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  1. This is what I am considering as well. Only I'm still not sure if I really want the Z-39. Going destroyer hunting with those slow-firing 150 mm guns puts me in mind of the old saying, "hunting mosquitos with an elephant gun"... are you sure you want to actually catch something? (And why oh why couldn't WG have launched the T-61 instead?) Another option is of course to unlock the Ernst Gaede, and put von Jütland on her. But I still wouldn't take either of those special skills as a first choice on their respective tiers, so having both of them would require a commander with at least 15, and more probably 17, skill points. Von Jütland really put his hand in the sticky end of the basket, when the special skills were handed out.
  2. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    Did you just cite my personal game statistics in lieu of factual argumentation? You do know that that's a completely irrelevant way to conduct an objective discussion, right?
  3. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    Well, I struggled a bit with how I should phrase that one. I admit I've been unclear. What I meant was, that the +2/-2 MM gives acess to one whole extra tier of ships for a given battle, as compared to what the case would be with a +1/-1 MM.
  4. Eastern Dragon?!

    Dang. And bummer. Then I should probably have got that Easter Dragon anyways... ah, well, money in the bank!
  5. Eastern Dragon?!

    Well, the ARP Myokos do have the built-in camo bonus, I think? So they are still better than the Easter Dragon, gorgeous ship though she is.
  6. Eastern Dragon?!

    Yes, well, I guess that is a point. But wouldn't you rather just get the Myoko, then? Same fire starter capabilities, and better camo bonuses?
  7. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    Driving into islands (or allied ships) shouldn't deal damage, since collision damage would then quickly become the main cause of death in the game. The maps we play on, are - by necessity - so much smaller than irl oceans, that having collisions deal realistic damage simply wouldn't work out. (Except when ramming an enemy ship, of course, but that's another matter.) As for the border hugging problem, I agree that it can be vexing at times. I don't really see why borders have to work the way they do; not that I have an informed alternative to offer. But I have really rather seldom encountered anyone actively abusing border hugging, and even then, I can't say I have noticed it being of any great use to them. But an explaining post from anyone who happens to be in the know, would be most interesting...?
  8. Game crash offen with patch

    I did experience some very annoying instances of lag last night; now I see I am not the only one. I hope Wargaming can fix this forthwith, or it will severely affect the game - especially in conjunction with the new afk penalties.
  9. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    If MM is changed to +1/-1, this will result in far less diversity as to the types of ships involved in a given battle. This would make the game less dynamic, and also less fun, in my opinion. So I think MM should stay as it is, at +2/-2.
  10. Sighted ships; sank same.

    The Short and Extremely Satisfying Battle of the Solomon Islands On patrol off the Solomon Islands in the battleship SMS König Albert, accompanied by the light cruiser HMS Caledon. Day 23: Received reports of hostile forces consisting of one (1) battleship and one (1) light cruiser; decided to investigate. With no indication of an enemy destroyer escort, we went into the sound from the southwestern point of Middle Island, where we encountered the light cruiser Bogatyr. The Caledon opened fire with her main guns and launched torpedoes, whereafter we rounded the headland in our König Albert and sank the Bogatyr with our opening salvo. (Note: I really must send a crate of sparkling to the chaps at Wilhelmshafen; not only for their outstanding paint job but also on account of those magnificent guns.) We pressed on through the Sound of Weeping Cruisers and encountered the battleship Kawachi, which was attempting to round Western Island but turned around to give battle when we approached. The enemy fired several salvoes of High Explosive ordinance, which set fires on many places of our ship but fortunately failed to hamper our combat capabilities in any way. We kept firing Armour Piercing salvoes to good effect, and as the enemy sailed by on the port side, we landed two hits in her citadel which conveniently exploded, sinking the Kawachi and thus ending the engagement. Oberleutnant Biermann has taken the yawl and is out searching for survivors. After careful deliberation, I have decided to open the last bottle of Riesling I brought with me from Schönbrunn; we are running short of ice as it is and it probably will not keep for much longer. Meanwhile, three cheers for the Kaiser, and schnapps for the crew! Großadmiral Karl Fertig Commander of the SMS König Albert P.S. On a side note: With most sea battles being fought with forces of twelve or seven ships on each side these days, I do find these little early-morning, two-on-two engagements rather cozy and refreshing from time to time!
  11. Edinburgh Upgrades?

    I have one hydro mod. And although I do have the Lo Yang, I'm currently saving it for the T-61 if she ever decides to turn up. I'm generally more at home at tier VI than at tier VIII. Correction: I have two hydro mods. The first one is on my Perth, and it's going to stay there along with the smoke mod. Gotta love that ship!
  12. Stalingrad the most TROLL OP ship ever

    The Trololo song is always good for a smile, so thanks for that, OP! But one angled battleship taking out three that are sailing broadside on, is nothing to write home about.
  13. Huang He (Aurora)

    The Huang He has one up on the Leander on account of the moving smoke. Which brings me to the question, whether the Huang He has anything to offer on top of what the Perth does?
  14. Next mission will require you to sink three Polish ships while in a Commonwealth ship of tier VI or higher. Reward: Captain Croc Dundee!
  15. Coop mode was definitely the way to go to secure the three German kills. It took a number of battles, since German ships are somewhat scarce even in coop, but I did it. And then the 25 000 xp was only a matter of grinding. I was done at 4 am Sunday morning, greeted Commander Znamenskiy when he reported for duty at the docks, promoted him to Kontr-Admiral on the spot and put him in command of my Gremyaschy, my Leningrad and my Okhotnik. In the process I elited my Budyonny, and I also got the opportunity to try out coop mode for virtually the first time; it came across as a rather crude but not unenjoyable hack'n slash fest. Still, I reiterate: Please, Wargaming, be done with these kill missions! If you absolutely have to go for designated targets, at least make it a "damage done" goal, so that each shot landed actually counts toward the end!