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  1. Ladies and gentelmen, Yes I can completely understand the frustration you are having about the PR event. But please keep those feelings and frustration away from this topic. This topic is about something else, and frankly is about a very good organisation. Please remember the rule of "Being constructive - Don't post something If you don't have anything positive to add" Thank you all.
  2. I'm sorry mate.. not defending anything here.. but they basically said they are apologizing for this.... or am I reading something different?
  3. Excavatus

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

  4. Excavatus


    he is right you know? pick one from below please.. this one will be locked!
  5. Excavatus

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    or just for Fexp :D that would be amazing.. imagine people grinding the PR, not getting it, paying money on top of it.. and it becoming available for the amount of Fexp they ground just for the directive 7
  6. Excavatus

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    It is not limited or exclusive though :) MrConway said "PR will appear in the game later to be obtained by different ways"
  7. Excavatus

    need a reason

    Hello, first, please use the CV discussion topic as you intentionally avoided to do, and second for everyone, Please don't drop on personal levels. This topic will be locked. Gd'day
  8. Excavatus

    I'm shocked

    Dear OP, I've cleaned up a little above there. Please don't provide any kind of personal information and/or correspondance between you and support. Since Crysantos said he'll be handling this, please reach out to him in a PM If you need to share more information on the matter. I hope you get your acc back into EU soon. Have a gooda day.
  9. Excavatus

    Suggestions thread

  10. Excavatus

    Bug in Portal page? cannot login

    after 4 years, I didn't believe ther could be something left to revive.. But, necromancy does not know any limits I presume.. Gd'day
  11. Excavatus

    Wargaming Buff the Puerto Rico

    It wasn't only because of flamu's rage-stomp. Actually the mighty holy spreadsheet said no I want to think.. It was amazing.. both front turrets... 6 shells.. 2nd min of the game.. a moskva 20km away... 60K salvo :D whats not to love about that ship?
  12. Excavatus

    Wargaming Buff the Puerto Rico

    nope.. I would only work on this grind + pay for it (ı'd even take time off from work) for prenerfed Slava.. which I've spent a very short time under the name of pobeda :) but then.. I don't think that would be healty for the forum :D
  13. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    so one more time, That patent has been declared by WG, is a general blanket patent, like every company do, WG patented all their ideas about an MM, just incase.. Like the "moon elevator" patent.. Just tell me, If that patented MM were working, why this player.. Getting this? and this one, is getting that.. According to the patent, The recents would have been reversed..
  14. Excavatus

    2nd flag on german ships

    why necro? do you really want undeads walking around the forum.. This will be locked before people start making undead jokes about the player base.. !
  15. Excavatus

    Carrier callbacks and game ballance.

    Hello ladies and gentelmen, Let me point you, once again, towards to the CV discussion topic.