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  1. Chopchopchop

    So, no daily shipment today?

    If i am to open the container, would I lose the 50 doubloons that I should have today. Then I have my daily XP containers, should I hold not to collect them??
  2. Chopchopchop

    So, no daily shipment today?

    Mine was reset to day 1...??
  3. Thanks for the event.
  4. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    I only had crash every now and then. The good thing is I can reconnect back to the battle now, not as before I have been class as to quit battle. The last crash was on map "Estuary". I used BullGuard for about 10 years and I am not going to run my computer without it. It it still happen again, i will run the WGcheck for you guys...thanks for keeping us update. I do hope we can get this iron out asap...
  5. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    The mini patch seem to be help a little, but I still do get crash from time to time. What is bad....I am keep getting reported for being AFK as well as many insults. Not helping if I am having full flags to do rank battles. Lats night I left after some insults in a rank battle. There is a message say that my disciplinary was lifted after observance of the game rules. I guess my account has got to a point that they need to review if I should be ban or not. Some of you seem to be worse than me. I only can hope they can get this "BUG" out asap. Good luck.
  6. Chopchopchop

    Spamming of Commands

    They have a timer block in game, and they can also do a number count. EG. if any players use more then a number on "F_key"s in a min be muted for 24 hours included the use of "F_keys".
  7. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    Great ...I had the first reasonable reply and act from WG support. They have acknowledging the issue and acted on to fix it. I do hope they are starting to be a little more forward about admitting the game issues. Letting players pointing some of the real issues here. Not everyone post a negative remark are trolling WG. Good luck everyone!!
  8. Chopchopchop

    remove hp and ribbon mods to fix black screen crash

    What about players don't use any mods?? I am one of them.
  9. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    No mods for me what so ever.... Will try that......thanks. The respond from support same as usual, taken far too long not to answer the real points. There is a new client today...hope that does fixed the error.
  10. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    Even better now... I was restricted to 12 co-op games. So a few tier 1 games to lift this restriction. Able to play 2 games. The 3rd game in a tier 10, go kicked back to port after 20 seconds. Can't not go back to the battle again....I am not disconnected. I am still in that battle, but unable to join.... so the game class me quitting the battle!!! Nice bug!!!!!!
  11. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    I am having the same rotations....I am sure the auto system will pay a longer restriction every time. Lucy the clanwars just over!!
  12. Chopchopchop

    black screen during game session

    You think that s bad?? I most likely to get a warning as the "Best troll in the game again" here. I have point out the game's auto system punish the wrong players. The game works from time to time so we as players have no control and we won't know until we enter battle. 2 days ago I have the crashed on a battle , I hard rebooted the computer, and it won't let me go back the same battle. When I try to play again the game crashed. As I know the issue could be a bad file from my side, but now for 2 AFK games which is out of my control, my account went RED and was redistricted!! All I could do is the contact support, delete WOWS. Reinstall the game on another HD. Now the game works, but my account still was redistricted!! Do you think that's over?? Nope!! The same thing happen again today. The better thing was I have just happen paid for the premium on the night before the first crush. AM I trolling WG?? Should I be punish for being AFK?? Oh, yeah it is the system, there is nothing support can do about it!!! I know!! It is very well to punish bot farmers, but punish players have game or network issues??
  13. Chopchopchop

    An open letter to W.G...... J'accuse

    Well, for some reason I have been name "best troll of this game"( this was the reason given to me, with a blank link) and been given a warning...I guess speaking form pass experience here can be class as rule breaking...or maybe I am not the type to spend all my money on their games.
  14. Be warned...I am the "Best troll so far at this game"...as this was the explanation to the forum rule violation on a post I did. :cap_fainting:

  15. Chopchopchop

    Is WG customer service always like... this?

    I had it worse...lead to posts blocked...forum rules changed...get blame to breaking rules...and TK other players. They spend more time hide behind the "internet", any delay and prolong fixing problems, if it is not your fault you as a pay player, still have to pay, ie no refund for your lost time. Your first reply is a preset reply after the filter(they do ask you what the ticket is about). Now they just add a longer time to auto reply you, because they had too many quick reply and players do noticing. Yes, the ticket will be closed after the first auto reply which usually after a day or 2, unless it is about making payment, and bank relayed. By that time they hope you are not bother to reopen the ticket, so for them case closed. Last time I checked. They make the filter fr the ticket as part blocking to send ticket(WOT). If you have a replay against unfair/rule breaking player/s, good luck try to contact them, 45 mins I just try to by pass the filter with no luck, before I have given up. So if you ask about WG customer service...all I can say is "What customer service?" You will not able to find the same on any high street with the same "customer service", because They won't open for long. Oh, yes, if there are any dispute about payments and the bank is on your side, again good luck with it ,because your account will be locked!! By the way, because you have copy and paste the ticket on to the forum, you are infarct broken they forum rules. This topic can be locked at anytime. Good luck!! PS... just got a warring (being a troll), somehow I have broke the forum "blank link" rules, for being a troll, I guess all players not happy and speak against WG are trolls.