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  1. Excavatus

    Suggestions thread

    when the game have enough players like wot
  2. Excavatus

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    words can hurt you know? @Asakka, @asalonen, ME!! - ------------- Anyway on the subject, everyone knew, there will be CVs in the Clan Battles, even they will be in the KOTS after a while. People should be completely ignorant If they got caught their pants down here. I know some really good, but anti CV clans, refused to play CV or recruit people who play them, now screaming their lungs out.. Because the addition of the CV. The decision of adding them into competitive it is another matter, can be discussed. I'm personally not against them. But getting shocked, surprised.. thats ignorance. Not having a CV player in the clan, not recruited someone since more than a year, or let some of the members grind them.. Yeah, thats ignorance. As a different note, If someone or more than one or as a clan, says, we don't like to participate in CB because of CV.. or say, I don't want to play CVs just because I have to.. Yeah I can understand and respect that, and that is the problem for WG to see after the season when they look at the spreadsheet :)
  3. Excavatus

    Wargaming, communication and this board.

    Because spreadsheet does not have feelings, personal gain, high or low skill, preferences.. every feedback from anyone, includes personal bias one way or the other. But the spreadsheet is like an AI who does not care about anything but balance.. is it successful? thats a whole different debate :) But personally, I don't think they are ignoring players feedback, but they take pure numbers for the basis of balancing..
  4. Excavatus

    2nd april joke

    Hello, Great language, very constructive post. Topic will be locked.
  5. Excavatus

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    thumbs up reaction was not enough...
  6. Excavatus

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    It is all comes down to personal preference I accept and respect that. But as in my life, I've never ever say "This is crap" without trying something, or just taking a small bite.. Thats me.. I believe just playing 1 battle in the new mode, then saying this is completely crap! is just wrong.. on the other hand, actually they are vastly different.. Because they are really fast.. they need team coordination and planning more than ever, every map has its own quirck which %99 of them you've never seen in randoms.
  7. Excavatus

    Best Secondaries

    we were not on the subject.. for months :) Necromancy is bad mate.. and after the IFHE and armor plating changes.. I believe as a secondary build lover, Secondary issue needs its own topic. Please stay away as I lock and cleanse this topic from undead energies.
  8. Excavatus

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    We had so much fun last night as a clan, ran 2 teams constantly.. probably at least 15 people participated.. I love clan brawls.. especially on small maps.. 4v4 was awesome too.. But I'd like to say a couple words to everyone who hated it after 1 battle, this is for april fools.. so just take it as a silly game mode.. and every map has its gimmick.. so quiting after 1 match.. you are missing things.. 5km cyclone on the smallest map of the game (polar) epicenter on a smaller Two Brothers.. (sent our GK into the middle and won both matches) BBs spawning on the enemy side.. deleting 1 or sometimes 2 ships in the process.. CVs spawning on the enemy side.. (nearish) : I believe they've put this mode just for the CV haters.. because CVs die in the 2nd minute mostly :D A regular mountain range.. with 12km cyclone.. regular size map with 5v5.. some people keep looking for the enemy for minutes :D Yeah.. I guess... sometimes having fun is just needs the right mentality..
  9. Excavatus

    Suggestions thread

    aaaaaaand we have it Clan Brawls.. and I love it :)
  10. Excavatus

    Para cuando 3 cv a la vez en el juego ???

    Hello, English is the languge of this section. Topic will be locked.
  11. Excavatus

    Question about moskva to arsenal

    you need her in your port when the line change happens.
  12. Excavatus

    General CV related discussions.

    I would hope so...
  13. Excavatus

    General CV related discussions.

    and thats why we have the cv topic. keeping the foum clean and giving people a place to repeat their concerns and complaints over and over again. :) and I have nothing against it.. Just personally, I believe it is like shouting to a wall and expecting to tear it down :) but thats me I respect every other opinion.
  14. Thunderer will be there for a while. I'd go for JB or smol.. because they will be removed.. thunderer is a unique ship.. likewise the Conq so, I'd buy JB now, then collect coal and get the thunderer :D