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  1. Kadokawa had what was coming. Inclusive business practices, English translation and more variety in art was all that was needed. Even if Kancolle would have lost ground to Azur Lane due to game design it would have been much slower. That said I do miss Kashimas company. Yostar can really look up to Kancolle in terms of dialogue and especially those sweet hourly ones. It gets a bit weird when Taihou goes full dinner/bath/herself at 5am. Like I have just woken up and am off to work by 6; cant you prepare me some coffee or breakfast like Kashima does? Not just that but also the option to get that sweet Oooshio skin. Got her raindeer skin a long time ago but sadly missed on the party skin. I have heard some rumors about Idea Factory planning to release another Azur Lane game. Cant say I am looking forward to it especially after the disaster that Crosswave was.
  2. Pururut

    Seven Proivincien crap?

    There is a fine line between modern warships and modernized warships. What you have is a light cruiser laid in mid 1930s that underwent two modernizations in 50s and 60s respectively. What it should have had was rapid firing highly accurate guns and tier 10 AA but of course Wargaming decided to bastardize it by adding bombers to it. Besides these I am afraid there is not much else to De Zeven . By the time it was finished NATO had no opponent that could challenge her in open waters so the focus shifted from raw firepower to sensors, ASROC and SAM in order to counter the growing threat posed by submarines and aircraft.
  3. Mihoyo was always stingy even back in the days of Gun Girlz. The only difference is that with every consequent game they gradually introduced more eye candy to cover up for the lack of rewards, poor drop rates and mind numbing amount of currencies. Sadly it is more or less the same for Venus Vacation, Fate, Honkai and others. Compared to these Azur Lane is literally the gachas equivalent of an oasis in a desert.
  4. Completed the event and butchered my oil supply. My hopes for the introduction of Junyous storyline is rekindled once again with Katsuragis additional voiceline for her. Yostar really should give her a beautiful drama together with Akikaze once she is released.
  5. It is finally over. I will grind Bunker Hill and Dewey after the JP event ends. I will choose Aegir over Azuma any day in 13-4 while going against a three star battleship/carrier node. That heavy carrier is no joke and I am willing to suffer the AA/FP loss in exchange for destroying that insanity a bit quicker. I thought about that prior to your reply. Sadly the description on the wiki is a bit vague; like how is proximity for that skill determined? Since you already have the ship would you be kind enough to test it in a battle or two? Noshiro is too valuable to be wasted in a PVP fleet but I will consider Jintsuu. As for PVP I would have disagreed a year ago but now I dont need anything that comes with PVP currency so... That mob vanguard and boss main both look very solid. I wish I could loan you my U-37 and U-96 but it is not a big deal with the right gear. I would replace Akashi with Unicorn and Illustrious with a damage oriented CV. Junyou sisters in carrier nodes get overwhelming in 13-3/4 and after failing at the latter and experimenting a bit I found that it is better to just ditch healing focus and nuke them into oblivion instead. Did keep unicorn for a bit of healing though. That Kashino looks very experimental and in fact I think I will try tinkering a bit with her as well. In before Yostar baits the audience with Ingraham and chooses ASW focus for W14.
  6. Here comes Miss Potato Eyebrows. Hopefully she will follow in the footsteps of Ingraham and bring something unique onto the table. Already have Ayanami at lvl 120, dont know if I need another torpedo nuke DD. Might be fun to run quintuple oxygen torps in Yukikaze/Shima/Yayanami PVP. The demand for oxy torps never ends. On the other hand... Yuudachi Retrofit, Noshiro Oath, TAIHOU OATH, Yorktown outfit and anime adaptation for Queens Orders. Yeah... I know to whom that last ring is going.
  7. Nope. Aegir has the better skill set, heavy armor type and torpedoes. Azuma needs to have her damage skill be independent of distance to compensate for her lack of torpedoes. Even then the necessity VH plating makes her less flexible in choosing equipment. For true parity or even superiority fires also need some revision in the form of debuffs. The only instance where Aegir might be the worse choice is when clearing World 13 for the first time in a mob fleet. Speaking of which, I have finally decided to take on World 13 today. Finished 13-1, 13-2 and 13-3 with three stars. Should have done it half a year ago as the boss and sub fleet was ready but didnt have fully upgraded healers by then. Now with Akashi and Unicorn the mob fleet heals so much that it pretty much cleared all two star fleets and still had enough endurance to take on another two three star carriers on no ammunition. The only additional thing I did was to focus heavy carriers, repair and anti-air ships and time my artillery and CV strikes accordingly. All heavy carriers excluding Formidable and Shinano are outright terrible. Hakuryuu would have been salvageable if it wasnt for the effort required to obtain and upgrade her. The fan art does compensate for their poor skills overall so I wouldnt mind having more of them. Personally I am slightly at a loss with the end of the main story being right on the horizon. I guess I will abolish my PvP fleet, create a dedicated ASW fleet and revise META fleets for one last time. The only thing left to do is META grind and hard mode for World 11. As for PR ships... Aegir and maybe Odin. Still havent decided on the last oath. By seniority and merit it is Enterprises property but her oath skin is so outdated. Oh well..
  8. Pururut


    I dont know much about map design so I would rather vouch for an all-out dreadnought battle mode in an enlarged ocean map. To spice things up core mechanics like fires, flooding and damage saturation can be altered. Instead of slowly draining a ships hitpoints, fires can spread over the ship reducing its performance and causing detonations in fixed time intervals for high bursts of damage. Ships recieving penetrations on the water line can be suspicious towards flooding and French destroyer type of damage saturation can artificially increase survivability, thus forcing players to close the distance in order to create crossfires and score citadel hits.
  9. Pururut

    Why Moltke? Not Seydlitz?

    I agree with the latter statement. Wargaming has been reluctant with releasing tier 4 battleships as was the case with the development of Viribus Unitis. As for its placement at tier 5, I am not sure if I want the case of VU to repeat all over in a matchmaker with multiple CVs per team especially with the addition of another CV line being right on the horizon. I think it will be more interesting to release Seydlitz as a tier 4 premium instead. It was an improved Moltke after all so Wargaming can build the concept around what they plan German battlecruisers to be; a Moltke with more armor and firepower in exchange for shorter range perhaps?
  10. Pururut

    Why Moltke? Not Seydlitz?

    I think the reason Wargaming chose Moltke was due its superior potential. Unless Wargaming introduce ahistorical refits to Seydlitz like they did with Konig and Bayern, that ship cant go beyond tier 4 because it has no AA whatsoever. Contrary to Seydlitz, Moltke can easily be converted into a premium in the form of Goeben/Yavuz as it actually underwent extensive refits for improved speed and AA thus making it eligible for tier 5 and even 6 with its 1945 refit. Historically I do agree with Seydlitz being more important than Motlke. That said, it would be an insult to compare either of them to Goeben in terms of historical significance.
  11. Most of them are either armored cruisers with few main batteries and plenty of secondaries or protected cruisers like Aurora or Saint Louis. Destroyers of pre-turbine era have very few torpedo tubes and guns. They wont be of much use besides being excellent scouts thanks to their very small size. Same issue with armored cruisers with even more secondaries. Class specific problems aside most of them suffer from poor speed and different types of armor. Unlike WoWS you have wrought iron, harvey nickel and krupp cemented. The ships vary wildly in size and appereance but those things are mostly irrelevant for WoWS.
  12. Pururut

    ST 0.10.8, changes to test ships

    Reload and range reduction are a bit worrying considering its to-be impact on Yavuz later on.
  13. I would go with North Carolina as her skill set is superior compared to Washington. All it needs is a pure AA build; quadruple bofors, US DD gun and double radar ought to do the trick. It will make for a decent main line ship until late game. Using NC in W13 is practically wasting a main ship slot. Would have seriously considered using it if its AA damage reduction was a bit higher and also applied to vanguard. Watched just3cs video. He has a fair point about Ingraham but meh.. her skills and AA arent enough as the ship is way too fragile and have non-existant firepower. Just use an American AA cruiser and a heal carrier for what Ingraham does but to a much greater effect without durability issues. The way late game is built currently eliminates the ships purpose and I dont really expect that to change soon. I might experiment with it in my PVP fleet. It is high time Manjuu update the armor modifiers for DD guns.
  14. Pururut

    I warning you, WG!

    Lets see; Remove the landscape part and replace it with a brief mention of your ship being a high tier premium for extra bait. Binding the reason to overmatch would make it sound like you are serious. Double layered irony is essential in these kinds of threads. Keep the initial part but replace the part after the stanza with your deck armor not working against BB guns. You can lure the forumers further in by telling that you are in an Atago firing over islands or open sea boating in a Flint. This goes in synchrony with the previous sentence. Complain about not being able to damage approaching/kiting BBs by constantly firing AP or having HE shells in your light cruisers not being able to start enough fires. Keep the boring part but link it to BB guns being too inaccurate when going against destroyers. The sudden derailing from the topic coupled with several potentially aggravated players can result in a pro-DD vs pro-BB debate for your own enjoyment.
  15. They really did a good job with the camo for Z-23 and August von Persival. Hopefully any future collab with Azur Lane will have similar unique skins instead of a paint job.