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  1. Excavatus

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Ladies and gentelmen. Close your eyes and try to imagine the violin player on the titanic. After that open your eyes and read the rest :) Vulgar, non constructive, lashing out, just whining posts will be basically removed. Sanctions will not mean much lately, so you will be just giving us more work to do in these last sad days. Although, everyone is free to express their negative thoughts and feelings just by staying civil. On the topic, I've spent a lot of time in this forum. Sometimes days without even posting or reacting even. I did that... because, here I am gonna repeat what I've told when they asked me why I wanted to be a moderator. "I love this game. This is a venue for me to get together with my friends have some fun together after a though day or on a lazy sunday. And I want to give something back." I hope I did that in the time we've spent together. It had its ups and downs. But mostly fun... See you out there...! Ex out!
  2. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    at least from time to time, people talk things remotely related to MM.. Like putting all radar ships in one team and none to another :D
  3. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Hello all, I'm in shock but you guys can derail even this thread as well. Please stop with personal discussions, carry them into the PMs if you'd like to continue please. I have just cleaned the thread a little bit. Please stay way from stat shaming but at the same time, keep that in mind when you talk about how other people play, your own play may come into the spotlight. Thanks all. Let's get back to the discussion of how rigged the MM is.. Ex.
  4. Excavatus

    Recrutement The Sitting Ducks (clan francophone)

    Hello, Although this is the EN section of the forum, we allow clans to post in their preferred language as long as they post an English translation as well. Please provide EN translation or the topic will be removed. PS: If this is about recruitment, it is in the wrong section as well.
  5. I'll reach out to some WG staff internally and ask If they can do anything to help for the organisation. But my best bet is a big CC streamer, me and my buddy, we stream almost everyday, but for an average of 50 to 100 people. but I know some other big CCs.. I'll try to contact them for the matter. I'll get back to you @___V_E_N_O_M___ If I hear anything.
  6. Excavatus

    Blowouts - Comeback Feature Proposal

    an idea for a new game mode. Let people queue up for ongoing matches to replace the ones that just sank. with increasing xp and credits multipliers.. i dont know for how long. may be 20 players ini total.. or 30.. or 15.. no idea.. it would be fun to bring reinforcements. and it can be skill based, like bringing better WR or PR players into the losing team as saviors or heroes.
  7. Excavatus

    Somers is just WAY worse Gearing?

    I have no idea why. On paper gearing should be at least equally performing with somers but I'm way better in somers. May be because it is personal preferences but I realised I play gearing more cocky. I trust the guns more than need to. In somers I use my smoke just to disengage or help friends in cruisers. In gearing I use my smoke to farm. I have no idea why I suck in gearing.. but I do.. but somers on the other hand?? I always say the same thing, captain playing the ship is %80 of the success or the failure. the ship itself not that important so much.
  8. Next time you see them, please tell them to git gud! and stop seal clubbing in low tiers.. just to be safe.. (not saying this was.. But I have disgusting screenshots)
  9. Excavatus

    Ranked Destroyer Advice

    Start every ranked battle with the mind set of "I am playing 11 vs 1" The next is a combination of your luck and skill.
  10. what @Benser33 said. Your answer is with the costumer support. They should solve your problems.
  11. Excavatus

    Is there's way to make game more playable for low end PC?

    One would think there must be an option on steam as well.. but this is WG :) always surprising
  12. Excavatus

    Public test rewards question

    No I'm not, because I work for free :) Just for me but, whenever I hear week from WG, I instantly think about thursday.
  13. Excavatus

    Public test rewards question

    Hello again, I've been told that they should arrive this week, but sadly no specific date....
  14. Excavatus

    General Submarines related discussions

    Thats not what I'm afraid of.. I wasn't a CV main until the CV rework.. then I liked them so much.. I'm scared to like SUBs.. thats my concern :D
  15. Excavatus

    General Submarines related discussions

    you have most battles byfar in CV and DDs.. 10K of your 14K battles. and in CVs you have 1.4K battles more than DDs.. so.. I say.. you are a CV main as well :)