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  1. Plautuskake

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    Yesterday I played game with my Atlanta in Fault Line and I used RL skill. Our team started from south and pushed to left side, I covered with one Arp ship our rear and cap. We were focusing to enemy BBs which were coming from middle but then I noticed that RL indicator started to move fast. Their only DD (mutsuki) tried flank us and then cap our cap point. That mutsuki did well for spotting us and it was good plan which where ruined by my RL skill... He/she didn't have any change because it was easy to hunt that DD down before that DD could run away. After battle it felt that I cheated because ´without that RL skill that mutsuki's plan would have worked, I wouldn't have change to know his/her exact location another way. I feel that RL skill shouldn't be in game, sure, I got awesome kill from that mutsuki but also it ruined good plan of that mutsuki, it would have been more funnier to try sink it without RL skill. Of course I could play without that skill but same time it would be giving unnecessary advance to enemies if I wouldn't use it.
  2. Plautuskake

    .15 patch and another ijn DDs thread

    Feeling loss is a subjectivity consept. Individual person can't define how other person feels situation. WhenT0byJug and Nethraniel feels that others are greedy, those others may just feel that they are losing something when they can't know sure how to optimize situation. Like Elenortirion there is big difference in game currency for player how they should react in this situation. Also I feel that T0byJug fails to understand that this kind situation needs clear notes to world of warships news much before patch happens just because common player doesn't read forums. For instance there can be weekend player (player who play only in weekends) who just now has unlock Fubuki and then he sells his Hatsuharu for buying Fubuki. Now, lets assume that patch notes comes in tuesday and patch happens in thursday. On saturday (as usually) player comes to play WoWS and he sees that split has happened. Yes, he would have been compensated for Fubuki by getting new tier 8 Kagero and new tier 6 Fubuki, but In this kind situation that player would have been lost all that progression to splitted line which he would have got by owning Hatsuharu when patch happens. Just noticing in news section that "New japanese destoroyers on the horizon" is not enough for common player. That article doesn't tell when split happens and what is compansation when it happens. For common player two days noticing time is not enough and large company like WG should know that.
  3. Plautuskake

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    People react to hype very differently. Some people may have ability bear it and keep waithing normally, others are not that lucky. Nowdays we live time when we want experience things just now, not tomorrow. When you wait something, it feels so long time and that may be very exhausting and if somebody gets it before you, it is easy to feel that you have lost something. It is not important that you haven't actually lost anything, but important is that you feel that you have lost something. When people are hyped they want to experience hyped thing among the first ones, so even day or couple day may be very significant will you be happy customer in future. Sometimes feel of unfair treatment may lead to angryness and it may lead to that you decide that you will not spend anything. Feels of fairness or unfairness are always things of subjective, so everybody feels them differently. If somebody feels that it is unfair if Na server gets Scharnhorst before us, it isn't stupid, it is just how that person feels and if there are enough people who feels unfairness, it may lead to that WG lose potential money in future.
  4. Plautuskake

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    Problem with Dunk is that when is coming to World of Warships. If it would have come 6 months earlier, it would have got better reception. It is fastest tier 6 BB and only half knot slower than Kongo, gun placing is un-original, it has fastest rotation speed with guns and HE- and AP-velocity is fastest in tier 6. So, ship very has good points, no other tier 6 BB can relocate that well. However, it was quite unfortunate that Scharnhorst came same time to the game. That ship is also battlecruiser and do same thing than Dunkerque does. Because of that DUnkerque is forced to live in shadows of Scharhorst and that causes more critics to Dunk. About Dunk's secondaries, they are not bad, just very situational.
  5. Plautuskake

    Manga? Seriously?

    It is WG's marketing decision and we have to live with it. There is change that pure fantasy or pure historical game wouldn't got this much attention among people. Games are part of popular culture with others like TV, comics, books, movies and so on, and many of these use mixed concept of history and fantasy. Also, people doesn't usually know certains facts about history like what kind guns Bismarck used, they may know name of ship and some stories about that ship but exact facts are for history enthusiasts. Most of players are casual players, not history enthusiasts , and this gives WG some freedom to make gameplay and business decisions as give to ships some fantasy upgrades. Succesfull games attract very different kind people and I think that WoWS has strong points to be succesfull game. It gives certain level historical theme which is not also too dominating so that gameplay could suffer because of historical facts. WoWS also gives some content to those people who likes Arpeggio of Blue Steel. To me, this relationship with fantasy and history is one of the good points of this game since makes game more relaxing and good for casual gaming. It keeps game also very interesting for me. I never knew anything about Arpeggio before they came to this game and I liked them so much that I wanted grind most of ARP content.
  6. Plautuskake

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    We can't know did he breached NDA himself or not (if we talk about this video). He may have permission release this video as it is.
  7. Plautuskake

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    One reason why I like review of Jingles is that he gives feeling about ships/tanks in hands of avarage player. I may learn thing or two from very good player but same time it may give deceptive impression about the ship. For instance Notser played very good games with Campeltown which certainly is only mediocre ship. Although Jingles makes some mistakes, I appreciate that his view about ships. Let's make another example the Tirpiz, it is a very good ships but many players do still very bad results with it since they don't know how to use it right. Same way Scharnhorst will be very problematic ship to many players.
  8. Plautuskake

    Do you think Gneisenau should have 283mm option?

    I was reading stats from World of Warships Wiki and I noticed that Scharnhorst has a lot better armour (atleast in wiki stats): Scharnhorst Citadel armour: 80-350mm Gun Casemate armour: 45-350mm Armored Deck: 80-95mm Forward and After Ends armour: 25-90mm Gneisenau: Citadel armour: 45-260mm Gun Casemate armour: 45-350mm Armored Deck: 25-95mm Forward and After Ends armour: 25-90mm Why Gneisenau has weaker Citadel armour and some weak parts in armored deck?
  9. Singleplayer games has more potential be long-livet because you can play them alone or with small group of friends and fan-based content is easier make for these games. Good singleplayer games has usually low frustfration levels. Even Counter Strike has lower frustration levels than WoT and WoWS because you don't need to reach something for new content. In WoT and WoWS there are more emotions since you need XP and Silver to get next ship. To me new content for games like WoT and WoWS is lifeblood because it keeps game fresh and that is reason why more players stay in game. Larger player community means also that random battles are always random --> you don't get bored.
  10. Plautuskake

    An answer from the developers please.

    I think that he/she didn't mean War Thunder. TW probably meant Talesworlds which is quite small turkish studio and has Mount & Blade games. This is still bad example because smaller studious always listen players more thus they have to (not enough recourses and smaller playerbase). Wargaming makes games for much larger customer groups so they can't be dependendent with ideas of players. You can't make everybody happy if you aim for large customer groups (somebody wants game for casual playing, somebody want game which has deeph mechanic and which is hard and so on). This influence to that how devs should act and how players feel (how they are listened). The larger companies seems to be always much more blind for proposals of players.
  11. Plautuskake

    Kamikaze R in the premium shop - That was fast...

    Take note that there are people who started Project R too late and they didn't even have change to get guaranteed ship. That event was designed so that you had to be very active almost instantly in first weeks of campaign. So, if you didn't notice that event just in time (like you was in holiday or in work trip etc...) your only change get ship was hope to win in lottery. I think that this is nice way to keep community little bit happier in this game. I got mine as reward but I know that there was a lot people who wanted ship but didn't have change get it just because of design of event. Remember, that event didn't measure how much you played the game (as you didn't have change cover lost weeks with playing more than normally you would play at the weekends).
  12. Plautuskake

    In-game Soviet Cruiser event

    At March 19th there is exactly 5 months from last new tech lines, so I really hope that line hits rather sooner than later... It was same before german cruisers and Soviet DDs (USN BBs and INJ Carriers released in May => 5 months to October). Although balance stuff is important, ships are that thing which make battles interesting and motivate players to play. Playing against same ships is always batle by batle more boring. Cleveland is still same cleveland with better range by AFT or without it. That is reason why it would be better if WG would release ship lines more often....
  13. Plautuskake

    Some interesting info around the world

    Radar will not probably spot launched torps earlier like Hydro does.