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  1. Procrastes

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    I recall a Mighty Jingles video from many years ago, featuring a close quarters duel between a CV and a destroyer. The destroyer is circling the CV and peppering it with shots, while the CV is frantically launching plane squadron after plane squadron and trying to nail the destroyer... until at last the CV manages to sink itself with an epically ill-judged torpedo spread from its own torpedo bombers. It was very obviously not an intentional suicide, and hilarious to watch besides. Mind you, this was back in the olden days, before the CV rework and with friendly fire very much still in effect. As I said, I had assumed that these days, torpedoes could only ever damage enemy ships. Seeing that CV suicide is apparently still possible, makes me wonder if this is intentional on the part of Wargaming, or simply an oversight. With or without any actual damage being done, I think it would sit ill with me - from a principal point of view - to torpedo myself. Akin to smacking myself in the face in order to take out a bothersome fly, I'd feel the loss of personal dignity more than I'd savour the death of the fly - or the enemy ship, depending on which reality we're talking about.
  2. Procrastes

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    A CV intentionally torpedoeing itself in World of Warships, is more or less exactly mirroring the situation where an artillery intentionally drowns itself in World of Tanks. It's a scumbag action in both cases, since it will typically hurt the gameplay experience for all the other players - of both teams, I might add. It is sad to hear that this sort of game sabotage is considered legitimate behaviour by - as you say - "several CV players" out there. I hope they don't represent a majority of their chosen vocation. On a less stern note, I had no idea it was still possible to sink oneself with one's own torpedoes in WoWs. I had assumed that this possibility went the way of the dodo with the removal of friendly fire. Seeing that CV seppuku is still an option, however, I just might bring myself to condone it as a collective action - in other words, if all CV players would from now on start every battle by sinking themselves.* * Disclaimer: This was a joke. I have nothing whatsoever so say against those CV players who bring their best efforts to a game, and play their sadly unbalanced ship class to the best of their ability. The problem with CV:s lies with their design as a ship class, and thus with Wargaming - not with the individual players.
  3. Procrastes

    ASW is useless

    They do? (Honest question; I don't really have the know-how to determine which in-game submarine abilities are strictly from the Cold War era.) On a more general note, I'd say we have been seeing more than a few Cold War era designs in the game already. The Swedish high tier destroyers Småland and Halland were launched in the early- to mid 50's, which I would reckon to make them Cold War era designs by a pretty comfortable margin. But since they haven't been equipped with any game breaking Cold War era technologies, such as homing missiles and the like, I still wouldn't consider them to be broken ships. Submarines, on the other hand, are broken by design by virtue of having been made to a large degree immune to effective counterplay. Or at least this was the case back in June when I was last playing the game with any regularity. Maybe things have changed?
  4. Procrastes

    ASW is useless

    This gets even funnier when one considers that the best way to make players of ordinary surface ships actually welcome submarines into the club house, would be to make them into really good CV killers. But I guess we'll be seeing two mondays in a week before we see Wargaming giving CV players anything like a real challenge. On that last note, I'm still hoping to see the arrival of CV-mounted anti-submarine weapons. Imagine, if you will, a CV with the option to switch between ordinary bombers and bombers carrying depth charges. Or even CV:s with an extra loadout of depth charge bombers, so as not to force them to give up any of their surface strike potential. They'd spot the first submarine twenty seconds into the game, and be dropping depth charges on it six seconds later... it could be poetic!
  5. Procrastes

    The "Von Jutland" Brothers need a skill change?

    To be fair, this is basically what ASW weapons are all about, right? Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll get my coat...
  6. Very much this. Although compared to other ongoing issues with this game, getting upset over ill-considered changes to the operations mode feels kind of like sitting in a burning house and thinking about how the walls need repainting. (Still worth posting about though!)
  7. Procrastes

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    Sounds fun! Me, I just can't handle real time strategy games; or at least not those without a proper pause button. If I feel the need to see the world burn in real time without having access to a pause button, I just turn on the news. I have been having a great time with the regularly turn-based tactical game of "Warhammer 40 000: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters", though. As an old RPG campaigner and part time table-top gamer, I was there when Warhammer 40k was first launched back in the 80's, when the army lists were all printed on real paper and miniatures were bought over the counter at the local dealer's shop on the corner. So leading a bunch of virtual (but hard-as-nails) Space Marines in tactical turn-based combat against the putrid forces of Nurgle has been a real blast to the past; pure nostalgia. Unlike in previous variants of the same game concept, such as X-Com - and the grandsire of them all, Laser Squad - I have even been able to make a fairly good reckoning of myself; but I suspect that the game is just trying to lure me into a false sense of confidence. From my experience so far, I can readily recommend it. It's a bugger of a time sink, though, so be warned that your social life might take a hit if you get hooked!
  8. Procrastes

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    To be fair, World of Warships is still a brilliantly designed game at its core. The ordinary surface ship classes typically function very well when put up against each other, and the basic idea of play and counterplay - not to mention some degree of high risk/high reward thinking - is fundamentally sound. The problem with subs and CV:s is that they are not balanced around these basic game mechanics. Rather, they are what can be referred to as "parasitic game content" - not fully functioning on their own, but piggy-backing on (and to the detriment) to the other ship classes. Wargaming are perfectly aware of this, of course. They just don't see it as a problem, since their main priority is not to make the game balanced but to make it profitable. Seeing as they are not a charity organisation, I can hardly fault them for their priorities - but I wish they would make more allowances for the long-term health of the game when they make their design choices. Personally, I can only vote with my feet - if the game is taken too far down the wrong road, I can just get off the bus. (Or should that be "ship"?)
  9. Procrastes

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    CV spotting is certainly also a pest, to be sure. Mostly it can be played around - or if not, one can just soak up the occasional sinking by a skilled or simply tenacious CV player. As to how big a problem being spotted by submarines can be in relation to being harassed by CV:s, I currently have too little experience with playing either in or against subs to have a definitive opinion. But I feel I can safely say that the introduction of yet another ship class based on being (to a degree) immune to counterplay, hasn't moved the game meta in a good direction as far as I am concerned. You seem to have had better submarine-related experiences than I have, and if so, then good for you! For what it's worth, I suppose it also offers some hope for the future developemt of the game. Maybe Wargaming will eventually get around to balancing both subs and CV:s properly - which I am sure could be done, if they would just deign to abandon their policy of making those two ship classes newbie-friendly to the exclusion of all other considerations. Here's for hoping!
  10. Procrastes

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    Like some kind of weird griefer's whack-a-mole game, with one boring-to-play and seriously [beeped]-up mole. If you look up the term "parasitic game design" in the encyklopaedia, Submarines in WoWs is what you'd likely find.
  11. Procrastes

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    This. I took a break from World of Warships CV:s and Submarines a couple of months ago; not out of any higher sense of moral duty but because I quite simply no longer took much pleasure in the game. An ever larger part of the gameplay for ordinary surface ships now consists of trying to ignore or play around the presence of submarines and carriers, with a corresponding loss of actual meaningful gameplay. Since my main reason for playing an interactive online PvP game is to, well, interact with other players, I see little reason to continue playing when two out of five ship classes are now based on their ability to largely avoid such interaction altogether. I rather doubt that my absence has been noted by WG - or it if has, they have probably welcomed the drop-out of yet another crusty old curmudgeon with an unsound nostalgia for the good old days of play and counterplay. Amen to that. ...just out of curiosity, which "hairy viking game" are you referring to? As a descendant of those heathen sociopaths venture capitalists of the Old North, I try to keep somewhat abreast of their present-day cross-culture iterations...!
  12. Procrastes

    New Swedish Commander

    I go for the national voiceovers across the whole board, irrespective of whether I can speak the relevant language or not. For me, the added immersion is worth the lack of precise understanding - and in most cases, I'd say that you can get the gist of the message through the tone of voice alone!
  13. Procrastes

    New Swedish Commander

    Thanks! I'd prefer having him on just the Swedish ones, though. Is that possible?
  14. Procrastes

    New Swedish Commander

    Am I to understand that there is now a Swedish commander, with a Swedish voiceover, available? Ok, found him and nabbed him. If the voiceover is even half as hilarious as the one in WoT - which is neatly performed as well as being entertaining, by the way - this is the best news I've had concerning WoWs for more than two years now! Hopefully, this means that we are also going to have the option to activate the Swedish voiceover on all Swedish ships? Does anyone know anything about that?
  15. I did not calculate it. I don't have acess to anything coming close to the amount of statistical material in the form of battle results and other relevant information, that would be needed to even begin trying to calculate this properly. I only have some pretty vivid recollections of a large enough number of personal losing streaks to tell me that long losing streaks are nothing out of the ordinary. But if you say that you have access to enough information to do these calculations, and that your results point to some form of matchmaker algorithm that can kick in and decide that "you're going to lose 10 in a row", then I'm honestly more than a bit amazed. And also, to be frank, a bit sceptical. Why would Wargaming have any interest in devoting resources into setting such a thing in place to begin with?