sierra Mike können auch hier vorkommen) - 500 Free XP - Tarnungen. Chancenverteilung ist ungefähr 40/20/40 soweit man das bei der kleinen Menge sagen kann Auf dem dritten Platz gibts: - Signale (wieder meist andere als bei Platz 1+2), - 500 Free XP, - 4 Kapitänsplätze - Tarnungen Chancenverteilung ist ungefähr 60/10/10/20 soweit man das bei der kleinen Menge sagen kann Tarnungen oder Free XP kannst du nur entweder auf Platz 2 oder 3 bekommen, aber nie gleichzeitig. Quelle: Auswertung von 256 Signal Containern
  6. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    I think Egoleter had another solution in mind... (hint: more than 3 people could get a flag with bonusses ;) )
  7. where is premiumaccount?

    There seems to be a problem with the prem account momentarily. You are not alone with this kind of problem today:
  8. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Thank you for doing this contest @Egoleter I thought this was a very good Idea and could be held regularly 4 times a year. The flags (1st + second class) alone are surely incentive enough since they are the rare ones with bonusses! Thank you! Can I donate 18 of my answers to participants that did not reach the 5 answers needed? Feel like I answered too many ;)
  9. Hi The upgrade does several things: +50% to assured aquisition range Everything that is within this radius of the assured aquisition range of your ship is automatically detected and rendered on your screen. It does not matter if the opposing ship is in smoke or behind an island. Assured aquisition range is by default 2km for every ship, so you also will be seen at 2km. With this module you increase this range of your ship to 3km. So you will detect and render any ship within a 3km radius +20% Spotting range Spotting range was formerly called maximum aquisition range. It is represented by the grey cone on your minimap and is a circle around your ship. Only what is inside this circle is actually visible on your monitor, ("gets rendered"). This affects both allied ships/planes and enemy ships/planes if they are detected. Additionally your ship is only able to detect enemies that are inside your spotting range. It does not affect the enemx ships detectability range in any way +20% to the aquisition range of torpedoes: Torpedoes have their own detectability range (here in the dropdown is a complete list: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Torpedoes#Reaction_Time) This range is actually affected by your modules and captain skills, not the one of enemy ships). So this module adds 20% to the detection range of the specific torpedo coming at you. Other things that affect this are Hydroacustic search and Vigilance If you play a DD I would not advise to use this upgrade, since detectability is your main asset as a Destroyer. There are a few exceptions ofc where you can think about it (Russian gunboats for example) but even here the Concealment upgrade or the Steering gears are usually the better choice.
  10. Since you can collect the captains untill Sept 30 I would say:
  11. Meine Dublonen schmelzen dahin...

    Den obigen Haken, den @floribe2000 gepostet hat, muss(te) man übrigens aktiv setzen. Der ist nicht von alleine aktiviert und war es auch nicht nach diesem Patch. aber ja, für Leute die einfach mal alles anklicken ohne nachzudenken ist das natürlich ein Ärgernis.
  12. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Your Division, consisting of a CV + 2 BBs ( you were playing Montana) killed 2 Minotaurs and 5 DDs and still lost the game because your team was filled with potatos
  13. Hi, thx for the work Have you tried using the 2 month data from syrup instead of the weekly? I think weekly is a littlebit wonky for some ships since there are not many people playing it. On a sidenote: It will also be interesting to see the changes to the Hipper, Eugen and Shima stats in a couple of weeks, or rather 1-2 months. The data from the next 1,5 months will also be a little biased since a large part of the community will play ranked.
  14. Some BB questions

    really? never noticed a FPS drop with replays tbh.
  15. Some BB questions

    Hi, welcome to the game and Forum :) 1) Yes, that makes sense most of the times, but ofc depends on the situation. Fire damage itself can be healed for 100% (up to the limit of your repair party ofc) So letting 1 fire burn makes sense and sparing your damage control for situations when you are in cover/not shot at or when you receive too many fires or flooding. 2.) I myself have PT on every ship because I am used to it. Mainly I use it to determine if an invisible DD is on the flank I am going or , in a more expirienced manner, if that DD fired Torps or not. I have that on all classes but that is a personal preference. EL can be very usefull if you switch ammunition a lot. I use it mainly for (japanese) Cruisers which have a ~10-15 sec reload (Atago/Zao). At the moment BB AP shells do a lot of damage to lightly armored ships, som it is not worth it. But that could change in the near future when they rework that. PM can arguably be better than PT on ships that lose turrets a lot. 3.) Tier 5 has the disadvantage of being uptiered a lot because the T3/4 ships have a limited matchmaking. so i would either advise T4 ot T6. T6 has a lot of great BBs like the Fuso, New Mexiko, Bayern where you can really practice BBs 4. ) no impact. It is a ~2MB download when the match ends. Thats it. I would also recommend you take a look at the Wiki. It explains a lot of basic mechanics pretty good. Like for example Fire dmage and healing: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire