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  1. The_SDM

    Will there be a "Submarine" class added

    Wanna make the BBabies cry even more?
  2. The_SDM

    German DD Captain skills

    So, I've been grinding my way to the Maass now and I am enyoing the German DDs alot, more than any other nation (well have only played IJN dds..), though I can't quite figure out the optimal captain skills for ranked. Yes, I want to annoy my team as much as possible by playing a german DD in ranked. I thought about going Priority target, Preventive maintenance, Last Stand, Demo Expert, Superintendent and Concealment expert, as I currently only have a 14 points captain. Any recommendations?
  3. The_SDM

    Tier X Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi

  4. The_SDM

    Ranked will be dominated by these two ships.....

    All Nice and good, if ont saipan was the reason. My problem is More the non-survivability of t6 tbs in that enviroment, coupled with the relativ low amount of reserveplanes.
  5. The_SDM


    Actually, I get more often get citadell'd in my Bismarck then in my Hipper, strange world..
  6. The_SDM

    Ranked will be dominated by these two ships.....

    Not even gonna bother with this season ranked. Why the heck would I play Hiryu.. or gneisenau or yorck? No thank you I pass until next ranked season.
  7. The_SDM

    BB HE on cruisers

    Or you aim, if he shows broadside, just a few pixels below the waterline and hear the citadell screaming for help.
  8. The_SDM

    CV rework ?

    They probably don't even know themselves Though many guess they'll improve the interface, which is not alot in will not fix the problems CVs have today.
  9. The_SDM

    Carrier T6 help.

    Actually, for me Ryujo was the worst. I am currently on the Hiryu and while it's TB die like flies in a 250°C oven, it's still fun to play (except when you have a 15 cap saipan as opponent). Grind through the Ryujo, I did it without premium, and try to improve as much as possible, you'll need it. The lol broken AA may be a cause for one or two ragequits, but overall it is manageable. T6 is just the worst tier to be in currently thanks to the effed up matchmaking.
  10. The_SDM

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Sven, 27år The_SDM Inga T10 än, på väg att nå T8 med IJN CV T7, GER BB & CA T7, IJN DD T7 Favoritskepp på T8 kommer vara Shokaku (och kanske Bismarck) Spelar sedan många många år, alltid med fokuserat på pvp för att förbättra mig själv och kunna mäta mig med andra. Det behövs mycket för att jag ska "ragequitta" eller blir sur, då jag tar saker med en nypa salt.
  11. Nice money gain, although I assume with CV and same stats you would've made -50K
  12. The_SDM

    camping bbs

    Or they are to lazy to put in some effort to overhaul CVs. There are multiple ways to balance CVs without making them OP like in beta or noob unfriendly, alot of these suggestions were made by good CV players. But if, and I say IF, they remove CVs, how are they going to compensate those players? And how shall they balance the game, especially the camping problem and the detectionnerfs to IJN DDs?
  13. The_SDM

    camping bbs

    Indeed, which is to a degree the fault of factors like every ship having excellent or good AA. Imo battleships should not be able to shoot down multiple planes during an attack or retreat (Can't comment t8-10). Besides that a way to increase CVs would be increasing the profit they make on higher tiers and, of course, make a complete overhaul of the interface (it seriously pisses me off, that delay I mean). Yes, they are to rare so how can they make people play more CVs? Make them more forgiving on lower tiers, a single mistake there can cost you your entire squad and you don't have lots of reserves. This has been discussed so many times, it's sad that nothing happening.
  14. The_SDM

    camping bbs

    By making them move with the fleet or get deleted by their "natural" enemy, the CV. Depends on the type of BB though.
  15. The_SDM

    camping bbs

    reduce BB AA and increase ruddertime by a bit > camping problem solved.