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  1. MorfeusDK

    RTNF ( Looking for Noobs )

    New Clan from the North is looking for new players Do you like to play and have some fun on Teamspeak, do you speak english I dont care about your rating But are you willing to learn ? Then I can offer you a place in The Rise Of The Northen Fleet. Join me on Teamspeak and lets have a chat and see if we do some great things together TS: ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016
  2. New Clan looking for players Are you looking for a Clan where we only got 5 rules 1. You will use Teamspeak 3 2. You have at least a tier 6 ship. 3. You are more then 20 at age 4. You love to play and dont look at personal ranking 5.And from Europe Come visit us on Teamspeak3 : ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016 and lern more about our new Clan : The Rise Of The Northen Fleet (RTNF)
  3. MorfeusDK

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Team: G4L ( Gamer4Life ) Captain: Titanity Team Members: Smeden12MissenTitanityNicki_lauda4Ghostship_dkPaxismRottweilerCipher_nineCrystal_clearJfridahl TheRealSlimFufu MorfeusDK
  4. Ain`t it Friday yet???

  5. One have to lose! But not me ;-)

  6. MorfeusDK

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Damn, just got banned by Artic_ and Eisenhower until freday.......Damn it!