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  1. I cannot see anything particularly bad. Not sure where you are coming from.
  2. Nein. Dieser Wert ist fest und wird durch nichts beeinflusst.
  3. It has 500 HP more + better concealment. The 360° turret traverse, the firing angles and the pan asian smoke consumable are things that are a part of why the gadjah is very good. Cannot tell if this ship has these or what it will have.
  4. Also ich kann alles im Hafen mit dem Mausrad scrollen wenn ich mit dem Mauszeiger im entsprechenden Menü bin (standardmässig ohne was einzustellen) Sogar die Schiffsübersicht und die Missionen seitwärts
  5. wahrscheinlich alle ;)
  6. Neuer Hafen: Hamburg

    Nein, die gibts schon und schaut auf der Scharnhorst so aus:
  7. https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/100869-роспуск-клана-sg-b-smile-gaming-boomerang/?tab=comments
  8. Forum Update Incoming

    It is definetly related to the forum update. if you are inactive on a forum tab for a few minutes you automatically get logged out and have to press "log in" in the upper right corner. Funnily enough it just uses the authentification token from the cache and you don't have to actively sign back in. Before the update you were logged in forever in WoWS and had to manually log out, unlike the WoT Forum which kicked you out every day.
  9. Forum Update Incoming

    Try reading the ones which haven't participated in Clanwars ;)
  10. weitere Infos zum heal der Salem https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/1979806239012380 Hm die neue Forumsversion mag anscheinend FB posts nicht so: Text: ST, American cruiser Salem, tier X "Repair Party" consumable gets the following stats: Duration - 20 seconds, healing - 2% of maximum HP per second, citadel repair - 33%, BB & HE shell damage repair - 50%, fire and flooding damage repair - 100%, cooldown - 120 seconds, charges - 2 (80 seconds cooldown and 3 charges for premium equipment). These changes are designed to increase the consumable's efficiency by allowing Salem to restore more HP, compared to the Des Moines cruiser. As a result both ships are very efficient in combat and the difference in their play styles is quite significant.
  11. ST, Italian battleship Roma, tier VIII We have received a lot of feedback regarding Sigma count of the Roma battleship. Value of 1.9 showed slightly increased combat efficiency of the ship in the hands of strongest players. 1.8 is the normal value for tier VIII battleships and it will allow Roma take an appropriate place in the balance hierarchy, considering all of her advantages. Some of them are: high maximum speed and great overall maneuverability, fast turret traverse, good concealment, solid anti-torpedo defense (40% damage reduction) and hefty horizontal plating. In battles you will be seriously damaging the enemy cruisers and battleships with armor-piercing shells while avoiding many of their retaliatory salvos, even torpedoes. If the torpedoes do manage to hit your ship, the damage won't be as high. Moreover, thanks to Roma's low hull and superstructure height, her concealment capabilities will allow you to strike first in a firefight and do it from the most comfortable distance before being detected. We would also like to emphasize that ship stats do change during the testing period, and that is done to allow for the best possible balance, when the ships are officially launched.