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  1. Procrastes

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Welcome to the Perth Appreciation Society, Captain! This little gem of a cruiser has a strangely low profile - or maybe not so strange after all, considering her concealment values? While I can't claim to be especially good in her (or in any other cruiser, for that matter), I find her hugely entertaining to drive. She is the world's cutest little cruiser, and that's a fact. Although I believe the little pink fellow to be a koala, or possibly a drop bear. If that last alternative is true, I pity the fool that tries to board her! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_bear
  2. Procrastes

    Saint Patrick's Day - no green river?

    Well, that's nice. I like the colours, so it's too bad their in-game bonuses aren't quite worth the money. I've invested a load of cash in the yellow-and-black Commander camo, as well as the the red-and-black Victory camo, and I still have a bucket load left.
  3. Procrastes

    Saint Patrick's Day - no green river?

    There is a bundle of that nice-looking, unpronounceable emerald camouflage pattern in the shop. (The special emerald permanent camo pattern that can be obtained for the Emerald, is still the only good reason - though not enough of one - to get that ship.)
  4. Procrastes

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1: The Orlan. Because her speed lets you dictate engagements. (Used to be the Black Swan, because of her hilarious citadel-hit potential back when she still carried AP shells.) T2: The Emden. Because of her history, and her gorgeous looks! T3: The Bogatyr. If you ever feel the need to call down biblical amounts of fire on the enemies of the Czar, accept no substitute! T4: The Kuma. A great all-rounder, and one of those ships that have stayed strong throughout the history of this game. The Duguay-Trouin is also a good contender here, though. T5: The Exeter. Rewards careful play, and offers a delightful cruiser experience! T6: The Perth. Her combination of good armaments in conjunction with moving smoke, spotter plane and hydro, offers unrivalled versatility. Also, she's got koalas. Simply the world's cutest little cruiser! T7: The Belfast or the Fiji. Or possibly the Atlanta. Kinda hard to choose, actually. T8: The Atago. Beauty and majesty on the high seas. T9: The Alaska. She's my only tier 9 cruiser, so that was easy. I'm still not good enough to do her justice, though I am learning!
  5. Procrastes

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    T2: The Mikasa. Victor of Tsushima, and a great looker to boot! T3: The König Albert. The most beautiful dreadnought in the game - and that's really saying something. T4: The Orion. If you ever feel the need to dispense some imperialistic disciplinary action on behalf of Queen and country, accept no substitute! T5: The Giulio Cesare. The Italian battleship that just doesn't care. T6: The Bayern. Tough as an old boot, and packs a punch to go with it. T7: The Scharnhorst. Possibly the most beautiful ship in the game - and great fun to drive! T8: The Tirpitz. "An armoured Colossus, sister ship of that other Titan that destroyed the Hood with a single, savage blow." T9: The Missouri. The only tier 9 battleship I have, so that was easy. I like her, but I still don't have the skill to do her justice.
  6. Procrastes

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    T2: The Tachibana Lima. Just for the fun factor. Although I do love to take out my T-25 with the 'Das Boot' theme running in the background! T3: The HMAS Vampire. Because of her long range guns, and because she's also the pleasure yacht for my Haida commander when he needs some R&R (see below). T4: The Shenyang. Possibly the most manoeuvrable ship in the game? Close winner over the Clemson. T5: The Gremyashchy. 'Nuff said. T6: The T-61. Really rewards skilled DD play. (I'm not quite there yet, but I'm trying.) T7: The HMCS Haida. The fightingest ship in the Royal Canadian navy, and probably the best dedicated DD vs. DD gun boat out there. For a long time, easily my favourite ship (the USS Black has begun to contend this title, see below.) T8: The USS Kidd. Offers a pretty unique flavour of destroyer gameplay. Those pesky rocket planes are afraid of you, and any damage they do, you can heal right back. The Lo Yang is a close contender if you go for a more traditional DD experience. T9: The USS Black. Great guns, great manoeuvrability, great ninja factor, surprisingly effective area denial torpedoes - and the radar lets you pull off the occasional ninja stealth kill. Wonderful ship! T10. I have as yet no ships on this tier.
  7. Procrastes

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    I have the Imperator Nikolai. She's strong, to be sure, but I sort of feel that the Orion is a better ship. She's definitely the more versatile one, having those punishing HE shells and also pretty good AA for her tier.
  8. Procrastes

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    You should totally get the Haida. The Haida kicks stern. Best dedicated DD vs DD tier VII gunboat out there!
  9. Procrastes

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    So let me see if I can earn a few brownie points, too. Do I get this correctly? Wargaming makes a decision that goes in line with what the majority on the forum, you included, wants. You come down on Wargaming for "bad communication", because they used Facebook instead of using "as many outlets as possible". You are informed by other posters that Wargaming did indeed use other outlets of communication, at least one of them on this very forum. You come down on these posters for being "defenders of the poor multi million company", and award them "brownie points". Is there a pattern, here? Where you are unable to write anything about Wargaming that doesn't include some kind of complaint? And where, when someone questions that, you attack them personally and not their arguments?
  10. Procrastes

    LWM Exeter review

    Good points, all! I have Bert Dunkirk as a combined Belfast/Fiji captain, which makes for a rather painful skill choice as the mandatory four points for IFHE are completely wasted on the Fiji. I couldn't bring myself to put him in command of the Exeter as well, though, as the IFHE skill would totally gimp the fire chance on her HE shells. So my Exeter currently has a dedicated captain. And she's well worth it, too! Skillwise, I might add that I have trained my Exeter captain as an 'Expert Loader'. I have found this skill to be highly useful on the Exeter, since the ability to quickly adapt your ammunition choice to sudden situations makes for great assassination plays!
  11. Procrastes

    LWM Exeter review

    All this is true! Incidentally, I can totally relate to the part about being relatively harmless in my role as an Exeter captain - but I'm having fun in her, which is what counts! I might add that I think one should avoid issuing the "OP badge" to a ship merely on account of it having a high skill ceiling. It's a well-known fact that some ships are especially good in the hands of a skilled player. This does not in and of itself make those ships overpowered. On the whole, I have the impression that there is a tendency within the community to brand any strong ship as being OP, which can potentially have the effect that it devaluates the meaning of this designation.
  12. Procrastes

    LWM Exeter review

    I've found the Exeter to be enjoyable. If I should describe her in one sentence, I'd say that she rewards careful play. I'm surprised to hear that LWM considers her to be OP, frankly. She can stomp on cruisers if they let her, her hydro and British manoeuvrability helps her handle destroyers, but she doesn't deal very well with battleships at any range (except perhaps if she can pull off a torp rush). At long range a lot of her shells will shatter, and at closer ranges those big ol' BB guns will probably obliterate her irrespective of that vaunted heal. She's a nice ship and it's a pleasure to drive her, but OP? I'm sorry, but I just don't really feel that way about her. But if you want to make her OP, then give her a smoke. It's a good thing they didn't give her a smoke. That would most likely have made her super-duper OP, at tier V.
  13. And they may very well be right. I personally haven't really felt the Giulio Cesare to be quite that strong, but I'm just one player - and not a very good one at that. Wargaming, on the other hand, has access to a ton of statistics and other relevant information, and a vested interest in an ongoing and balanced game experience for the player community. So if they decide to go through with this change, for the considered reason that the Giulio Cesare is overpowered on such a level that it actually hurts the gameplay, then I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I will trust them on this. When I chose the expression "severe and enduring disadvantage", above, I tried to put into words what kind of restraint I would want to see when it comes to decide whether a nerf is truly warranted. I can't really make an argument for an absolute interdiction against nerfing premium vehicles, since any game element that is actually game breaking should be subjected to change. There is little point in retaining premiums unchanged, if the game would break for it. What I don't want to see, if this change goes through, is an ensuing avalanche of further changes to other premium ships. Nerfing premiums should not become the norm - and here I will include ships that can be purchased with steel or coal, since they represent a dedicated investment of time and effort. Putting in that kind of investment, and then seeing it devalued, would be hurtful to the game experience.
  14. Procrastes

    New Błyskawica camo

    Thanks, I will! And whether I get the camo or not, I'm very happy to see this kind of aesthetic initiative in the game, with player involvement even on a creative level. It's inspiring, to say the least!
  15. Procrastes

    New Błyskawica camo

    Thanks, mate. And that's it, I guess. There's no way I will be able to get that much free time during the coming weeks. Too bad. Best of luck to the rest of you!