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  1. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    That was found out right after they were introduced. Im just surprised that it wasnt fixed yet.
  2. yeah. keep going with these stupid remarks and then write me about "an exchange of ideas and moving the opinion to reach an understanding"
  3. i have very concrete position from the very beginning. you can browse back how far you want and you'll still see that i was saying right from the start that she is a t10 material with whatever designation WG decide to choose for her. i just acknowledged that Alaska can take bb slot in mm if that will make things easier, but as t10 cruiser so thats your solution? to make her t8 bb? that will really change things A LOT! so youre not ok with her being t9 cruiser but you would make her t8 bb. just like that? where's the logic behind this? is the MM slot the only concern for you? or werent you saying something about 9k alpha deleting cruisers and destroyers? wouldnt these guns be even more deadly when they would be meeting tier6? this lead us to my very original question: how will you balance these guns? it seems that you have no idea no sir. you have no opinion whatsoever. everything what i heard from you so far was just whiny "omg she will be op" and no reasonable alternative to the problem
  4. nowhere i suggested that you are proposing t6 for Alaska, i just mentioned that possibility. you seem to be somewhat triggered by this...but what tier would you put her as "mid tier BB" anyway? my logic? that's just your delusions, not my logic. im for Alaska as cruiser because i dont believe you can make both competitive and balanced battleship of her at any tier and because as high tier cruiser she can be what she is (long range sniping cruiser hunter) with pretty no issues (except for WG putting unnecesarry goodies on her: radar, submerged citadel) hood has situational armor? that steel-concrete-bunker of a ship has a situational armor for you? not to mention that she has long-reload large caliber guns, which is enough to put her in a bb slot. how do you describe alaska's armor if hood's is "situational"? i never said that i care about her designation or slot. i also proposed that she can take bb slot for matchmaking if that makes things easier. but i just think that she belongs to high tiers because her role is quite clear there unlike at mid tier yeah i just want an OP ship in my port...you really nailed our discussion. again, your delusion and not my words. not me who cant be reasoned with
  5. same as why you are so hell bent that that Alaska is a battleship while she is just uparmored baltimore. nothing comparable to scharnhorst. you can compare her to dunkerque, but to have her at tier 6 seems completelly ridiculous to me. she just cant compete even with mid tier battleships. while she would have too much cruiser qualities (great AA, 33 knots, fast reload), she would lack any BB quality and need some gimmicks to catch up with other BBs because the main problem would be her guns (as said million times) how can you balance them to not be completelly devastating against those cruisers with no armor and in the same time to not completelly suck against other battleships? there is no sweetspot for them at mid tiers. and those guns are everything alaska has. at high tiers she can work perfectly fine as cruiser hunter/bb avoider, where cruisers has lot more armor and survivability. she dont need radar and i would raise her citadel above water and she should be rather tier X imho she was designed to be long range sniper and thats what she can perfectly be (because of those floaty shells you can make them reasonably accurate) and i would definitely want to see her like that rather than some crazydispersion-underarmored-anemic BB at mid tiers.
  6. Large cruisers are not Scharnhorst. How many times this will have to be said? They can work perfectly fine as high tier cruisers which just traded rate of fire for higher alpha and a bit of concealment for a bit of protection. Its not their fault that WG decided to give them submerged citadels, 32mm bows,radars, BBpunishing AP or whatever they came up with...
  7. Slow BB Power Creep?

    I will be always saying that Normandie and Lyon shouldnt go faster than 27 knots, because unlike germans they have way too much firepower for that speed
  8. I dont have to convince anyone, large cruisers are coming. people have to deal with it "just give up, you cant do it right" ...i hope youre not a teacher or a coach and you think that as mid tier BBs these ships would work way better? nuclear powered cars = large cruisers as mid tier BBs
  9. you are starting to be annoying with this. in theory there isnt a slightest problem with balancing large cruisers at high tiers. if wg isnt able to do it right, that's completelly different story
  10. Submarines ingame?

    TLDR: make this game even more ridiculous
  11. guys, the real issue is not WG's stance about swastika or even IGN flag. i would completelly understand why they would take safe path and choose to not include any of sensitive symbolism. but they should have enough decency and realize that when you are censoring one symbolism, you just can not introduce a skin which glorifies the other, not to mention those player emblems. that went too far. sickle and hammer is definitely sensitive symbolism even prosecuted in some states but WG has no problem to put it everywhere. thats not just thoughtlessness or stupidity, that seems like legit promotion and i think they should be fined for that
  12. That is not surprising considering that there is no way client would be able to tell if the mod is containing swastika or not. I'm not blaming you for anything...
  13. well, not sure what do you mean by PROMOTION, but the fact is that they erased all mods from the forums which contained swastika even when it was blurred in the preview. but if the files contained swastika, it was erased. and these were just historical mods, not some nazi glorifying skins with swastikas all over the ship...now compare that with what WG did with red symbolism. yeah, not just retarded. rather seems like big middle finger on us
  14. Not sure who are you adressing but my problem is double standards and hypocrisy of WG. They even banned user mods with IJN and swastikas but you can see for yourself what are they able to do with sickle and hammer... And thats my whole problem. I dont mind any symbol at all.
  15. How on earth can someone have problem with Imperial German flag? I have zero problem even with swastika, when her placement in the game would be restricted only to historical use (flags and the bows of the ships as germans did irl) What i however find highly offensive is this. And WG have no problem to thrust this right into our faces.