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  1. puxflacet

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Hello fellows. New dreadnought game on the horizon. Take a peak... https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/ Search on YouTube for a gameplay videos.
  2. puxflacet

    German Battleships Secondaries

    the secondaries are the only buff german BBs really need. forget the main guns. secondaries was suppose to be their thing, while now every other BB has secondary build. germans have armor + hydro which screams "get close" ,but when you get there, you'll find out that you really dont have that much in your sleeve to win a fight...WG should definitely come up with someting which makes german secondaries viable again... please no...
  3. puxflacet

    Viribus Unitis

    kinda agree...except for the GC comparison. T6 is where GC belongs and testing clearily showed that. VU certainly wasn't as strong at T4 as GC is at T5.
  4. puxflacet

    ST - 203 mm SAP shells

    No, there is no trade. SAP does more damage all the time. Why switching to AP when even SAP is even able to citadel things(?) (if Im not mistaken I even saw that Venezia citadelled other cruiser with SAP, thats just ridiculous). The long reload just asks for this question: should i go with guarantee damage or switch to even bigger alpha strike? But currently the AP doesnt offer that choice EDIT: that SAP citadel had to be a bug
  5. puxflacet

    ST - 203 mm SAP shells

    definitely agree that AP has to do more damage than SAP otherwise there is literally no point to have it. citadels itself cant compesate the fact that it has way worse bounce angles and can even overpen.
  6. puxflacet

    Submarines: the next step.

    so 31 knots...why am I not surprised https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_K-class_submarine
  7. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    i did a joke?
  8. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    Cruisers and CVs mostly too...
  9. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    and cruisers and CVs...and even more for the DDs because they are the only class which was equipped to fight them, so another task for already overloaded class. (Unless WG gives depth charges to battleships ofc) I can see the chat already "why arent you capping? why arent you spotting? why arent you screening DDs? why arent you hunting subs? why are you dead already?" The old stupid song that subs will somehow fix camping BBs...get a grip
  10. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    Proves that not a single statement of WG has any value.
  11. I didn't get that name change at all. "France" is such an elegant name and many war/ships had it...
  12. puxflacet

    ST, New Ships - Italians Cruisers

    I really don't like T3. It is quite unprecedented to have a captured/seized ship as tech tree one. Didn't italians had anything that would fit in that tier? I would definitely prefer even paper design over captured ship.
  13. puxflacet

    Siegfried nicknames

    Ok then. I was simply pointing towards the fact you are seeking only nicknames for a fail ship...which doesn't seem the be Siegfried's case.
  14. puxflacet

    Siegfried nicknames

  15. puxflacet

    Siegfried nicknames

    really? not what i saw...