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  1. i believe scharnhorst's shells are fastest among bb
  2. you dont know anything about the implementation. there has to be some factors to balance this like longer lasting smoke and longer time for smoke generators...i was just saying that its worth testing...and you came with all this overreacted BBphobia. frankly, it annoys me
  3. was that stated? i was looking at this from the beginning as attempt to bring a new mechanic to the game which opens up new options and not just something which has to nerf certain ships
  4. cruisers should play defensively when they facing bb just as dd should when facing cruiser ...and again i was never talking about "smoke meta"
  5. most cruisers dont have smoke...i have bolded it for you as well
  6. i dont know. no "smoke meta" was ever my argument
  7. what a nonsense fabrication...only few cruisers have smoke. how are the ones without it able to survive in the game then?
  8. same cathegory as eugen's "russian neonazi motoclub" big stupid chicken...i hope there is option to disable this
  9. and you still seem to forget that without shooting you still will able to use the smoke as up to now and you can lay semi-circle to prevent spotting from multiple angles...however i think that ships will need a bit longer duration for laying the screen to compensate as i said. this change has interesting potential and its worth at least testing
  10. the intention has its appeal - you will be able to use the smoke defensively as up to now, you also will still be able to lay a long line to cover your fleet...but there will be penalty for sitting in smoke and shooting
  11. are you even able to make a post without that word?
  12. which just means that smoke will be more useful for other ships rather than just for yourself...wasnt the op complaining about lack of teamplay?
  13. it rather seems like more need of ahead thinking for smoke usage. so rather than firing from inside the smoke you will fire behind the smoke so will have to be aware of positioning of enemy ships. i think it may bring some interesting options
  14. ok. so the very same thing arrived with british battleships as well...this is second hull for iron duke in this case the solution is pretty simple since the platform is very convenient. just lift that a bit higher and visibility wont be obstructed edit: it seems that they made this platform so that the optical devices on top of the turrets wouldnt be obstructed but they didnt take into account the bridge behind. like if just one person was working on the turret but not on the rest of the ship - like right hand doesnt know what left hand is doing edit2: orion has the same problem while in his case navigation bridge has clear view. only view from conning tower is blocked and again this can be easily fixed
  15. nvm