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  1. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Excavatus, I am talking about ships sitting in the smoke not the DD.
  2. pradz

    Too much smoke

    funny your video, seems to have been deleted
  3. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Nihilan ? I don't care about the minotaur. I understand you have a problem with it and I am sorry for that. However, It doesnot answer my question.
  4. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Funny show me how you detect them. With a tier 7 or 8, you don't
  5. pradz

    Too much smoke

    God you don't understand. A cruiser or a BB standing in the smoke is not detectable when he shots.
  6. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Excavatus is EDIT your religion? Please tell me
  7. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Are you not able to read?? Have you EDIT or only a mouse and keyboard? I never said smoke have to disappeared. I was mainly talking about ships standing in smoke and shoting at others without been possibly detected. Is that clear enough?
  8. pradz

    Too much smoke

    I am really impressed by your answers. But not all players are as good as you are, or maybe they are more humble :). Anyway, I suppose than less than 10% of the players have reach minotaur level and it would be unfair to disavantage 90% of them for a bunch of so good ones. And one can add they are so good they do not need such advantages. :)
  9. pradz

    Too much smoke

    I use all sorry , BB cruiser and destroyers
  10. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Nowadays, more and more players are using smoke a very smart way. However, the issue seems particularly unfair. If detection have been had to the ships which have unload smoke and fires, it does not apply to those standing in smoke when they shot at enemies. As smoke can stands for 70 sec and some can use 3 times smoke during a single battle, it means some players can shot at others during more than 3 minutes with an unfair protection. It is a too big advantage and so far from reality. So please, shortened the smoke time, or let all ships appearing during a short time when firing, or stop ships in smoke firing .
  11. pradz


    you begin to have doubt about this when several players shoot you at first attempt from long distances and cause your vessel maximum damage Aim boot exists and all noobs have it
  12. pradz

    Display problems

    Is is normal an enemy vessel disappears when I my ship is closed to her and then reappears to disappear again ? Is it normal when an enemy ship is not moving my shells are going too short even if the distance between my vessel ad the ship is lower than the max of my battery? Looks like the display is completely wrong. Time to improve.