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  1. Excavatus

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    Hello, It's me again. :) Another CV topic that we've covered numerous times in both seperate topics and in the general CV discussion. Lets carry it back to where it belongs. Thank you all!
  2. Excavatus

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    This is perfectly summarizes the kitakami around a cap and the BBs approaching it :D
  3. Excavatus

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Kitakami is a tier 4 boat, which any ship it encounters can tear a new one in under 30 seconds on her.. and one other thing people tend to forget, you are replacing a tier 10 Cruiser, with a tier 4 DD with a citadel :) So when there is a kitakami on your team, there can be a stalingrad on the enemy team to counter that, or a zao, or desmo, or moskva, or petro, or nevsky, or smolensk, or mino, or venezia, or wooster, or yoshino, or puearto rico, or hindi, ... (screw you henri!, goliath go cry somewhere else you useless crap! )
  4. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    I recommend this.. Really.. I recommend this... If you like coffee more than a regular person.. You'll feel the heaven in your mouth.. then in your veins...
  5. In world of tanks, When you finish grinding a tank, you can pick an option to say "All Xp goes to crew" we can have that here I guess...
  6. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    Hmms.. I should play langley more I guess..
  7. Excavatus

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    I can proudly say, I've played more than a dozen games in her (monkey with a kalashnikov) and I still haven't turned in pink! I say this is an achievement!!!
  8. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    I blame the caffein! mostly the lack of it!
  9. I see and I raise.. I was in a ranked battle with an asashio player, who was accusing the enemy DD because he sailed over his torps.. PS: rank 1-5 bracket
  10. I support this.. make captain respec free like you made prem consumables free.. Or just make it respecced with silver too
  11. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    so you think I attacked the OP in a moderation post where I'm telling people not to attack the OP... anyway, lets not continue on this.. just to be clear, this was the message I was tring to give... It was all about cutting the personal attacks on the OP, and to tell people "don't even reply to this".. g'day
  12. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    I'm sorry but I have to ask... rude how?
  13. When Nike first introducing the "Air Jordan" basketball shoes, His Majesty, Mr. Michael Jordan was in his prime time. They were shooting an ad with him. The story was, Jordan misses free throws.. a couple in a row, then he changes into the "shoes" and he makes the shot. They started shooting, Jordan was missing. Like over the board, airballs, etc. Then the director told him, "can you make it a little realistic?" Like shooting for a score and missing by hitting the hoop, just near misses.. Jordan said "I'll try to miss closely" then he tried, after a few dozen shots! director said.. "Ok, miss by a mile! I'm done!" Point is, he couldn't miss the shot by a close margin. because he was that good. his muscle memory failed him to miss the free throws. If a good player tries to be a bad player, It will either be ridiculously bad, (most likely against the forum rules bad) or he fails to be bad. You cannot imitate genuine bad players. There is only one thing you can do, turn off your minimap. But I don't think you can play 10 battles in a row without seing the minimap. You'll rage!
  14. Excavatus

    Pommern - another joke

    Great post! Next time, please try to be more constructive.! Be constructive When posting, please make sure you do so with good intentions. Refrain from posting when you don't have anything positive or constructive to say on the topic. Your post should contribute to the discussion or the solution of the issue being discussed. If the only purpose of your post is to be negative, it is not worth posting.
  15. Excavatus

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    Everyone, please behave. If you really feel like you have to be rude towards the OP, just ignore the thread... I know.. I know.. what you'll gonna say, but don't. Thank you...