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  1. Excavatus

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    I was a player before being a mod.. still a player, will be a player after I'd leave one day :)
  2. Excavatus

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Ladies and gents, I've cleaned up the thread a little bit. Even though discussing about the future / wanted ship lines / nations for the game is great, This thread is about French destroyers, and their introduction grind into the game. So please keep it inside the topic, Cheers
  3. 2 times revival is a rare case.. This means this area is clearly hazardous for humans. Let me lock it down and clear it up for you gents! In the mean time, you can always check the forum for new developments, or open a new thread, If you want to discuss about the new developments (be aware of the pinned discussion topics though)
  4. Excavatus

    WG focus poll

    I really didn't understand why a new thread opened for "WG focus poll", just to direct people to the "WG focus poll" which is on another thread. Please avoid spamming. Gd'day.
  5. Excavatus

    [THESO] The Salty Ones, recruiting members

    Ladies and gentelmen, Bumping a recruitment thread more than once per 24 hours is not allowed. Just reminder! Thanks
  6. and are we keeping "putting 3 fires for each salvo with HE conq because LOL?" oh.. sorry.. forgot, we are getting a buffed conq :) Don't mind me..
  7. Excavatus

    ???? che succede?

    Oh cheers! Too much work I guess! :)
  8. Excavatus

    ???? che succede?

    1) forum is not the place to find answers for your technical problems. I suggest you go open a customer support ticket, 2) even If you'd wanted to share your problems with other players, It shouldn't be in gameplay. 3) This forum's language is English, posting in other languages are against the forum rules, 4) If the translation is true, being negative and unconstructive is another forum violation. As a result, this topic will be locked..
  9. Excavatus

    [THESO] The Salty Ones, recruiting members

    I found my artistic approach to that logo...... satisfying!
  10. Excavatus

    [DAVY] the locker has three spaces available.

    Moderator bump after 23 hours...! Just for the memories of good old times!
  11. Excavatus

    Why run at the end?

    If I'm being chased by 4 ships, including 1 of them an unspotted DD at the end, I will run away and kite away while trying to farm as much damage I can, The longer I survive, the longer I can farm damage so I get more credits and XP. And I think it is some kind of survival instinct.. most of the people turn away and start to run when they are chased by a group.
  12. Excavatus


    Dear OP, Game economy designed to either make you pay or force you populate the mid tiers for the newcomers. It is your choice.. Pay for premium, doubloons for premium camo, pay for credits etc etc. Or If you want to stay free, you go down tiers 5 - 6 and 7 to collect some credits. On the other hand, how much you win/lose depends on your performance in a given win or loss.. So, getting a better player will help with the credit losses. And finaly, there is nothing more to say to this subject, lets lock this one before it turns into even MORE personal abuse fest. Have a good day gentelmen.
  13. Excavatus

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Cheers mate! That was my last battle which carried me to rank 1 Before even seing it was you, I've told my div mate that "this lenny is getting a +1" It was a nice teamwork, you DDs spotted, I killed them :) PS: that shiratsuyu camping in his own smoke infront of you helped a lot though :)
  14. neither, Have you seen the dragons in the fridge? they were eating all the sprouts! kind of hazy!
  15. OK then, I got it wrong may be :) lets blame the new medication ı've started yesterday.. World feels a little bit hazy now :D