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    Warum habe ich wie so viele andere die Furutaka als Grottenschlecht empfunden? Seit ich die Phoenix und Omaha im Hafen habe hat sich dieses Empfinden massiv verstärkt, dass Schadenspotential mit den US Kreuzern ist massiv höher. Der Sache wollte ich mal auf den Grund gehen. Habe den DPM ( Schaden pro Minute ) ermittelt, inklusive realistische Konfigurationen wie sie im Spiel auftreten. Als Grundlage dienen beide Schiffe, so wie sie bei mir im Hafen stehen inkl. Captain Skills und Module. Durch die Verwendung des C Rumpfs tausche ich eine bessere Flugabwehr gegen 2 Geschütze ein, plus eine grössere Reichweite. Resultat siehe Anhang (HE + AP). Grob gesagt ist die Omaha in der Lage fast den doppelten Schaden, im gleichen Zeitraum, zuzufügen als die Furutaka in einer im Gefecht üblichen Positionierung von ca 30° und Breitseite. In einer Verfolgungssituation wird es für die Furutaka noch schlechter da sie nur ca. 20% der Feuerkraft der Omaha hat. Dabei wird noch nicht einmal berücksichtigt dass die Furutaka sich durch die langsame Turmdrehung länger als Ziel präsentiert oder dass die Omaha durch ein Ausweichmanöver, alle 15 Sekunden, das mögliche Schadenspotential nochmals gewaltig herabsetzen kann. Kurz gesagt, die Furutaka ist gewaltig vermasselt und bräuchte die doppelte ROF (Feuerrate) um überhaupt im gleichen Tier wie die Omaha zu sein. Selbst dann wäre sie der Omaha noch immer nicht ebenbürtig.
  2. nockerl

    Schüsse fliegen zu kurz

    auch dass kann passieren
  3. nockerl

    Green Team

    What ? Again ? Totally missed that one, but atleast some good news.
  4. you can teach me a few tricks playing BB So far all the Ishizuchi had a rather short life. Outranged by the US CA, rather weak armour against the Arkansas. But it seems you are able to bring the best out of this ship.
  5. nockerl

    Green Team

    Hi, from your profile i noticed that you got 50+ games, overall, and you got the Cleveland already. With the Cleveland you meet up to tier 9, which means players who have up to 1000 games and more. Such players can have a highly skilled Captain with up to the 5th skill level, which gives a huge advantage like 20% more range and similar. Where your Captain is maybe in the first or 2nd Level. Furthermore, many of these players have a good understanding about the game, some might be Alpha and Beta Testers. The Modules setup can make a difference too. You got a very good Winrate but your average Damage output in the Cruiser class is rather meagre. The US Cruisers are rather powerful in the right hands and i do see room for improvement in the Damage output for you. Stuff you can try: Play the Omaha and Phoenix more. You get into lower tier matches with 2 good ships and you can train your Captain skills. Set yourself tasks, like: Bringing the average damage up to 30- to 40k for those ships, hunt Destroyers with them, protect your own Destroyers and Battleships. a really good channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming
  6. gut gespielt, brauchbare Informationen, ist zu empfehlen!
  7. nockerl

    warspite back on sale

    Aging Jedi has pretty good points and i agree with him. His views about the pricing start at 7:30 Highlights: Tirpitz was on RU server in a "lean" bundle for about 30 + Euro, similar with the B2 tank
  8. nockerl

    warspite back on sale

    It would be upselling and fair game, if we the players and customers had a CHOICE. But we haven´t, or ? Upselling is if you buy a coke to your burger and preferable a large one. Is it a WG thing ? Most likely not. The funny thing is WG NA had 2 bundles for the Tirpitz, a lean and cheaper one and a more upscale. That is what i call a choice for the customer. Besides that, WoWS pricing is way off the scale. Tier 5 is 50% more expensive then WOT, Tier 5 Tank is 7 to 8 euro where the Murmansk is 12. Tier 3 got even worse, its twice the price then in WOT, staggering 10 euros compared to 5. Why that ? Is a ship pixel more expensive to build then a tank one ? Or is it Strategy to go for the Whales in a hard way ? Meh, not with me.
  9. nockerl

    Event Calendar

    Event: occurrence, especially one of some importance Some thoughts i had while reading the Headline about what could be done and what i as a player would appreciate and provides maybe some interesting challenges. Igromir: Lets party with us and enjoy the Premium shop sale, special ships and good discounts Battle of Cape Esperance: 3x XP for the first win, Destroy 10 US ships with japanese ships and vice versa and get 1000 free XP for each. or how about; we the users can select a special Battle only with US and IJN Destroyers and Cruisers, where the US side has to defend the Base. Battle of Moon Sound: Release of German and Russian tech tree. All Russian and German ships get 1,5x XP for the whole weekend. Halloween: Consumables on sale and all the stuff a Captain needs. I would say these are Events and Special where i feel sorry when i missed them. 2xp for the first win, not so. Not enough Staff ? Not enough Budget ? No green light from Russia ? What is going on guys ?
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    "Das Ärgerlichste in dieser Welt ist, dass die Dummen todsicher und die Intelligenten voller Zweifel sind" Bertrand Russell "Ein Kluger bemerkt alles. Ein Dummer macht über alles eine Bemerkung." Heinrich Heine
  11. nockerl

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    In the wake of WG thrive the Bot makers, haking stuff with customers and employees under an NDA. Soon they release promo videos from the new HQ in the Caribbean. As a player i am not sure if i should laugh or cry. From a business perspective its hilarious, not even Monty Python could make that up.
  12. young Padawan, Miracles of statistics disclosed to you not If Jingles is a tit above or a tat below will be opinion, because the dataset is contaminated with lots of players who enjoy happily the help of 3rd party programs. Contrary to the RU server, the EU server does not release the thousands of banned players because of 3rd party stuff. Remove the top and bottom 10% and you get differend data what the average is. Same when you do this excercise with the top and bottom 20%. However, you might not be willing to accept this. But according do your logic, he should barely be above the gross average of 30k, somewhere around 5 or 2k more maybe. Unfortunately even if he drives an asthmatic Super Pershing up the hill and barely fires a shot he walks away with 60.000 Credits. Miracles over Miracles young Padawan
  13. 30k the overall average for a Tier 8 Prem.? Sounds very low, how many first time users are in this statistic ? Whats the income of a WN8 1000, 1500, 2000 player? How many players with a WR of 30 to 45% ? Even without fireing a single shot in a tier 8 Premium you earn money. Even more with some popular 3rd party aides. Jingles calls himself a noob gamer, which makes him acceptable to use as an example for an average gamer. Result at 25:10
  14. nockerl

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    There is something fishy the way shells fly in WoWS There is a video on Youtube called the WG Aimbot. This Video shows simply the way how the shell trajectory is calculated in WoWS. The Video Creator locks once on the far ship and aims at the near one, result zero hits. Later he reverses and locks on the near ship and aims for the far one, result zero hits. Until i saw this video i thought WoWS calculates a trajectory that resembles the ballistic behaviour of a shell, boy was i wrong. From what it seems Bigworld uses nothing closely of a ballistic calculation but use differend calculations for the horizontal (left/right) and vertical. What a MESS is this!
  15. I got the Prem. Grem and Arkansas Beta, when i compare my earnings with the other tier 4 and 5 ships i have, i had never a moment where i thought wow, that is a good earning or my money was good spend.