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  1. Gremorian

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. Gremorian

    PTS 0.7.11 - Bug Reports

    well now i got only 1 premium day when i claimed the 7.11 test rewards even when there was many categories of stuff shown on the claim page. Should have got flags special flags and camos from rounds 1 and 2 that didn't arrive to my account. Fixed by logging out of the game and logging back in again
  3. Gremorian

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    @Seepheerd What are your graphics settings? If you are feeling motion sickness, try to get your fps as smooth, high and constant as possible. And if not using already maybe use vertical sync. Played tier 4 CV last night, I felt that the stream of planes was infinite, there was next fully ready flight to deploy every time last one was spent or destroyed. Planes flew too fast it was constant bombardment on enemy ships. I was clad though that the damage made per flight was low and not overpowering, but ramps up to 100k during the game overall on tier 4 and that's kind of high number for low tier. Boost 'R'-key had to be used with 'W'-key to work, maybe for prevent miss-clicks? But when interceptor cant catch you while you are boosting that's just sad!!! From historical point of view i cant find any reference for Japan using air to surface rockets (correct if i'm wrong)! i can find plenty of bomb and torpedo planes. Overall controlling the planes was smooth, and controlling ship with map wasn't bad either. In emergency you could just return the flight with F and manage the ship, to oppose some in here i don't see any harm in that. Still i would add a possibility to use ships consumable from map view for repairing and self defense etc. The indicator that warns of Defensive AA should be more visible, as it many times goes unnoticed.
  4. Gremorian

    PTS 0.7.11 - Bug Reports

    @smokem Go post that to cv rework test -topic @MrConway When can we claim PTS 7.11 bonuses from https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/. Week after launch and there is nothing still. I have checked every day.
  5. same here, i put a question to q&a section but no answer so far, i guess it needs to open at least the same time when Aasia goes live in next 20 minutes, or something has gone wrong again
  6. Gremorian

    Clan battles test season grey'ed out

    Why the Clan battles are grey'ed out in game? As The test season got extended to October 29 till November 04, there should be a select-able times for today and tomorrow available. Now Asia should open in 3 hours and CIS in 6½. Just getting worried a bit.
  7. Gremorian

    Constant crashes ever since 7.10 .....

    Clear cache files
  8. Gremorian

    Halloween: Scary Battles! - Discussion Thread

    i give up on decyphering the code
  9. Patch notes say: The Smoke Generator operation time for all U.S. ships is set at 30 seconds. Yet: Monaghan smoke action time remains at 20 seconds. Looks like you missed a ship on your standardization plan.
  10. Gremorian

    Bug Reports

    Send your Submarine Commander to reserve and you can't get it back to ship from there and you can't recruit a new either. @Crysantos Can you fix so i can get back playing round 1 of 7.10 Same thing is for all the Halloween Captains not just for sub.
  11. Gremorian

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Send your Submarine Commander to reserve and you can't get it back to ship from there. @Crysantos Can you fix so i can get back playing round 1 of 7.10
  12. Meanwhile lets educate ourselves with the origins of the meaning of' "a watched pot never boils" phrase - https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/watched-pot-never-boils.html
  13. @Crysantos Could you name the specific reasons that are the cause for these delays. Its easier to wait with more info. Even with technical jibber jabber.
  14. Gremorian

    Bug Reports

    Containers prizes for French Scenario works fine You still could have opened the after battle result screens if you hadn't closed the client
  15. Gremorian

    Bug Reports

    atleast "Space Camo's" for Zao Z-52 and Des Moines seem to stuck the client on infinite loading loop at the loading screen of a random battle.