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  1. Nice find. Kudos to you. Probably will be deleted soon. The truth is however that several months ago WG did sweep and deleted every user mod which contained swastikas and rising suns. And these were from 99% just historical mods. And guess what happend to red stars and sickle&hammer...nothing. While WG is happily putting communist symbols on player emblems and on skins over the whole ship which has nothing to do with history whatsoever. I already said that I have no problem seeing sickle and hammer. I have a problem with WG stance towards it. And it really annoys me that WG is able to get away with this.
  2. I think he was banned because of "Schickelgruber" ...I seriously doubt that you would got ban here because of Stalin. More likely you would be given quality poster reward
  3. Another quest for you: Now find me a country which prohibits displaying rising sun or imperial german flag. And I can tell you that displaying sickle and hammer will put you in prison in Indonesia.
  4. Hello comrade. Not really surprised by your reaction... My point however is, if anybody didnt get it, that when WG decides to censor sensitive symbolism, they should do it for ALL symbols...I have no problem with any symbol. But many people do and WG decided to respect just part of that spectrum. Thats double standards and theres just no way around it.
  5. This obviously has nothing to do with laws or political correctness. WG's stance to communist symbolism clearly shows it. Communism is delicate topic in many countries in Europe and there are even quite harsh legal penalties in Indonesia. Not to mention that this ideology is still terrorizing millions of people even today...But WG does not care. They have just double standarts. *edited* Disgusting and childish behaviour.
  6. puxflacet

    Suggestions thread

    I have probably just deja vu, but I could swear that I heard they are implementing this...
  7. they just invented new problems which will need another rework in a year. maybe they should just mix the best of the both worlds: - keep the old multisquad management but lower the number of squads (multitasking is just a nature of CV and I dont see a way around it. you can just make it more simple) - depletable plane reserve is simply mandatory in order to force the player not throw away them and plan ahead - force the player into 3rd person view they developed for the rework and you have the more appealing view - remove ability of the planes to spot for the team, except on the minimap - remove fighters but give all strike planes ability to attack each other: torp planes best damage against ships and low against planes, bombers are middle way, rocket planes low damage against ships and best for shooting down other planes. (CVs just has to actively counter each other, without that the class has no meaning) - max 2 CVs in a match...this just has to be (Im pretty convinced that CVs will be even more annoying. not just because there will be more of them in the match, but because of their unlimited number of planes and multiple strikes as well)
  8. puxflacet

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    That was the peace time paintjob of A-H navy. They repainted all warships to grey in 1914 Here is that color scheme on SMS Radetzky...yeah. Rather this one than the dazzle frankly. Not sure where WG get it anyway. Is anyone aware of any kind of dazzle painting on an A-H warships? Well, i would rather see if they would find a way to introduce proper Radetzky into the game... ...if not. There exists preliminary studies for the Radetzky class. C ad D have uniform 280mm configuration...still neither of them would compete with Nassau. A: 2×2 28cm/45 cannons in centreline turrets 4×1 24cm/45guns in wing turrets, 8×1 19cm/45 guns in casemates, B: 2×2 28cm/45 cannons in centreline turrets 4×1 24cm/45guns in wing turrets, 12×1 10cm/45 guns in casemates, C: 4×2-28cm/45 cannons in 2x centreline and 2x wing twin turrets, 16×1 10cm/45 guns in casemates, D: 2×2,2×1 30.5cm/45 cannons in 2x centreline twin and 2x wing single turrets, 16×1 10cm/45 guns in casemates, E: 2×2 30.5cm/45 cannons in centreline twin turrets, 4×2 19cm/45 guns wing turrets, 12×1 10cm/45 guns in casemates. here's the whole article by @Tzoli https://warshipprojects.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/austro-hungarian-capital-ship-genesis/
  9. I don't get why are people bringing this up? Because she has tripple turrets as well?
  10. puxflacet

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Nice news about Viribus Unitis. However, what about the camo? Really I'm so disappointed that WG has no ballz to push through a ship with monochrome paintscheme. Does anyone consider König Albert's boring? I was really pissed what they did to Dreadnought. And I think that austrian warships paintjob was interesting enough.
  11. puxflacet

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    she cant have better gun angles. the guns would have to go through the superstructure
  12. puxflacet

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I think she is even more accurate than T4 ships. Also IRL her 305 shot 1 round per minute...i think you cant squeeze more of those guns than what is already in the game. But I would definitely buff her secondaries and give her permanent bonus for ramming - she had massive underwater beak for that purpose. Torpedos are also an option since she dont have that alpha strike like other BBs. Make them very slow like 40 knots and very short range like 3 km so that they be only useful against other BBs.
  13. i doubt that much will change for her. maybe now she will be just citadelable through the belt, but i wouldnt say "easy to citadel"...other than that nothing is changing
  14. puxflacet

    Navigation sign for BBs

    It was suppose to be a joke...i hope...not that i laughed