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  1. ziratulbihac

    General Submarines related discussions

    The funniest thing is that they were balancing bbs, dds, cruisers and then suddenly added this 'alien' class which has completely ruined the game experience for everyone.
  2. The biggest problem for me is not that they want to add new classes, more chaotic gameplay - it's that they are powercreeping older ships. Let's take a look at ROMA Really funny ship, excellent camo, it was always funny to blast someone from ambush with your low concealment. But now.... Concealment is useless - You have subs spotting you - You have carriers spotting you - You have MORE radars So basically ROMA is NOT as good is it used to be. BUt of course, you have AP Rockets on carrier that can hit you for 60k WHAT THE F. If you are changing the rules of gameplay, you are changing ships as well. and it's very bad.
  3. ziratulbihac

    Up and Coming Ships

    Those 34k gold are instant buy for me, I don't want to collect resources 100 years anymore, it's easier to work few more hours for $
  4. ziratulbihac

    General CV related discussions.

    Any malta enjoyers here?
  5. ziratulbihac

    Why play Almirante Grau when .....

    Can someone tell me why would anyone play Almirante Grau, when you have Mainz 6 sec reload monster
  6. ziratulbihac

    Your Opinion on Ushakov

    I played few battles, it's Kremlin on tier XI :D
  7. ... you can play Malta and Nakhimov
  8. ziratulbihac

    General Submarines related discussions

    Like the whole issue with subs and cv's could be fixed by removing them from competitive (Ranked) gameplay and by making them "Randoms" only. Random Battles are chaotic anyway so having them there is not a big issue. Just save one game mode (Ranked) for those who are all about Wins and competition.
  9. ziratulbihac

    General Submarines related discussions

    Flamu is interesting streamer, super-butthurt guy xD I am glad he was torped by sub.
  10. ziratulbihac

    Premium Ship Removal

    One of the subs, maybe I-56?
  11. ziratulbihac

    ban subs from ranked now

    Anything else... I am writing everything down... it will be done according to your wishes... hahahhah
  12. ziratulbihac

    Weekend Monsters are the reason to quit the game

    Another delusional elitist who believes that he is "more important" because of his skills The most important people in World of Warships community, are those who are sniping with GK's! Once you learn that you will progress in life. World is run by the GREEEN $$$$$$$$$ not elitists who are sitting in front of computer for hours improving their skills. Your skills are useless, they are not needed and they do not generate money.
  13. ziratulbihac

    Mystery drop is missing?

    I think I got 2k community points or smh... who knows. Like it's fine when I spend tons of € but when they need to give you back something it goes like --"Hey here you are €2 hurrayyyy hurrayyyy" Cheapskates