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  1. So, Hiryu has 2 or 3 tier VII fighter squadrons which, I think, even with all the upgrades and captain skills can never beat the 3 American tier IX fighter squads! That is without strife. My best guess is that he had some help from AA below. This happens a lot with pay-to-win players who go directly from tier 1 to tier 7 or 8 by buying premium ships (not saying you are one !) ... An other possibility is that Hiryu captain has Dogfighting Expert - a 1 point skill perfect on Hiryu against Saipan, but even like this i think 3 Hiryu squads vs 2 Saipan squads is a more even match-up.
  2. Wow ... that's a lot of answers I don't have time right now to respond. I will just add that, from what i have seen, you can cancel a take-off command by right-clicking the bottom plane icon, if it's take-off counter hasn't started (if the take-off maneuver hasn't started). It is still useful when you have many planes inside the ship and you wanna change the first take-off order that you gave. For example: at the start of the game i usually want my fighters out first so i can scout before i go in with the bombers. But the fighters have bigger cooldown then bombers, so if you select all planes and hit F, the torpedo planes will go out first - that is precious scouting time loss. But if you see this mistake in time you can cancel all bombers and let the fighters be first. Or you can cancel a bomber take-off if you see that enemy fighters are lurking around, and so on. Ty, see you tmr
  3. DutchDelightsNL, on 12 March 2017 - 10:00 AM, said: I know it is in the game, and you should always use thing given for free( i totaly understand) but staying almost undetected, and play low tier (up till VI) and use flying over the game border giving players no chance(low tier seals), not realy something to be proud of up from VI it is, mandatory that you know about this! We all know it is just a point and shooting game, it about startagy,planning ahaead and anticipating the enemy I am preparred to take the salt about my stats or my comment so be it, but that is what i think On the other hand do you have replays of your playing(style), if you explain what you wrote and also have it on youtube i guess (people would like to see this) you can help people out And i would like Hi, don't worry about the stats, just play for fun . About the flying outside the map - i don't think it's OP because you lose a lot of time doing it, time that would probably be better spent by doing damage. And at low tiers there are not a lot of enemy fighters or AA anyway .. so why do it? About youtube - i don't have anything yet because i don't have any replays that i am proud about .. i consider myself a beginner (noob or ... lucky noob if you want). i only had 1 nice game (in 500), when i killed 6 ships, but sadly back then i didn't know how to save replays (i'm coming from wot where the replays are saved by default). Ty Doo0ooM, on 12 March 2017 - 10:26 AM, said: Flying planes on border does not make them completely invisible as far as I know ? ;) What part of it does it actually make invisible ? Maybe doesn't show on minimap ? (probably does) Maybe doesn't show on main map ? (probably does) It's just a way to avoid detection and fly around enemy fighters. So this in C&C game once in a computer club... funny... nod bikes going on lowest line ;) Also transport heli falls off screen at top line. (Discovered this myself and was very funny, only a shadow could be seen ;)) Hi, flying outside the borders, as far as i know, makes the planes invisible on the minimap (i don't know on the M map). I think it is sometimes useful because most of the time the enemy fighters won't scout so close to the borders. What does "Also transport heli falls off screen at top line" mean? i don't quite understand. Cheers
  4. Good! this goes under 5.7. Destroyer (and fast-moving targets) torpedo-hunting maneuvers. What else?
  5. allc0ck

    CV TB torps arm distance marker mod?

    But guys, does any of you knows where inside the game files i can find that green cursor that shows the bombs/torps path? (like in the picture above). What file should i unpack to find it? Ty
  6. I have edited a new section: "Other useful basic game mechanic" - see it at the top. Who has more points for me?
  7. Well .. even a banned guy may still have nice (legal) tips to share .. as i bet even Hitler had his good sides )) The reason i ask for help is that regardless of my stats, almost (or more then) half of my games i get dominated very very hard by the enemy CV .. so clearly i have a LOT more to improve! And more then that, with my IJN CV i hit 1 or 2 torps with one squadron most of the time. So i guess that if i learn to hit better (like 3 torps/squad. in average) my stats could even grow. Ty for your kind words and i am waiting for more juicy tips
  8. @ Jaylah - thx! @ Doo0ooM - I am a new player in WOWS but i have over 20.000 WOT games so .. i guess i knew the basic mechanics from there. About your offer - i like it but i only play a couple of games every day after work and that's not every day. So I will take you up on it but when i will have more time to spend. Also, I play better when there are no stakes ... when nobody expects me to play good, because I only do it for fun. So .. I guess i will ad you at friends and we'll see what happens. Ty
  9. Hi guys, I am relatively new to WOWS, having around 400 games most of which are in carriers (IJN line). Below i will list the basic lessons I have learned until now and I will invite you to fill in the gaps I have, so that I can improve my CV skills. Not in the order of importance, this is my checklist of a CV game: 1. Setting up the ship (before the game): upgrades, modules, fighters/damage specks, flags, camos, commander skills: mostly to the player's taste - I won't expand this discussion. 2. Positioning (ship): 2.1. Anticipating ally/enemy movements and fights results, and moving the ship accordingly. 2.2. Staying close enough of the fights for shorter flights, but not too close as to get spotted. 2.3. Using islands for hiding. 2.4. Always keeping your allies between you and the enemy and asking for help when a destroyer sneaks in to hunt you. 2.5. Turning the ship so that it shows its back to the landing planes and the front to the taking off ones, so that you minimize the time that these maneuvers require (for skilled players). 2.6. Learning map exploits (borders, corners). 2.7. Predicting enemy CVs sneak attack on your ship and defensive maneuvers against torpedo and dive bombers + "the 15 seconds repair rule" when you burn or flood. 2.8. Almost always move, so if you get spotted you will be less vulnerable. 3. Scouting (fighters but not exclusively): providing info about enemy positions to your team all game long. For advanced players - spot key targets (like destroyers or capping ships). 4. Air superiority (fighters): 4.1. Dominating enemy fighters. 4.2. Defending ally bombers. 4.3. Defending ally ships from bombers. 4.4. Learning Strife (for skilled players). 4.5. Baiting enemy fighters by keeping them occupied while your bombers attack. 4.6. Baiting enemy fighters into ally AA and then engage them. 5. Damage dealing (bombers torpedo/dive): 5.1. Key targets (big, slow, without AA, separated, low hp, capping, reseting cap, focus destroyers, etc). 5.2. Avoiding AA targets (learning AA ships). 5.3. Sneak by exploiting borders - how to get planes outside map borders (sometimes useful). 5.4. Learning attacks basics: torpedo attacks from sides, dive bombers from front or back, giving lead, anticipating target moves, etc 5.5. Learning manual attacks (skills): learning when to manual and when to auto-attack (ex: better to auto-dive-bomb destroyers), torpedo arm distance, learning how to deal with border-hugging targets (close torpedo drop on border). 5.6. Learning "the 15 seconds repair rule" - for perma fire or perma flood - useful both for attack and defense. 5.7. Destroyer (and fast-moving targets) torpedo-hunting maneuvers. 5.8. Baiting AA consumable trigger, then retreating temporarily. 5.9. Learning when to split up your forces and when not to. 6. Communicating with your team: let the know your intentions, comply with their requests, ask for help if needed, etc 7. Other useful tricks and basic game mechanics: 7.1. An "under stress" TB/DB (attacked by fighters or some AA) will be far less accurate (bigger spread) and slower. 7.2. An empty DB is much faster (use it for running or scouting). 7.3. Islands and direction changes will slow down your planes. 7.4. Limited amount of planes - after unloading it's better to drive them manually back to the ship. 7.5. Sometimes the enemy will follow your planes returning to the ship to find you - so confuse them by not driving the planes home in a strait line. 7.5. You can cancel a "take-off" command by right-clicking a plane inside the carrier - useful to change the take-off order inside many-squadrons carriers. 7.6. You can group squadrons together with the key-combination ______ (??? which one? ALT + 7 ?). I don't master by far all I have listed above, but i would like to know what else is there to learn in order to become a better CV player. Ty, Seemann
  10. Hi guys, Sry if this has already been covered but I am kinda new to wows and i am having trouble with the damn arm distance of the TB torps - I wanna drop close so the enemy can't avoid all of them but many times i drop too close! I was wondering if there is a mod that marks that damn 120/170m distance, kinda like this: If not, do you know where (in the game code) i could find the green markers so i can do the modification myself? Ty, seemann