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  1. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Ladies and gentelmen, I found myself in need of reminding a couple points to you. Please stay away personal attacks and prolonged heated discussions between two people, use PMs and without harressment and insults ofcourse. This is a public forum, If you don't care what people think or If you don't want people to disagree with you, may it is not wise to put your ideas on a public forum. please always try to stay in the boundaries of the forum rules. Take this message as an informal warning. Thank you very much.
  2. Excavatus

    What the **** is this? & Faroe Islands.

    already answered his bait in twitter as well.. That was duncan, who has only 1 torpedo launcher on each side.. 29K torp damage.. torps sits 90 degrees to the ship.. and fired with that 90 degrees.. but your torp angles are towards the front.. because of that, your torp, just after being fired, makes an S shape to go forwards.. that is just visual, and time to time, you may hit an island if you are too close. but those torps does not follow targets, or curve to go to the target.. as I have said, that is just a visual tick WG implemented.. you fire forward, torp comes out from side, with 90 degrees, then makes an S shape to go forwards.. It look silly I accept.. and I don't know if it is realistic or not but I have strong doubts.. on the other hand.. I repeat.. they just dont follow, or curve to hit.. that is just how they designed of their launch.. interesting.. but nothing different from a V25 firing a torpedo from the bow..
  3. This was the last battle I could take on pobeda.. that thing is utterly crap.. you did great.. If only I was in a normal CV.. but one on one Massa is a hard nut to crack for any tier 8 CV.. If the massa captain knows what he is doing.. Especially late game..
  4. so basically, without steel you wouldn't play that mode. I assume it is same for a lot of players. So ranked does not give satisfaction on any kind or different from randoms, except steel. There is nothing the players brag or show off after. As I've said, make it a league.. make it 3 leagues.. promote people, relegate people.. at the end of the season.. and lets get 1 champion.. and as sharing CW winner names on loading screens.. share their names.. Ranked season, Super Leauge Champion XXX Runner up XXX League 1 champion XXX etc etc... of course give rewards.. especially steel.. but change it something more than a chore to get that steel..
  5. I am a moderator of the forum and we are expected to represent the company up to some level, which is basically the code of conduct, behaviours, online communication and respecting the NDA. On the other hand, we are completely free to voice our opinions on any venue, in a respectful and civilised manner. Yes I don't like ranked, Yes I believe ranked implementation is completely wrong, I believe It can be better, I am not planning to play it again. and my question is, remove the rewards, how many people will still play it, and what is the difference between with randoms? My opinion, there should be ranks and leagues BEFORE the season starts. People should pick their ships BEFORE the season starts. lets say 3 ships in total.. or 5.. and according to their stats on those ships, with the combination of overall and recent stats, they should be placed on a league.. and that league should stay as it is.. Champions should get rewarded heavily, Winners should get points every match.. accumulating. everyone should get rewards according to their points That is my ranked opinion..
  6. I've said this before and will keep saying it. Your biggest mistake is thinking ranked is different than randoms somehow. It is not.. It is just the same with less people.. which makes it more prone to snowballs.. thats all.. Haven't played ranked more than a year.. I'm happier :)
  7. Dear forumities. Can you please stop attacking and harrassing each other? Thank you. Take this as a final warning.
  8. Topic will be lock due to missing point. Thank you
  9. Excavatus

    Why players on eu .......

    Hello, With that Opening post, there cannot be any meaningful discussion on this topic. PS: I had to edit the OP just to read it. Topic will be locked. There are many topics about ranked and player quality in the mode. Please use one of them If you don't have anthing new to add into the topic. Ex out.
  10. Excavatus

    Turn off rent ships?

    NO! Now open your mouth! Sub is coming!!!
  11. Excavatus

    Dear Wargaming. Please nerf smokescreen.

    holy prophet on nails!! Someone started as a regular `nerf that thing I personally cannot deal with` then it turned into, 'Yeah I should learn more and try harder! thanks guys!' What the hell happened to this place!! PS: I'll edit the OPs edit on the OP. So everyone can see before answering again... Holy... Kudos to you @deak012 Kudos!!!
  12. Excavatus

    Looking for Coaching

    Hello, I suggest, instead of mentoring or tutoring, go watch youtube videos. Start with flamu and flambass.. I'd go for videos of 2017 and 2018 first.. To learn the basic mechanics. you can be your own teacher better than anyone. This game is just relies on experience.. play a lot mid tier.. 6 and 7 but before everything.. I mean eeeeverything... that you have a skill level.. every ship has a skill floor and skill ceiling... which means.. you may not be performing at your desired level even If you get coaching for years.. and 100K games under your belt. Start accepting that first.
  13. Excavatus

    Turn off rent ships?

    Pick everything except rental ships... (I mean the last group. Prem, elite, non elite etc) that way filter works in reverse.. and 'hide unsuitable ships'
  14. Excavatus

    The most frustrating game.

    Hello, can we please use the MM discussion for.. MM discussions? thank you. This one is locked.
  15. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I really wonder why people still think ranked is skill based. It is just randoms with a different number of players. Less players, less time needed for the snowball effect. If you think your sanity worth anything, just dont play ranked Or just continue to play :) but when you reach the gold league don't expect you'll be surrounded by great players. You can do anything in this game, reach to any point, get to any ship. It just depends how persistent are you and how many times you have failed in total...