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  1. Excavatus

    Ignored list

    Oh ok then.. because you asked for a different thing in your OP, I believe ignore should work like this too.. block all communication from that player.. INCLUDING the MAP PINGS! :D
  2. Excavatus

    Motivation for joining a clan

    Do you have any idea how long it takes for you to save that oil needed for upgrading bases? basically, you get 10 oil from every container you open.. Last upgrade for the XP bonus building needs 120K (If I can remember correctly.) Basically that makes 12.000 containers.. Lets say you open 100 per month.. 120 months... 10 years :) Single person clan cannot have those discounts and bonuses.. trust me :) On the other hand, People can join a clan.. can even form a clan for the bonuses.. whats wrong with that? I personally joined these people because: 1) I knew the commander from wot, 2) this game becomes really boring really fast when I play alone. But we had some members in the past, they never socialized.. only stayed for bonuses. They are wellcome, untill the point we need a space for an active member :)
  3. Excavatus

    Ignored list

    One question though, What stops me putting every unicum I've met in game into that ignored list.. ? so that I will not meet them again in battles.. friend or foe...
  4. Excavatus

    More dd's really??

    Really...? I mean really?? Is this your constructive definition? Please stop opening useless threads and provoking other people. Locked.
  5. Excavatus

    I need attention from the marketing team

    Goodmorning, First of all, this forum is no place to look for some freebies for your recently operated boss. More so, Gameplay section is even worse. And insulting people in another language in english section is another double violation. So... naturally.. this thread will be locked. Please tell your boss get well soon, and go open a ticket in costumer support If you really think your request is reasonable. Gd'day Excavatus
  6. Excavatus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    you didn't read the opening post eh? but even though, you should have thought that, you are not alone in the match so not ONLY your contribution is accounted for win or loss.. you should have enough intelligence to think about that.. I guess you just had a moment... Let me summarize it to you mate, whatever you do, you lose %33 of your matches, and win %33 of your matches.. Even If you go AFK the rest %34... is where your skill decides :)
  7. Excavatus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    nope, wrong example. You are proving a positive too. The LAMP IS OFF Lamp being in OFF state is a positive thing... and negative number thing... you serious? that is not what I'm talking about when I say negative. May be it is my fault.. let me re pharse :) You cannot prove an absence... Because lamp being Off is a physical state that you can observe, so it is a positive for that matter. you cannot prove something you cannot observe.. this is better.. Rigging means, Altering the conditions of a process to obtain some desired results... So in MM case, rigged MM means, MM has to have a motive to obtain such as, * Give this player a bad team, * get this player a worse WR then the average * lets look at how much money this player spends and place him accordingly into the teams * lets put this player as a bottom tier for 15 consecutive matches.. If MM looks individual players and place them accordingly.. That is a rigged MM, This MM is rigged at some point, If you play same ship all the time, MM is rigged to put you as a NON bottom tier, after some consecutive bottom tier matches.. which the number I cant remember excatly.. But MM rigged as people claim? of course not.. what WG obtains for rigging the MM, especially in a negative way that people suggest? That is beyond logic, outright ridiculous
  8. Excavatus

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    phew! spam spilled everywhere. Took me all morning to clean up everything and take out the trash... Please keep it clean at least for the weekend people. sometimes mama needs a day off too! Have a great day!
  9. There was a leak in some spam barrel. Leak plugged, now it is time to clean up the forum.. Have a good day gentelmen!
  10. Excavatus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    you are right, but I am not talking about THAT NEW players, and I guess not the guy whom I've quoted, He said, with the sale of alaska, a new player flood gone in MM.. So I think MM does not care how many battles the owner of the alaska has when putting it into the match. It only cares that it is a tier 9 cruiser.. thats all..
  11. Excavatus

    Special skill captains

    So next time, instead of going salty on people trying to understand and help you according to your point, just try to understand first "Why more then one people giving me the same attitude and answer" Yes I accept there are some people here who deliberately fails at communication, but there are much more who don't. Now, my suggestion is, make this an idea instead of a question because I personally think you are right about the new player aspect, then write it in the suggesstions thread.. that is the best place for this.. Because you cannot get an answer from WG as for "Why it has to be specced?"
  12. Excavatus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    so first of all, MM does not care if the player is new, old, good bad, averade etc. MM does not know If you are good, bad or average or old or new or frigging Mr.Jingles... and second, even so, how does MM react to that... by giving you win or lose streaks? How so then? and If that does not affect the general WR, won't that make that reaction meaningless? How can we define something "A reaction" If it does not change anything?
  13. Excavatus

    Special skill captains

    ok, this is my last message.. because clearly we have a communication problem. I have slight hopes for this one anyway.. You asked, "WHY WG SELLS CAPTAINS ALREADY SPECCED ON A SHIP" you based on this question "BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEND MORE DUBLOONS FOR RESPECCING" Since the base of your question is invalid, your question does not bear / hold any meaning at this point... you may ask, "Why are you selling captains already respecced because not every player has a 19 point captain and stacked elite captain exp., especially the new players. Why are you punishing the new guys. Why not sell them without a spec?" This would look like the same question but stands on a very different foundation...