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  1. Procrastes

    What about USS Black

    This seems as likely an alternative as any, yes. If they do this I'll bet they will make a ton of money, since the combination of smoke and radar is a very tempting one. I won't say it can't be effective, but it is rather situational and I have been able to get the full use of it a bit less often than I might have imagined when I got her. Her slow and stealthy long-range torpedoes float mines can be hilariously fun but they are even more dependent on luck, and they are also less of a novelty these days than when the Black was first introduced.
  2. Procrastes

    What about USS Black

    WG have stated that the USS Black will be released for another currency than steel, but they haven't said when. Without them having given an ETA, it is hard to claim that they are being late about it. I don't think you have to fear that she will never be available again, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it. My guess is that she will be released in conjunction with some special occasion within a year or two - but that's just a guess on my part, mind you. Having her available as the 'Black Black', as Captain @Bender76048k suggests in post #8 above, would be a blast!
  3. Procrastes

    Put Friesland in the dutch Techline!

    I've been ruminating about what would be the deal with the Friesland in relation to the Dutch line, without bothering to check it up or post on this forum. Which was apparently a lucky thing for me - I guess sometimes it really can hurt to ask! Anyway, I must admit I sorta thought the matter would be handled by letting the Friesland be captained by both Dutch and Pan-European commanders. This was evidently not to be, but no skin off my back - I'm satisfied with still being able to put my Polish captain at the helm of the Friesland. Although I'd be happy to be able to switch to the Dutch voice-over; it's really marvelous! Come to think of it, it's been a while since I took her out. I've been thinking of trying out the Just Dodge© maneuver with either the Halland or the Friesland, now that rocket planes have been equipped with predictive machine guns.
  4. Procrastes

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    My biggest everyday annoyance when logging in to WoWs? That's an easy one: Double CV:s, closely followed by CV:s.
  5. Procrastes

    Possible way to improve CV dynamic

    Thanks for the brainstorming effort on behalf of the game, Captain @Oxyfishexpress - and welcome to the forum! There are actually a lot of ways in which CV gameplay could be improved; some of them listed by Captain @Samyuel in post #7 above. Your suggestions might work as well, although I'm inclined to agree with Captain @lovelacebeer in that they are perhaps a bit too convoluted. Unfortunately, none of this is of any interest to Wargaming, whose overriding goal at this juncture seems to be to keep the number of CV players high enough to let them keep calling the carrier rework a success. They do this by designing their carriers to be user-friendly to the point of being deliberately overpowered. I hope this won't put you off trying to improve the game. The nice and friendly atmosphere in the WoWs community is one of the main reasons why I got hooked on this game to begin with, and that hasn't changed!
  6. Procrastes

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    A commendable attitude, Captain @T0byJug - no irony intended. I wish I could share your optimism. I do believe that Wargaming could make submarines work, if they are prepared to do what it takes. What this means, in my opinion, is that they would have to make submarines the utltimate high risk, high reward-class, with a very demanding playstyle. It is the only way to make a class that relies on stealth and ambush work in an arcade PvP game such as World of Warships. At the moment, destroyers fill this niche in the game. They can exert a great and often deciding influence on a battle, but if they mess up they tend to get heavily punished for it. This has worked rather well over all these years since World of Warships was first launched. Building on that type of gameplay, adapted to fit the special characteristics of submarines, would probably be the best way to about it. Mind you, this would have to be done in a way that would not at the same time make destroyers redundant. Sadly, as it were, I do not believe that Wargaming is prepared to go this way. In view of their design choices these last few years, most notably with regard to the carrier rework, I think it far more likely that they are about to go the other way and make submarines as user-friendly as it will take to reach their pre-determined player numbers. In other words, what I fear is that we shall have another - one might even say inverted - CV situation. We shall have to deal with another ship class that operates outside the boundaries of ordinary surface ship-to-ship combat, with all that will entail in the way of frustration and boredom on both sides. "Boring Bland Boats", is what IChase calls submarines in his recent video. If this is a correct evaluation, it means that subs are not only boring to play against; they are also boring to play. Somehow this seems eerily reminiscent of another dubiously designed ship class - but I am beginning to go in circles here. As I will most likely do when I find myself up against a submarine or two come launch day... we shall see who goes home with the laundry. This being said, I agree that we might still be positively surprised. Let's hope for the best!
  7. Procrastes

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Oh, I dunno. Weren't US Navy torps rather good at sinking allies? I believe there's at least one case on record of a Mark Something US torpedo doing a full circle and sinking the submarine that launched it. Although maybe sinking yourself doesn't strictly count as sinking an ally...?
  8. Procrastes

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    I just read through the promotion text for the Borodino in the shop, and found that it says this: "Borodino carries Surveillance Radar - a rare consumable for this ship type." So at least I got a good laugh out of this new ship, even if I won't be getting the ship itself. If I must endure the sad spectacle of Wargaming swamping the game with ever more radars, at ever lower tiers - and more and more of them on battleships, no less - I will certainly not be paying them any money for it. We are swiftly moving towards the point where every form of consumable will be available to every ship type in the game. The rock-paper-scissors formula upon which the whole tactical set-up of the game is based, is becoming more and more watered down. I was about to say that the big losers are the cruisers, but that doesn't really cover it. The big losers, as I see it, are the players. We are getting access to more and more gimmicky ships, but we pay for that by losing out in gameplay value. I am not saying that the Borodino in itself will be game breaking, because it won't. It is merely a symptom of a general trend that is taking the game further and further down a road which I, for my part, would have wished for it not to travel.
  9. Procrastes

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    My guess is that Wargaming has already sunk so much money in the CV rework that they must keep justifying its continued existence to themselves. Perhaps more importantly, the prestige of the people at the top who made the decision to push through will not let them admit that they were wrong and that the CV is a failed class. In order to cover this up, Wargaming are artificially boosting CV player numbers by a policy of deliberately making them unbalanced and overpowered. This policy will not change unless and until the company starts losing real money over it. With the incoming submarine menace well underway, things are not looking to get better. CV:s are almost as boring to play as they are to play against. Submarines, being yet another class to operate outside of the boundaries of ordinary surface action, will hardly be any different in this regard. World of Warships will no longer be a game of mainly surface ship-to-ship combat. Which is too bad, since Wargaming could still turn this thing around if only they would choose to do it. For the longest time, I tried to give Wargaming the benefit of the doubt when it came to their sometimes dubious design choices. Tasked as they are with providing an ongoing and inspiring game experience, it is only natural that they will be searching for ways to continually introduce new content. With this in mind, it is hard to see how they could not at some point be looking at carriers and submarines. But as things are now, they have long moved past the point where they could be excused for thinking that their choices with regard to these ship classes are in line with the wishes of the players. I would not presume to speak for others, but in view of the content of this forum and relevant youtube videos over the past two years I think it can be fairly said that CV:s are outright loathed by a clear majority of the player base; a large portion of which are equally disenchanted by the prospect of the incoming submarines. Wargaming obviously knows this, and they equally obviously do not care. They clearly believe they will still bring in the money. Fortunately, this last part is not something that is decided solely by the top people at Wargaming: We, the players, also have a say in the matter.
  10. Procrastes

    Two fires from 52 Thunderer HE shell hits

    Yes. Yes, we do.
  11. Procrastes

    Buff to German Secondaries

    The German Kurfürsten - Electors Princeps of the Holy Roman Empire - were not known for their subtle approach to life. Their ironclad naval namesake in this game is no different; she - or he, rather - is basically visible from orbit. I wouldn't bother trying to put Concealment Expert on him either...!
  12. Procrastes

    Buff to German Secondaries

    This is in fact precisely what I have done on my brawling BB:s (the Massachusetts, the Georgia and the Mikasa, as well as all the Germans). But while I think that a full secondary build is the most fun way to run these ships, I still wouldn't say that going with Concealment Expert would be a waste of skill points. For those of us who were boys in the 1980's, ninjas will never really go out of fashion!
  13. Procrastes

    Torpedo Aiming Issue

    Training myself to let go of the rudder whenever I launch torpedoes would be a pain, and probably beyond the capabilities of this old dog. Or if I did manage it, I'd probably make it stick just in time to find that the bug is finally fixed and I'd have to retrain myself all the way back again. No way. I'm going to wait this one out. I'll probably go back and see what Kassandra is up to back in Ancient Greece, or I might finally get around to buying Red Dead Redemption 2 and visit the Old West. Hopefully they will have fixed the Horse Bug from the first instalment, or it's gonna be a real short trip. I'll pop in by the quayside from time to time and check the log.
  14. Procrastes

    Torpedo Aiming Issue

    Actually, torpedoes deviating from a straight line - or even going full circle - is sadly realistic. Drachinifel has published one or two entertaining youtube videos on the subject of torpedo malfunctions. By his account, the submarine crews of the US Navy during WW2 were all but frothing at their mouths by the time the hilariously inept Bureau of Ordinance were forced to acknowledge the issue an get their crap Mark 14 torpedo and its various later versions back on track and heading for the enemy.* Sorry, couldn't resist. To get back on the subject: A bug that makes torpedoes deviate from their course whenever the rudder is applied during launch, seems fairly game breaking to me. It will obviously severely handicap any ship that relies on torpedoes as its main armament. It would be a hazard to allied ships as well, but for the fact that team damage has now been removed. Even so, I prefer a fair battle and a level playing field. So even if I didn't have a personal investment in workable torpedo mechanics - which I do, being a DD main - I would take little pleasure in a battle if knew that other players were suffering from a major armament malfunction. Wargaming needs to fix this ASAP. * If remember correctly, the main problem with the Mark 14 torpedo was a tendency to explode when it shouldn't and to not explode when it should, due to faulty calibration of the magnetic detonator. Going full circle - which would be an inconvenient behaviour for any torpedo - was, I believe, a major problem with the Mark 18.
  15. Procrastes

    Buff to German Secondaries

    It's true that Concealment Expert drops in utility as soon as there are carriers in play, but I'd still say it's a useful skill. A carrier can't be everywhere at once. Two of them sort of can, if they work together, but team play is thankfully no more common in the CV club than it is elsewhere. If nothing else, having a trained Concealment Expert on board will improve your chances of not being the first one to get spotted - and we all know what tends to happen to the first guy getting spotted, right...?