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  1. Yes. Edited: Which is probably just as well; I should be heading off to work, really.
  2. This. And this is why: 1. The ability to lay mines, would allow players to transform any map into a corridor map. 2. Corridor maps are bad.
  3. And this would probably be my strategy as well, if I had one. I like the pacing and the added focus when I'm in a good team, but the pleasure is somewhat muted by a nasty suspicion that I am not really a good enough player to reliably pull my weight in ranked battles. This feeling has been exacerbated by the fact that there seems to be quite a bit more salt in the ranked battles chat, than in regular random battles. Some people out there seem to take the loss of a virtual star a bit more seriously than is good for their blood pressure. Since I don't like to be chewed out by strangers, and since I also don't want to ruin someone's day/week/married life by making a minor tactical error on the virtual battlefield, I have yet to embark upon a serious ranked venture, this season. But we shall see.
  4. Not getting a 10-point captain each and every time you get four or five stars in an operation, makes sense in my book. But you still get a nice load of XP for a well played operation, which is good enough for me!
  5. You make a compelling case. I do in principle believe in playing ships to their strengths, rather than trying to mitigate their weaknesses. This is why I chose 'IFHE' as the first 4th level skill on my De Grasse, since I'm thinking that her guns are her strongest asset. But the same can't really be said about the Duca D'Aosta. Her guns seem to be overall rather weak, while her strong points are her speed and concealment. Going for 'Concealment Expert' as the first choice might very well be the best option here. Although I can still remember the pain of seeing my little Italian captain landing nineteen (19) high explosive shells on a broadside enemy Aoba, doing exactly zero (0) damage, and thereafter going down to an almost full complement of Type 8 torpedoes... I would have dearly loved to have had the Improved Inertia Fuse skill on hand, at that time!
  6. So I guess you took 'Concealment Expert' as the first 4th level skill on the Duca D'Aosta? I would have thought that 'IFHE' would be the better choice, given the Duca's already good detection values and her incredibly weak HE...?
  7. I've never been able to make the Kutuzov work, but given the opinion of the forum/player majority, that is almost certainly due to me not being able to play her to her strengths.
  8. There can't be a problem with releasing an in-game ship just because it has been sunk in a post-WW2 act of war, surely?
  9. Cleveland: 22 - 3 = 19. Too weird moon arcs on her guns. Good ship nevertheless, though.Shinonome : 17Mutsu : 20Fusō : 22Warspite : 13Molotov : 9Budyonny : 9 + 1 = 10. see post 263 above.Duca d'Aosta : 7
  10. The way Wargaming measures and scales the given values for their ship statistics, is one of the mysteries of the modern world. - The Clemson gets twice the number of guns, effectively doubling her damage potential. "Cool! Let's up her artillery stats by +1!" - The Dresden has, what, two extra 105 mm guns compared to the Emden? "So, let's double the Dresden artillery stats, 14 instead of 7!"* Now, that would have made sense if the Emden had only two 105 mm guns to begin with... which is not the case. *Or at least I think it's somewhere around those numbers. Someone who is actually in the game right now might perhaps check this out?
  11. I can see what you are getting at, here - and I am all for promoting team work! But I really can't see that this would lead to anything other than a great ping party. Players would be so eager to rack up those extra xp, they would be sure to expend their share of pings as soon as possible, in order not to miss the opportunity before getting sunk or running out of allies. The first thing that would happen, would be that everybody and their uncles would ping the first enemy ship to get spotted, and then open fire at that ship. While per se a tactically viable choice, it is also a rather obvious one and one not in any real need of an extra xp incitement. Then, during the rest of the battle, there would be a lot of pinging of more or less tactically valid targets, simply for the reason that they were there. This would lead to a ping inflation, followed by a ping devaluation as people started to lose interest due to ping overload. It would all be a pinging mess. So while I appreciate the brain storming, I don't feel that this sort of game mechanic would benefit the game. It's good to throw these kinds of ideas around, though!
  12. The pinging would indeed be epic, yes. And I must say, I take a rather dim view of the idea of giving other players access to a game mechanic that lets them dictate how I play the game. "So, you don't want to fire at the targets that I have selected for you? Too bad - less xp for you! Ha ha!!!" - Quite apart from the sad fact that the majority of the 'pingers' out there aren't exactly the most leak-proof tubs in the water, this kind of game mechanic would probably just give an added incentive for the kind of deluded Grand Admiral chat behaviour that we all know so well. All in all, I think the current xp system works well. I feel that I am amply rewarded both for capping and for shooting at the enemy. Which one of those two I choose to do, will depend on the tactical situation!
  13. Cleveland: 21Shinonome : 16Mutsu : 20Fusō : 24Warspite : 16Molotov : 9Budyonny : 8 + 1 = 9. She's got the range, she's got the rate of fire, she's got the speed. Her huge turning circle is her only real, and much-needed, weakness. A more versatile ship than the Molotov, in my opinion.Duca d'Aosta : 13 - 3 = 10. Her guns are too few, and they lack enough hitting power. A beautiful little ship, though!
  14. Capping is one of the most important tactical tools in the game, since it forces the enemy to react. It has the added bonus to promote dynamic teamplay, which benefits everyone. Giving good xp rewards for capping is therefore entirely proper, as I see it.
  15. Thanks a bunch!