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  1. challenge accepted!!!
  2. Jogurt79

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.10.1

    Sollte retraining nicht nur 50 dubs kosten??? https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/general-news/commander-skills-update/
  3. Jogurt79

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Thats the point, there are few nice things in the commander update but the positioning and play is complettly broken. DeadEye must be inverted, there MUST be a enemy ship in the detectibily radius, then we would not have this useless camper.
  4. neee...komm schon...400 ist schon hardcore 450 ist blasphemie 500 ist armageddon!!! das kriegen vielleicht 10 Leute zusammen 50er schritte ist schon ok, mit extra "Belohnungsflagge" ab 400 Schiffen (testschiffe ausgenommen)
  5. jo, das wäre mal was für Sammler +10% Kapitän EP +10% Free XP und +10% Kredits :D
  6. wird schwierig auf 450 zu kommen, ich habe fast alle und bin noch nicht bei 400. Denke in 50 Schritten was zu geben ist OK
  7. @ WG bitte langsam das 400ter Emblem entwerfen, kommen die Ita BBs raus dann sind die bei mir voll :D
  8. Jogurt79

    Ranked and how i think we could fix it.

    yes. i understand nickl…. big problem MM...like here….4 silver quali on one team on all gold on other...maybe now in 3rd round its not the biggest problem, but 4 or 5 round it will be a 100% loose
  9. Jogurt79

    Ranked and how i think we could fix it.

    the score system seems good, the save the star mentalitäy is the biggest problem imo, i see it often, 1dd in game rest BB/CA, BB,CA camping on max range or behind an island and try to farm damage for saving star. If the DD dies its a 100% loose if you are in such a team. But the score system must include nearly everything you can do in game, damage, potential, spoting, caps, defs, blocking caps, first spotting on Torpedos and so on (even shooting planes down) not like in wowsnumbers, only kills, damage and WR.
  10. Jogurt79

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.9.10

    Bitte mehr Missionen, aktuell ist es voll langweilig...
  11. Kann geschlossen werden, Danke!
  12. Hello, im looking for an international clan. Please send me a message here in forum or via forum PM and not in game please. Would be nice to find me in the clan average with my stats in the middle or the lower 1/3. Im 41y old and german, have 353 ship in my port, should be so any kind of ships aviable. I like to play everything but not a BB in CW. Im looking for a aktive and competitive clan that also participate on turnaments like kots. Teamspeak is a must, discord would be nice. https://wows-numbers.com/player/512652163,Jogurt79/ regards Jogurt79