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  1. I agree that WoWs is not a pay to win game. I have never said that it was. I also agree that a promotion text on the WoWs home page shouldn't be taken more seriously than any other promotion text anywhere. And I don't complain about everything (not even, for instance, about people complaining about people complaining about everything). In fact, I believe that WG has lately, with the addition of the IFHE skill in particular, made cruisers almost competitive with battleships again. This is good. Other efforts to promote cruisers in the game can be seen in that they are by far the best ship class for completing Operations, as well as in the rather draconian requirements for completing the Yamamoto Campaign, where many tasks require that you play tier IX-X cruisers. Do I believe that Wargaming pampers battleship drivers in general? I'm not sure. While it is true that battleships have received one buff after another in order to make them more self-sufficient versus other ship classes, such as better AA (versus carriers) and the addition of hydro acoustics and radar (versus destroyers), it is also true that battleships enjoy a far less flexible playstyle than cruisers or destroyers. A cruiser or a destroyer that makes a push down one line of the map, and then realizes that this will fail, has a good chance of being able to withdraw and rejoin the action elsewhere. A battleship that overcommits is generally (and often quite literally) toast. Since this is probably the main reason why we see so many battleship borderhuggers around, I would guess that one reason for the general battleship buffs has been to encourage a more active battleship gameplay. Too bad it doesn't always work out that way! Anyway, I'm sorry if I've come across as a crusty old curmudgeon. I try rather hard not to be; or at least I strive to settle for no more than two out of three! Cheers!
  2. Presumably, not a thing? Playing a low-tier battleship can be an uphill experience, and then some. I can only assume that it's much the same thing with carriers, and maybe even more so. So, go for a destroyer instead? They are much less tier-dependent!
  3. The homepage of World of Warship EU still advertises the game as a "free online multiplayer game about battleships".
  4. Thanks a bunch, guys! I got 36 barrels of the stuff after participating in a battle yesterday, and then I could see what the camo does. It's totally workable, both in bonuses and aesthetics. And yes, aesthetics do factor in my decisions on what to wear when I'm at sea. Only, perhaps not always the way it should. I can't get over the hilarious Candy Cane Camo on the Cleveland, nor the mildly patriotic stars and stripes-camo on the Texas. And so I wear them whenever I get the chance. The fact that these camos actually do lower the accuracy of incoming fire, must be due to the fact that the enemy gunners can't bring themselves to look more closely at my ship...!
  5. All right, I just tried to vote that you should not skip past the V-25 and the V-170. But the poll only lets me choose one of the ships, which is kind of misleading. So until the poll is corrected, please disregard my vote.
  6. I'm not sure I think that the Halloween skins should be available all year round. That would make them less Halloweenish. And wouldn't it look too weird seeing those monsters sail out alongside the normal ships, in a normal random battle?
  7. The premium shopkeeper just tried to talk me into buying a 50-set of snazzy anniversary camouflage patterns. Only, he didn't tell me which, if any, bonuses this camo will provide, if I apply it on my ships... or did I miss something?
  8. I spent about a million free xp a month ago, to promote my Tirpitz captain, Karl Fertig, to Grossadmiral. He's serving on the Scharnhorst, the Graf Spee, the Emden and the Prinz Eugen as well, and I plan to put him on the Bismarck once I unlock her, so he is more than worthy of his new estate, if you ask me. Now he's busy churning out Elite xp like there is no tomorrow, to help his colleagues' careers along. Such a nice guy!
  9. Although it is probably a good thing, that those mods only affect the visuals of the player in question. Otherwise the game would fairly quickly turn PG 35...
  10. Indeed, Sir, you are quite correct. I have now amended my post. Thanks for the help!
  11. No. To give just one reason: Because of the epic payload of refund requests, that would come in from most of those who bought her for the higher xp price. Or wouldn't you think so? Edited: All right, what I probably should have written: Because of the epic amount of grief from those who didn't buy her before the price was raised. Brain not get nuff coffee, today...
  12. The Perth is really good for the Defence of Newport operation, in my experience. She's got a nice combination of smoke, HE+AP shells and torpedoes, that give her good survivability and strike potential in one package.
  13. If we look at the grand scheme of things, World of Warships is probably irrelevant...
  14. With the removal of the ALT attack option for tier IV-V carriers, and the addition of the Radio Location skill, I have begun to fear the same. The Imperator Nikolai is a premium ship, and the Orion isn't. Although this is not quite set in stone, Wargaming does not, as a rule, nerf premium ships. This should not be seen as an obstacle to balancing out a broken silver ship, which the Orion might well be. Let us just be thankful that we have the time to properly evaluate the current lower-tier British battleships, before Wargaming releases the HMS Dreadnought. She is almost certainly going to be a premium, and a wildly popular one at that. It would be bad for the game if she were to be grossly overpowered!
  15. Well said! I would like to state that I am not actually complaining; I'm voicing doubts. These doubts might very well prove unfounded; in fact - and in part due to input such as yours - I am reasonably hopeful that they will be. But if they are not, then I might begin to consider complaining!* * Given my age, though, it's probably more likely that I will settle for some quiet grumbling.** ** This will mainly concern issues on how much better things used to be, back in the day.*** *** But the young ones today just won't listen.