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  1. Slauter

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Lo-yang isn't the best choice for T8 ranked if you ask me. I'm just best (most experienced) in DD's and that's my only premium T8 ship. So it was an easy pick. Lo-yang's downside is that it has terrible DPM, relatively low HP and awful torps (no speed, no damage). It's very bad for saving your stars. There was a big number of battles with 2-4 lo-yang's per team, making a difference in those games wasn't easy. I've finished rank 1 with one more account and imagine, I had better winrate on the other account without a lo-yang (66.67% overall WR: Tirpitz 70%, NC 66, Kutuzov 67, Kidd 66).
  2. Slauter

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    This season was nice. Tier 8 is probably the most balanced and almost every ship can be very good. Had a nice run from rank 4*** to rank 2****, then potatoed in the game for rank 1 to make it awesome.
  3. Slauter

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    RNGSama and Spithas, you basically agree with me, just don't see it atm or don't want to see it that way atm. Or you also think that it should be luck that decides a winner? I don't believe that. Your setup was extremely good for Hotspot, on every other map, I thought we'll have an easy time unless we really f8ck it up somehow (we've had f8ck up's, disconnections etc like everybody else). And you got Hotspot against us in last 4 games that I know (can't check for more). I also feel sorry because I can't check our WR against your clan. I doubt you'd be happy in our position, in fact, i'm sure you'd be all over the place thinking the same ;) The winner got decided by the moment in which CB's ended, not by who was the best. Btw, I personally thought OM was the best team. The third position for them and the difference looks, even more, like a joke than your first position. To me.
  4. Slauter

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    What exactly was unfair or unsporting in my statement? Just facts there. The system makes you stop playing when you become first since you need ~80% WR to keep the first place (just keep a number of points, earn very little or nothing), and we were first for such a long time that we couldn't keep our best performing players interested in CB's. At the same time, you need 70-75% WR to keep gathering points from the second or third spot and reduce the distance. In the end, you can get unlucky with map & spawn picks against top teams which exactly happened to us (an evening with 6x the same map and spawn, that was the worst for us, from 12 games, with these opponents: OM, 2x OMNI, TTT, ALN, another top-rated clan....we've lost 4/6 there and huge amount of points with 66% WR that evening). Since a setup doesn't work well enough on every map (even spawn) pure luck (MM) can decide who wins at which point in time. I don't think that's fair ;)
  5. Slauter

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    I agree with most, Clan battles were a success. An enjoyable format giving nice rewards. Call me salty, but I must say that the point system doesn't make the best team win, rather the team that makes a good run of results at the best moment. In the end, the winning team (OMNI) has 243 wins in 348 games (69.83% WR), while the second team (my clan TWA) has 247 wins in 337 games (73.29% WR). So, "the best team" has fewer wins from more games. Congrats? I'd also say some maps are too big for 7/7. Already looking forward to the next season.
  6. Slauter

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Thanks for organizing this, I'd like to enter the raffle! 1. Scharnhorst or Tirpitz 2. Doubloons or Arizona / Anshan 3. Doubloons 4. Doubloons 5. Doubloons 6. Doubloons 7. Doubloons 8. Doubloons .... Doubloons
  7. T10 7v7, RNG fiesta. Maps are too big for 7v7 T10 CV , T10 CV's are too strong, almost everything would be permanently spotted T8 CV, easiest for most competitive clans, less RNG involved than on T10, we're all used to it. But also, broken premium ships like Kidd / Kutu / Lo Yang / maybe some new premium CV....make this very dull and impossible to succeed for clans that don't have all that's needed (premium ships are a must if not banned). Do smaller clans have enough captains for both T10 and T8 is also a question. Rewards are still better in CB's, for much less effort... T10 9v9 no CV, may be the best option at the moment. I think people would love to watch 9v9 on normal maps. But, ships are too strong for me, gameplay might become extremely passive. It would be impossible to return to T8.
  8. Slauter

    Ranked Season 7 ship recommendations

    Anshan, Warspite, Arizona, Perth Everything else is also viable
  9. TobiHAxx.Homo available now Haxlaine's moodpack
  10. Slauter

    4x4 Tournament

    Rules: Very interesting pick between a BB and a CV. Also depending on the map you can go from CV + 2x CA+ DD to 4x CA and it's all viable, so gameplay was really interesting and different. We've even played a number of battles without a single smoke ship. Maps are maybe too small for T8 ships. Organization: Great prize pool per player. Russian CM's are very dedicated. Tournament accounts are a great option. Pre known lineups are useful, you have few minutes to adjust and prepare better. Quality over surprise factor for me in this case. No official / website info. Skype isn't a good platform for this, it was a mess, discord is way more functional. Extremely short notice so teams weren't prepared.
  11. Slauter

    4x4 Tournament

    What is a 'clan' ? (may look like a funny question, but it's not)
  12. Slauter

    That 'teamwork'...

    try to win the random game as a DD in this team...
  13. Interested in English speaking clans. Got fair experience in competitive games. Former member of WGP2W. Banned on their TS because i was 'endangering their community', which was infact a sad uncompetitive leadership that felt endangered for no reason. PM only.
  14. Slauter

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Is this the place where we're supposed to talk about the MM? Does anyone else have a feeling that 80-90% of the random games are pre-decided by the MM? Last few days it's impossible to influence the game outcome. It has become frustrating and i want to delete the game after almost every game (win or loss). One team gets demolished, while other team earns nothing. Here's an example of a game which lasted for no more than 5-6 minutes: