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  1. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    I remember this as well. I think it would be a good idea. And as it probably wouldn't cost Wargaming too many man-hours of programming, and very likely sell them a neat bunch of ARP ships if they time it well, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes through.
  2. How's the Giulio Cesare?

    The Giulio Cesare rocks. She's got good guns, and ten of them, with good turret placement to boot. Her speed and manoeuvrability often lets her dictate the terms of her engagements, in that she can deal a lot of damage quickly and then slip away if coming under heavy fire. (Remember: You don't have to be the fastest ship in a flotilla in retreat; you just have to be faster than the slowest one.) And she can take it as well as dish it out. She has enough armour to handle a brawl if she needs to, and her manoeuvrability lets her stay angled against other battleships in the event of a turning fight. Her weakness - if it can be called that - is that she has no float plane to defend against carriers and spot torpedoes, but this disadvantage can be mitigated by careful manoeuvring. I'd hesitate to call her overpowered, but she's certainly a very good ship. And she's got gorgeous looks as well - those Italians sure knew how to build beautiful ships!
  3. I tried for early T-61 access - and I failed

    I honestly didn't think of the port slots, or I would probably have gone for those, yeah. (See post #7 above.) Thanks for the sympathy! I've found it easier to be philosophical about my own failings these days, than it was when I was younger. I have more goof-ups in the past to measure them against, if nothing else.
  4. I tried for early T-61 access - and I failed

    Oh, I didn't buy them all myself. Didn't I mention, my wife gave me the battleship Tirpitz for Christmas two and a half years hence? And it's true that I play the game less than I'd like, these days. I have a day job, and a wife, and a social life... so much has changed since I unpacked my first Commodore 64 all those years ago. But my favourite game, then as now, was of a maritime character. I'd like to think that I am not the only one on this forum with fond memories of daring adventures in the Caribbean, on board a sloop - or even a frigate - in Sid Meier's Pirates! Yaaarhh!
  5. I tried for early T-61 access - and I failed

    I had a lot of elite ship xp lying around. I exchanged nearly all of it about three days before this event appeared over the horizon. I am not bitter or resentful about this. My gaming-fu is not strong... ...but next time, I will not be level zero. Good tips, all of them! Thanks!
  6. I tried for early T-61 access - and I failed

    I don't actually have the Aurora in port, since I accidentally never followed through on the purchase. I assume that the greyed out picture I recall is the same you see when you click on a tech tree ship that you haven't unlocked and bought yet. And although I appreciate the suggestion, I can't really see that this is a matter for the Wargaming support. I messed this one up myself; it wasn't due to any glitch in the game. I could have done that, I suppose. Although I had no transfer or retraining pending, so the purchase of a premium ship seemed to be the easiest solution (or would have been, if I hadn't messed it up).
  7. I tried for early access - and I failed. I went against my initial inclinations, and tried for the early access release of the T-61 after all. The way I reasoned was, I was eventually going to get some extra premium time anyway, and so I might just as well spend those doubloons right away and get a ship on top. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, it wasn't that easy. It turns out you can't spend more than 24 000 doubloons on premium time in one go, which will net you one year's worth. I suppose most of you already know this, but I didn't. Bummer. But hey, no problem. All I had to do was to buy at least another thousand doubloons' worth of premium time, right? Wrong. Of course it wasn't that easy. It turns out you can't purchase premium time with doubloons if you already have one year's worth or more of premium time on your account (I suppose most of you already know this, etc etc). You can buy it with real money, but that wouldn't count toward the 25 000 doubloons-goal for the early access event. So how could I rid myself of a thousand doubloons in a hurry? I didn't have enough accumulated free xp to unlock that it would cost me that amount; I only managed to spend about three or four hundred doubloons that way. So there was still about seven hundred doubloons to go; now how to spend those? The best I could think of was to purchase a premium ship from the in-game tree, but this presented me with something of a moral conundrum. I had decided to go for early access on the premise that it wouldn't cost me anything I wasn't going to spend anyway - such as doubloons for premium time or for the unlocking of free xp - but there was no hitherto un-bought premium ship available that I had any interest in. So by my own rules, I should drop out of the early access race at this point. On the other hand, I was so close to the finishing line that it would feel like I was cheating myself if I stopped spending doubloons now. (Yeah, I realize how this sounds even as I'm writing it.) In the end, I decided to buy the Aurora for 2 250 doubloons. I clicked myself through the transaction in a hurry, feeling vaguely ashamed of myself as I did it. I should have taken it slowly and deliberately. You see, I forgot to confirm the purchase with a second click. The Aurora appeared in my port only as the ghost-like, black-and-white apparition that marks a possible purchase; a ship that is not yet there. After giving her a guilty look, - you know, the kind of look you reserve for that guy who's only invited to the party because he's the designated driver - I exited the game and left for a road trip through Slovakia. I came back yesterday evening, to not find the T-61 in my port. I'd missed the mark by a few hundred doubloons. I should point out, right now, that this sorry chain of events is solely and surely down to me being a klutz. I still consider Wargaming's early access offer to be a fair one; I only wish I had known about the above-related restrictions on the spending of doubloons before going on board. And a straight-up option to complete the event simply by purchasing the required amount of doubloons might perhaps have been better for all involved, but that's neither here nor there. I am now slightly older and wiser than I was last week. I have gained useful information on the workings of the doubloon economy in World of Warships, along with some valuable insights into my own psyche. I am currently awaiting, come Friday, the standard release of the T-61. She will lie at the place in my port where the Aurora isn't.
  8. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    I got the Lo Yang mainly because I wanted to get a taste of what the legendary Benson gameplay was like. She handles like a dream, and the hydro is a fun bonus, but I am nowhere near skilled enough to make the most of her performance. This is also one reason why I haven't gotten very far in ranked battles; they pan out in too high tiers for my personal skill level to handle comfortably.
  9. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    I will assume that you are joking. But posts like these can give new players the impression that it's ok to team kill because you don't like the way someone else is playing the game, or that it's ok to abuse the report system. Please don't do that...?
  10. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    I have. Although I'm not quite sure of which are the new ones... only the Fat Cats?
  11. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    Well, now that I think of it... ...there was this Lo Yang video by Flamu where he eradicates a bunch of other destroyers in a way that can't be described as anything less than sickening. It was a slaughter. I chalked it up to being 85 % Flamu, 10 % hydro advantage and 5 % chance - but I do know that the hydro can make a very great difference, if used skilfully. I guess we shall se how the T-61 pans out? It's not so much the hydro, though, as the torpedo reload, that I think is liable to make the difference.
  12. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    But the Lo Yang is not generally thought to be stronger than the Benson, is she? Sure, the hydro can come in very useful, but the Benson has the option for an extra gun, if I got my facts right. That's a pretty considerable difference in fire power... so it kinda evens out?
  13. Question: Is the Reload Booster added on top of existing consumable slots, or do we have to choose between that and another, existing consumable?
  14. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    Thanks for the update, Mr Conway - this is good to know!
  15. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    The Gaede has a choice between 128 mm and 152 mm guns, whereas I believe the T-61 has only the lower calibre? The 128 mm guns are probably best in a DD v.s. DD-duel, but still, there is power in versatility!