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  1. Stretch71

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    I think there's been a general improvement over the course of the CV beta. To start with it was quite dull, with long gaps between attack runs and delays in getting your squadron into battle and the ship AA seemed to be overpowered. Also, the attack runs were quite difficult to get right. In this latest iteration, there's far less 'down time' - you can get pretty much straight back into the action. The attack runs are easier to get the hang of - although playing against player controlled ships would probably add more of a challenge. AA has been toned down and I didn't have the experience of having a whole squadron shredded by AA. Fighters on the other hand are pretty strong and I took to tapping 'F' for home quite often if caught by them. On the down side I felt like the damage caused by my attacks - bombs in particular seemed pretty small, taking ages to chip away at a BB or even some cruisers. Good to see the captain skills up and working as well. The whole thing still looks great and this is definitely far more action-oriented. However, I just have to add my view (as have many others) that not being able to jump back your ship to move it or take other action is just ridiculous. WG - please drop the line that you are trying to avoid us getting 'distracted' - I'm sure we can cope!!! Also, it still feels wrong that you can only attack allied planes vicariously. Trying to control airspace with your own fighters would add an additional tactical angle. Also, I was actually enjoying playing in this third wave of testing (the other two felt a bit of a chore), so a bit of a shame that we had such a short window - and in midweek. Some of us have lives away from our keyboards you know!
  2. Stretch71

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    We could do without epicenter mode in the beta. The DD bots just park up in the second ring and don't seem sure what to do (mostly nothing - except gently bump against each other for mild team damage). Happened in both epicenter games I've been in...
  3. Stretch71

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Initial thoughts, having played at Tier 6 only so far. This is just what has occurred to me and I haven't edited out anything that might have already been said by others. 1) It looks great, no problems with the graphics. 2) It's really simple to pick up and get going with. 3) It puts CV play into the action a lot more directly I feel. 4) I like the idea of getting more than one attack run out of each squadron. 5) The new AA seems quite random - whether or not you get hit by the flak clouds seems to be RNG rather than skill being involved. 6) The AA also seems quite powerful, rarely survive without at least half of my planes getting shredded. 7) Not being able to jump back and control the ship while flying a squadron is a big negative - what if I want to steer manually when I hear the dreaded beep of incoming torps or want to use damage control? 8) Although the novelty was fun for a few games, I find the whole experience a bit dull - in terms of actual action. Take off, fly to target, 2 attack runs, return, repeat to end. The actual flying to the target isn't much of a challenge (try and dodge AA or a fighter) so it's only the attack runs that are really interesting. So, the actual action is quite limited and quite a long time between those. I feel that only having one squadron in the air at a time is very limiting - both in terms of ability to influence the battle and it being an interesting and engaging class of ship to play. This is also a big negative for me. 9) The inability to directly attack enemy planes directly feels very odd - as if we should just wave at our opposing flyers as they pass us in the sky. That's my thoughts for now.
  4. Stretch71

    Z key for shell/torp tracking

    Thanks for the reply. I don't use any mods. I've tried removing and resetting the keys. Perhaps I should reset all controls to default and try again.
  5. As someone trying to get better in BBs, I tend to use the shell tracking camera when engaging at long range to get an idea of how my aiming is, or isn't, working. However, the 'Z' key no longer performs this function and instead tries to fire the ship's guns. I've been into settings and 'fire' is still mapped to LMB and shell/torp tracking to 'Z'. I've tried assigning it to different keys or deleting Z and then reinstating it, but with no success. Is there a problem, or am I missing something (like many things I target at range in BBs)? Any advice welcome. Cheers.
  6. Stretch71

    Best Ships per level

    No-one's mentioned the Phoenix at Tier 4! As someone just starting to play the game seriously, it's the first ship I've really got some consistent sort of form with and that I feel really confident in jumping into a battle with.
  7. Stretch71

    Best Type/Ship/Line for Newcomer?

    As someone who hasn't been playing the game properly for long, I find the low tier US destroyers (rapid fire gun boats) and the US cruisers (especially St Louis at T3 and Phoenix at T4) to be the most forgiving.
  8. Stretch71

    Permanent camo for more ships?

    Are there any plans to add the option for permanent camo to more (or all) ships? For my 'keepers' I'd like to have permanent camo (for the look and the benefits) and not have to pay per use. As with WoT, I'd rather make a bigger one off payment and then always have camo available for my particular favourites.
  9. Played at Chatham too. Seemed quite decent all round, although the devs there said her main downside was being a bit "squishy". I'll probably buy it anyway, because it's the Belfast - I'd quite like to play a ship I've visited quite a few times over the years!
  10. Stretch71

    Choosing game modes?

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but is there (or, if not, can there be) the option to choose the game modes you want to play. WoT allows you to choose whether you want to be in standard, assault or encounter. Can we have the same here? I'd like to be able to turn off epicenter mode - as I don't think it suits someone of my limited experience at the moment!
  11. Stretch71

    Friendly torpedo alerts

    Thanks for all the responses. I have only played a few hundred games at low tiers and I'm not condoning torps from way back in the 2nd line. I'm thinking more about circumstances late in the battle when you're in a close quarters melee. And yes, my torps are my responsibility, but I'd like to be able to let others know they are being fired. For someone of my age and reflexes, opening chat and typing a message takes too long and is a distraction. A hot key would let me do it quickly - as per my original post - just like the arty courtesy to let people know who I'm targeting in WoT with the T key.
  12. Stretch71

    Friendly torpedo alerts

    As an inexperienced player in the game, one of the major issues I see is with friendly torpedo fire. Either ships not looking for friendlies when they fire, but also friendly ships not being aware when they have been fired (for example, doing an about face into a torpedo spread that had been legitimately fired into open water). The ability to warn friendly players that a spread had been launched would be good. An automated 'fish in the water' that also pings the ship on the minimap would be good. Or alternatively make it a manual shortcut message on the F keys (do we really need both 'support required' and 'SOS' for example). This could work in a similar way to WoT when arty players ping the target they are firing at. That's my thought for the day - I hope this is the right forum, I couldn't see a specific 'feedback' one.