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  1. puxflacet

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Those poor guys were baited. I have tears in my eyes... Most of the poeple bought the ship with full knowledge that the thing is broken and now when she was about to be fixed they had enough gall to talk about bad practice and even wanted full cash refund! Whether WG was aware or not you should keep your mouth shut and be glad that you were able to get away with more than a year of exploiting the game and players.
  2. puxflacet

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Yeah. WG afraid of loosing customers pulls back and "defenders of principles and good business practices" can continue to enjoy their *Edit* on the expense of the rest of the playerbase. Hope you guys will again bring how the balance is the most important thing in this game...
  3. Ok. I take that back in order to not slander all those innocent defenders of principles and justice.
  4. No you did not. Were there any other outcries in case of other premium changes?
  5. Did you see me cry? Maybe you didnt notice I'm supporting the change.
  6. I just cant get rid of the bad taste this whole case is lefting. You all who are talking about bad practice and principles, where were you when other premiums were changed? There were direct buffs already. The truth is that this whole outcry is there just because 90% of GC owners bought that ship to just masturbate their egos on the expense of the others. I doubt anyone would care if WG would directly changed Krasny Krym.
  7. I know i definitely support balancing all OP or UP ships even premiums and I believe most of you guys as well, because wasn't the most prevalent theme on this forum whenever history, realism, immersion, logic, etc. were mentioned that "balance is above everything"? Or you just forgot to add "...but OP premiums are above the balance"... Regarding the "bait and switch" talks: There is fundamental issue - what did you want to buy actually? T5 ship? An OP ship? or just Giulio Cesare? The ones who wanted the first two may have been "baited" the latter ones will still have what they bought. The thing is that premiums are constantly changing, sometimes directly (usually buffed) or indirectly (change of game mechanics) + other ships and trees are added and changing the meta. So can you really say that you have the very same ship you bought one, two or three years ago? What should be saying people who bought some CV before the rework? They have completelly different products now, while GC just get 25mm plates and T6 MM, otherwise it is literally the same thing. But most importantly, you will have T6 ship for a prize of T5 which practically closes the whole case from the legal point of view. But I wholeheartedly support cash refunds, if that would calm things down a bit at least. But again, GC case is pretty insignificant sample in this matter. CV owners are those who should be asking for cash refunds in the first place. But even WG has to guard their interests so do not think that you will buy a ship and after 1 year of using it you will receive the full sum for it. Nowhere in business world you can ask for this. Full dubloon refund or partial cash is the most you can ask for. And even that would be incredibly generous.
  8. puxflacet

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Prime example of the most vocal complainers. You bought her because she was OP. I bought her because I love italian designs and would buy her even if she would be just mediocre. And I still will have the literally same ship I bought, because nothing is changing about her, except for that she will meet T8. So what? She did pretty well against T7 anyway. She was like 8 years old bully among 6 years old. Now they put her in the class she belong. And I'm totally OK with that. What should be saying people who bought some CV before the rework? They have completelly different products now. And did they receive their money back? Not saying that's ok, but do not think GC owners are exclusive. This game is constantly changing, mechanics are changing, other ships are added and changing meta. Who can say that premium he bought 2 or 3 years ago is still the same ship? And GC case is pretty insignificant example of that imho. The only thing which broke the rules so far is that WG directly changed a single premium, which has never been done before, but premium ships changes did happen and most certainly will again in one way or another. And this one is done to ship which was obviously breaking the game so I certainly wont dare to be freaking out like others. TLDR: You still will have the literally same ship as before, she just wont be the bully of others anymore.
  9. puxflacet

    IX Alaska vs VII Scharnhorst

    yeah. why cant there be premium bots anyway? another thing i dislike about the traning room is that all bot-ships are stock...top hull would make more sense but give us option to choose would be even better
  10. puxflacet

    IX Alaska vs VII Scharnhorst

    There is a big difference: Scharnhost will be always the ultimate brawler (secondaries + torpedos) while Alaska should rather avoid getting too close, especially to battleships with guns bigger than 380mm. btw IRL the armor set them apart pretty decisively, because Alaska's armor was designed to deflect reliably only 203mm cruiser shells (old 305mm at best), while Scharnhorst's armor was able to withstand 380mm. But thanks to the low citadel+overmatch mechanic (27mm) Alaska is in this game definitely more durable than she should be.
  11. puxflacet

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Hope not
  12. puxflacet

    Alaska for cash!?

    They already said that that's the reason...why exactly or if it is even true, that's another story.
  13. puxflacet

    Alaska for cash!?

    maybe the ones who dont play game so often but have plenty of cash in their pockets
  14. puxflacet


    Reducing air spot more and more is not the answer. CVs simply shouldnt spot for the team , at least not permanently. Give them consumable "transmit coordinates" with limited duration and number of use, basically like radar. It will emphasize the team aspect of the CV spotting because the planes will spot only when team really needs it and wouldnt be breaking the whole ship concealment mechanism all the time.
  15. puxflacet

    idea for next wofws

    You have already something like the captian speaking "the battle starts","torpedos ahaed",etc...thats enough imho...However not saying that there isnt a room for imprevement - like acting. Especially the CV squad leader sounds incredibly bored, also would help if his voice had some radio com effect imho. Would be a definitely more immersive.