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  1. Xiled22


    Different Nation's DDs all play very differently. Typically, UN DDs are better at being gun platforms. Fast firing, decently powered guns but very short ranged torpedos. IJN DDs have very slow moving, long reloading guns but much better torpedos. I've never played any of the Russian Destroyers, but from what I've seen from them in game shows that they're mostly an amalgamation between UN and IJN DDs. Just my two cents. Good luck.
  2. Xiled22

    Two Brothers.

    My reaction to WG when I get this [edited]map 10 times in a row.
  3. Xiled22

    Overpowered Torpedos

    I can't stop, kill me.
  4. Xiled22

    Overpowered Torpedos

  5. Xiled22

    Overpowered Torpedos

    Oh it's you again. We're doing this again are we? Very well. [edited] More funny gifs and pics plez
  6. Xiled22

    Overpowered Torpedos

    Next time you get rekt by torpedoes this will be your reaction. Erotic dancing then boner fuelled lasers. Good luck, nub.
  7. Xiled22

    Good game, still gonna quit

  8. Xiled22

    Good game, still gonna quit

    Wow that's really weird. I have no idea what is causing that..
  9. Xiled22

    Good game, still gonna quit

    Yeah, that's what I suspected. I'm getting no problems with the game at all and it may be a one end problem I'm afraid.
  10. Xiled22

    LEGO Yamato (quite impressive)

  11. Xiled22

    Working as intended :D

    Poi Poi!~
  12. Xiled22

    Good game, still gonna quit

    A few things may be causing your problems. Graphics card? Possibility. Computer? Possibility. Your network connection as an explanation of the bad ping? Just spitballing here. Saddening you're quitting. Hope you return to the game.
  13. Xiled22

    Best ship for protection of CV

    Same as the last guy, I'd recommend a Cleveland or at higher tiers a Baltimore because of the reasons previously mentioned. Good luck in game!
  14. Well, you're either not aiming properly or you're just bad. The Kongo is my favourite ship in the game and it is in no way bad. You're just playing it wrong. You don't use it to snipe from across the map like some sort of a coward. Keep in mind it is also a Battle Cruiser. Use it's speed and manoeuvrability in formation with it's powerful BB guns to duck in and out of mountains and get good citadel pens. I usually rack up 1000-2000xp with my Kongo every game using this tactic, Don't be a scrub and blame the ship, all ships are good if you know how to play them and you clearly don't know how to play the graceful Kongo.