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  1. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    Cruisers and CVs mostly too...
  2. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    and cruisers and CVs...and even more for the DDs because they are the only class which was equipped to fight them, so another task for already overloaded class. (Unless WG gives depth charges to battleships ofc) I can see the chat already "why arent you capping? why arent you spotting? why arent you hunting DDs? why arent you hunting subs?" The old stupid song that subs will somehow fix camping BBs...get a grip
  3. puxflacet

    ST - Submarines

    Proves that not a single statement of WG has any value.
  4. puxflacet

    ST - New map - Bering Sea

    "Boring sea" you say? The old Islands of ice definitely had more character than the current ones. And imho it was the most beautiful map in the game. Wish WG found a way to save it.
  5. puxflacet

    ST, battleship Ohio

    Frankly I would rather want to see german ship with 4x2 layout than american. And 4x2 450mm would imho feel more right than current GK's layout...
  6. puxflacet

    ST - new mechanics and consumables

    well, my point was like: if italian BBs' gimmick is suppose to be AP and semi-AP, there should be something what makes it worth it, because british BBs can say: "hey, we already have semi-AP shell, and it can even start a fire"
  7. puxflacet

    ST - new mechanics and consumables

    My thoughts exactly...and how relevant this shell actually will be (assuming it is intended for italian BBs) when british BBs' HE is basicaly already semiAP shell with fire starting ability on top