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  1. How to unlock French BBs

    I am curious, Captain TekumzeWolf. Did you try the Normandie out in random battles, and if so, what happened?
  2. Lyon

    Well, from what I've heard about her dispersion, that's exactly the wrong way to play the Lyon. Where's the fun in that? You should get up close and personal, and go all Gallic shotgun on your unhappy foes until they, or you, are sunk, sunk, sunk! Vive la France!!!

    I've been kinda lucky with the box-drops in this collection, getting comparatively few duplicates. I needed to trade in duplicates for only two pieces; one of the pictures and one of the gun turrets. My wife informs me that the system for trading in duplicates works exactly the same as her Barbie bookmarks collection back in middle grade. I guess the world stays the same, even when it changes, huh?

    Finished my collection today. I got the Bretagne and the Normandie as well, so I'll probably post Captain Honoré on the latter and go for unlocking the Lyon - which is the one of those French battleships I am most interested in - the old-fashioned way.
  5. little bit disappointed with historical accuracy

    And the most amazing thing was, no one on that bridge or in the aeroplane were ever in any mortal terror of their lives, at any time! After all, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. How do I get more patches?

    All right, I won't. I don't have much truck with mantras anyway. But I would like to point out, that if all but the most pressing issues are always put on hold, many of the little issues will never get addressed at all. At least that is how I rationalize taking time off from writing out my overdue work protocols in order to put up officious posts on this forum... ...hmm; maybe you are on the right track after all, Admiral Nelson!
  7. little bit disappointed with historical accuracy

    No. If it did, planes at high altitudes would probably be able to detect ships from further away than ships at sea level.
  8. How do I get more patches?

    That isss one nice sssnake!

    Are you supposed to be able to unlock the Lyon from the Normandie with normal xp, once the French Collection (nifty title!) is over?

    I had this wonderful battle in my Mikasa, where I chased a South Carolina across half the map. She shot AP at me, which bounced, I shot HE at her and set a fire which she put out. She shot more AP at me which did a bit of damage, I shot HE at her and shaved off some hit points. She shot more AP at me and missed, I repaired some of the damage from her second salvo and dropped another HE shell on her which set a fire on her superstructure, she shot AP at me and everything bounced off except one shell that did minimal damage... I thought I could almost hear the South Carolina captain screaming in rage across the water. I think I would have actually won that duel, if it hadn’t been for a dirty little destroyer that sneaked up and stabbed me in the back. Fun times!
  11. little bit disappointed with historical accuracy

    This. Game balance must always trump historical accuracy, or the game would quickly become unplayable. Welcome to the forum, OP!
  12. Bismark Last 4 points

    Having the same build as you, OP, I took 'Expert Marksman', 'High Alert' and 'Directional Center for Catapult Aircraft' with those last five points. I really like having two fighters, instead of only one, around to deal with enemy bombers and spot the occasional torpedo. But this skill choice was made when battleships could still send their float planes aloft for the same amount of time as cruisers. As we all know, battleship float planes have been nerfed rather heavily in this regard. For this reason, I have been having the nagging feeling that 'Expert Marksman' and 'Basics of Survivability' would probably be a better choice. I guess that 'Fire Prevention' and 'Directional Center for Catapult Aircraft' might be another option. But I have gotten used to having the 'Expert Marksman' skill on almost all my ships other than the quick-turreted destroyers. Dropping 'Expert Marksman' - on my German battleships of all choices - would really hurt. And I would not want to drop the 'Adrenaline Rush' skill! So I procrastinate. It's goes with my avatar name, after all!
  13. How do you feel about the Aigle?

    Well, you're sure right about that! The problem is that even if you no longer outturn your turrets quite that badly, you still can't keep more than two at a time on target unless you give it more or less your entire broadside. And that's something you don't want to do in this hippostroyer. Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you are getting the Aigle to work out for you! Also, I've amended my post no. 9.
  14. Reporting system

    Calling someone retarded, is a pretty serious insult. So yes, that's exactly what the report system is for, I guess. Few people would consider it acceptable in polite society to call out insults when they meet in person. In most places it can even be regarded as a criminal offense. And yet, for some reason, a lot of people seem to think that those same rules of conduct do not apply when people meet over the internet. But the main difference is only that there is a veil of assumed anonymity across the internet; meaning - among other things - that a lot of people think that bad behaviour over an online connection carries no consequences. This is not so. People who are insulted over the internet, can still feel bad about it. They can do so even though this may not have been intended by the other party. Carelessness may not be as reprehensible as intentional mischief, but its effects can be just as bad for the individual. From what you write about "people growing a skin", I would guess that you have the fortitude to shake off most of those insults and aggravations that may come your way when you're online. If so, this is good for you, and I believe that in most situations this is the right way to go about it. But others may not feel the same way - and I would also like to think that you wouldn't want to hurt people who have done nothing to hurt you.
  15. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    I have absolutely no problem with WG taking their time to balance out new ships before a release. We do not want another Graf Zeppelin debacle, do we? But now that you mention her: Yeah, what happened to the T-61? Wasn't that the one which would totally take the wind out of the sails for the same-tier German destroyer? Some kind of German DD equivalent to the De Grasse?