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  1. Yūbari, yay or nay?

    I like how the Yübari has been given a certain character all of her own. She's not genuinely good at her tier the way the Kuma is, but neither is she especially bad. I enjoy taking her for a spin now and then, but I don't expect to do very much damage. If you'd have any interest at all in playing a quirky low-tier ship just for the "fun value", I'd advice you to get her, but for irl money rather than coal. She doesn't cost all that much, so save the coal for coal-only stuff. So that's a "yay", on my part!
  2. Operation Narai

    I cornered the Nicholas with his bow up against a cliff, parked behind him and started unloading HE into his butt stern.* He smoked up, but unfortunately for him I was in my Indianapolis, so I just activated my radar and kept shooting. Everything was going dandy until he suddenly launched torpedoes almost straight back, and sank me... it seems I gravely underestimated the Nicholas's torpedo angles. Or they're on steroids too. *Yeah, that came out wrong.
  3. Operation Narai

    Now that you mention it, where exactly is that citadel? I cornered the carrier King in my Boise, and put 55 AP rounds through her waterline, straight down the middle of the ship. All of them normal damage or overpenetrations. 55 AP rounds at point blank range - I counted them - and not a single citadel. I must have been doing something wrong, but I honestly don't know what...
  4. t61

    So you like the Aigle? Good for you - keep making her proud! The Aigle is one of those few ships that just didn't click with me at all. Mainly due to her horrible gun arcs, which compel her to show far too much broadside whenever she wants to use her admittedly strong artillery. She's got the speed, she's got the guns, she's definitely got the looks - but she still can't kite effectively, due to those horrible gun arcs. And kiting is the one destroyer duty where I feel that she could otherwise have excelled... so nowadays, I'm afraid she just sits in my port, dreaming of glories unachieved. But, if there's one thing I've learned during my years of playing WoWs, it's that ship performance probably depends more on personal playstyle than on any other factor. And this diversity is one of the great strengths of this game. So although this is a T-61 thread, I am sort of curious about how you play her...? (And also, why would anyone flame you for stating that you like a certain ship? )
  5. Bert Dunkirk

    Jack is posted on the Belfast, and Bert on the Fiji. I guess might at some time in the future consider putting Bert on a British destroyer, depending on how much I get to enjoy that line of ships.
  6. Captain there....but where are the others?

    Firstly, OP, I'd like to commend you for putting the idea up for discussion to begin with. Some brainstorming is always fun. Secondly, though, I'm inclined to agree with those who say that having more and specialized officers would add unwanted levels of complexity to the game. So I vote no (and it would have been nice to have that alternative phrased in a less judgmental way in the poll, by the way). Thirdly: Why would you suggest giving battleships more extra officers than other ships? Wouldn't that just be an indirect buff to that whole ship class?
  7. Forgiven

    This is an excellent example of how good intentions can lead to accidental team damage. Who would not forgive that? However, I would happily forgive team damage that was the result of outright miscalculation or even blatant clumsiness, just as long as I was offered an honest apology. There was this occasion where I was torpedoed from behind by an allied Nürnberg, while going into a reverse that he obviously hadn't anticipated. He apologised most humbly and sincerely, and was quite mortified. I told him not to worry about it, and we went on to have a very pleasant chat conversation while he sailed on to further adventures. It all ended with me complimenting him for a game well played, and I think this episode goes to show just how important it is to have a nice gaming community.
  8. Forgiven

    This is a generous and very humanistic suggestion, Akula971. Unfortunately, the drawback is that having the option to press the "forgive" button, would lay the burden of making someone pink on the shoulders of the individual player. Because you would then have the power to prevent someone from going pink, you would also bear the moral responsibility for choosing not to do so. It is one hassle that I, for one, would rather avoid. There is a kind of impartial justice to the automated team damage system. It does not deal in moral choices or weigh you as an individual - it simply follows its program code. Going pink is a straight-forward application of digital cause and effect. I think this is how it should be. I should also add that apologizing after accidental team damage is absolutely the done thing. And if such an apology is offered in good faith, it is nearly always accepted with equal grace.
  9. In an arcade PvP game such as WoWs, game balance must always trump historical accuracy, while the latter is reflected mostly in the visual representation of the ships. And as far as I know, this has been the case from the start...?
  10. Giving battleships at large access to torpedoes would make other ship classes - cruisers especially - a little bit less useful overall. Removing the distinctions between ship classes is not, I think, good for the game in the long run. We already have battleships with torpedoes and destroyers with radar. We even have one battleship with radar. What's next - battleships with smoke screens, perhaps? I consider myself fairly open-minded, but I think it's of vital importance for the survival of this game to let the various ship classes retain their individuality. This is not to say that there should be no room for tinkering. On the contrary, we have some excellent premiums who have access to a huge bag of tricks without being unbalanced in the slightest (the Perth comes to mind here). So while I grant you that there could possibly be room to tweak a few battleships here and there by giving them access to torpedoes, I would recommend that this would be done - if at all - with a very light hand indeed. As for the Hood especially: Just plain NO. She does not in any way need torpedoes!
  11. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    And at tier 6 you have the Perth - simply the world's cutest little cruiser! (She's got koalas!)
  12. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    It's becoming a bit of a habit, agreeing with your opinions on diverse matters... but yes, I agree (again). A Kamikaze or Fujin, backed up by a Giulio Cesare, would make for a rather dynamic and fearsome ranked division.
  13. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Really? Wow. I'm not one for doomsday prophesies as a rule, but I foresee massive amounts of pain from Kamikaze Death Squads.
  14. BB, the new Camping Class ?

    Persistent border huggers are a mystery. Sitting at the edge of the known world, lobbing shells at targets at the other end of the Milky Way, waiting until every other allied player is sunk before reluctantly moving from their spawning point in a sideways, slightly perturbed manner, and then going down under a massive hail of enemy ordnance... no, I really can't see the appeal of this playstyle. We have all been at that point where we were still learning the first thing of when and where to push, and getting that wrong can certainly encourage an over-cautious playstyle - but only for so long. If you never even try to haul off and seek out thine enemy, there is something else at work. And while players should in principle be free to try to win their battles in whatever manner fits them best, where is the fun in always trying to stay clear of the action? Damage to one's ship does not, after all, carry over into the real world. One of the proud members of the BBCS* once gave what may be a clue to this weird behaviour, when he stated, quite succinctly, that "Battleships are for sniping." This utterance, dead wrong as it is, has a certain simple beauty to it. I believe the player in question may have come straight from the World of Tanks, and had somehow gotten the idea that battleships were some kind of naval equivalent to the tank destroyer, on account of them having the longest firing ranges in the game. * The Battleship Border Camping Society; courtesy of Jingles.
  15. Explore the harbor

    I also run vanilla only. Although it's not exactly a policy; it's a more of a lifestyle.... this zoom function really should be implemented as a standard feature by Wargaming!