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  1. MorfeusDK

    Looking for Clan!

    Hi ;-) Danish player looking for a clan. I've been and am sick, so that's why I'm looking for a clan that doesn't expect me to play every single day. I get strong painkillers every day and CANNOT be available all the time. But I enjoy being able to get onlinie and play some matches, and forget the pain hell I live in. So if you can use someone who plays that way, feel free to write to me ;-) Ps I use Teamspeak and Discord. Ps PS Iam an old grumpy man at 56 of age ;-)
  2. MorfeusDK

    SDS7 looking for new players

    Still looking for new members ;-)
  3. MorfeusDK

    SDS7 looking for new players

    We realy could use some players with tier X for Clan Battles ;-) You are a english speaking person and can use Teamspeak ;-)
  4. MorfeusDK

    SDS7 looking for new players

    SDS7 are recruiting active players with Tier 10 ships for Clan Battles and any other Tournaments we enter. We are an english speaking clan that uses Teamspeak for comms If you like having Fun your more then welcome to join If you are close to Tier 10 ships Please apply as well we can help you get there in Divisions Contact izonoe Walther0229 or Deathadder_61 ingame for more i´nformation ;-) or join our Teamspeak channel for more info ;-) Passwords: sds7
  5. MorfeusDK

    Looking for a active clan!

    Hey all Iam a old, grumpy man who are looking for an active clan who plays cw and division You must use Teamspeak 3 and willing to take a man in his best age ( 56 ) currently Iam in my own clan which is not active at the moment Iam danish and as so it would be nice to join a english speaking clan You can write to me her or catch me ingame MorfeusDK
  6. A EU based Clan is looking for new , old, Young and old grumpy players Do you need a clan where you dont have to be on TS or an other chatprogram ? You just want the advantage with comes with a membership ? We have place for all. You can join us on TS or not You can write to me on FB : https://www.facebook.com/Fynno.dk or join me on Teamspeak : ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016 where we are 4 clans playing. 2 WOT clans and 2 WOWS clans. There is a spot for everyone even you Hope to see you either in the Clan or on the Ocean Commander MorfeusDK Rise Of The Northen Fleet
  7. MorfeusDK

    Rise Of The Northen Fleet

    It would be nice with moore wies and likes ;-)
  8. MorfeusDK

    Rise Of The Northen Fleet

    Are you looking for a clan ? Are your stats bad ? Do you want to do something about it? Do you speak english ? And have Teamspeak 3? And you want to help making a clan??? Then join our TS: ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016 and ask for MorfeusDK You can join us if you are 17 + You do speak english and just want to play for the fun. No matter how far you are in the game. And how your stats are. First step to make it better is to join a clan. Find me ingame for a chat or a game: MorfeusDK
  9. MorfeusDK

    Is it you we are looking for??

    This sounds like a great plan
  10. We had some funny danish warships from that time ,-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_ironclad_Danmark https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_ironclad_Helgoland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_ironclad_Tordenskjold https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_ironclad_Odin_(1872)
  11. New Clan looking for players Are you looking for a Clan where we only got 5 rules 1. You will use Teamspeak 3 2. You have at least a tier 6 ship. 3. You are more then 20 at age 4. You love to play and dont look at personal ranking 5.And from Europe Come visit us on Teamspeak3 : ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016 and lern more about our new Clan : The Rise Of The Northen Fleet (RTNF)