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  1. Snowy_a


    just what I needed, thank you
  2. Snowy_a


    Anyone from Wargaming reading this? Support told me to write on the forums but seems nobody gives a crap here either
  3. Snowy_a


    Well I definitely won't go that far. I am not THAT desperate. But ability to remove the ships (and "captains") should definitely be added. Why would such an agreement even be a thing like if I want to remove them I obviously don't care about their shitty cartoons... And sadly, I did write to support and they did say they can't do it which is just load of bollocks. I am sure they can do such thing they are just lazy... quite disappointed to be honest
  4. Snowy_a


    Cool, now can you give me an option to remove them completely because I don't need them. If I can remove my 19 point Iowa captain with 2 clicks, there is no reason not to give me an option to remove these rainbow captains with 0 skill points. Just take them away and give them to some anime lover who actually needs them. I don't want anything for them. Feel free to adopt these kids and find them a new home :)
  5. Snowy_a


    Ticking that box doesn't remove the ugly "commanders" from the selection screen. For some reason they always come on top so each time I have to choose a new commander I have to see and go through like 5 of these animals. Games tend to value gameplay over realism which is fine. The overall feel of the game is realistic enough to feel historic. However Arpeggio is taking it too far. Which I a fine with, if there are sick people to like such stuff it's fine but it is when I am forced to see it that I don't accept it (just look at your profile pic like jeezus, I am scared of you and I haven't even seen you). There should be an option to sell this useless junk. I don't like having it clutter my selection and neither do I plan on using them. There should be an option, like everything else you can remove, to get rid of them altogether.
  6. Snowy_a


    Can someone tell me how can I permanently remove this crap kiddo anime stuff from my account? It's really pissing me off especially the commanders who clutter my commander selection. There has to be a way to get rid of them, you can't force me to see this [edited] in a WW2 game about history and ships.
  7. Snowy_a

    Custom training battles

    OK sorry, found my way ^^. You can still choose what you want to install, figured it out. Thanks for the help!
  8. Snowy_a

    Custom training battles

    OK thanks, but can I have only the training thing because I don't want the extra visual changes of mods. Is there anyway to just get the training room?
  9. Snowy_a

    Custom training battles

    Hello, Recently I've been really wanting to play 1v1 with my friend in a custom battle, but I can't seem find it anywhere. I heard, however, that there are some ways to do it but with mods. Can someone point me to how to do it and what should I download since I couldn't find any recent posts about it if at all. Thanks in advance!
  10. I personally love the idea of the loot boxes, would definitely pull me even more into the game
  11. Snowy_a

    Unbalanced pay-to-win crap

    Buy an Atlanta, can't wait to see the P2W argument
  12. Snowy_a

    soon 5.11 with armor viewer

    Bro, I don't want to offend you but that's some next level idiotism. So your argument is "meh it's not that important so it's ok if they don't put it". Do you realize that it would cost them nothing to make them available for all ships considering they are going to have the layout for all ships anyway? Jeezus people suprize me these days... guess someone always has to try to be a smartass
  13. Snowy_a

    soon 5.11 with armor viewer

    You can only view armor for ships you own? IS THIS SOME BAD JOKE BY WG?
  14. That stat is irrelevant especially for the Atlanta since it rewards high risk plays. Besides, it's not about whether or not you survive but how much you have done - bots are always the last to die
  15. Well, coefficient or not, it was 180k damage with a tier 7 and I got quite a lot of captures and in the end won the game 1v2. It was actually a spectacular game btw since the game wasted 19:59 minutes having me kill a BB for the win (we were losing by points). Quite the epic game, sad I probably will never have such an amazing game again and back at the time I wasn't recording my games :\. Which reminds me that I should turn them on now since I still haven't done it - would be nice seeing your best games or sending some replays to jingles ^^