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  1. Excavatus

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    Don't be... I always advocate about the right of calling people stupid when they do something stupid :) I did... you called... totally deserved! :) At least I am smart enough to understand when I do a "boo boo" Have a Nice day!
  2. To be fair Forlorn, If you are risking a loss of money to earn something bigger than the value of your money. That is the definition of gambling mostly.. But then people ask.. what about stock exchanges? what about buying bitcoin or etherium? they ask what about buying scratch cards? If you ask me.. they are all different types of gambling.. and I personally think gambling is a form of entertainment.. albeit a very dangerous one though...
  3. Appereantly it is.. because no missouri or belfast.. and you will get your share of thumbsdown mate.. get ready to be sad :)
  4. ok.. I think there is no way to try put sense in you.. they are not overpriced.. Not at all! mathematically.. NO! THEY ARE NOT! IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW YOU FEEL! This is not an agreeable or disagreeable opinion THIS IS A FACT!!! god.. I am done.. you are dense as the universe before bigbang!
  5. How hard it is to understand for you? the monetary value of the contents of those boxes are either equal or higher than the money you paid for them. That is the whole point of them.. really... how can't you??? It is not important what you expect to get out of them?? or what you deem valuable or not? ALL THE CONTENTS ARE AT LEAST EQUAL OR HIGHER IN VALUE... Wow..
  6. Ok I can see you are a little bit butthurt because no ships came out from your 20 boxes. Because you are awefully against those boxes, AFTER you abought 20 of them.. On the other hand, the point I am making is really passing a galaxy away from you. The point is.. You put money on something and in return you either get something or LOSE the money you put.. That is gambling. You didn't lose money, You are thinking, you payed for the ships but they didn't came you lost! That is the mentality what WG rely on actually. And it is twisted and wrong as feck! Anything.. but ANYTHING coming out of those christmas boxes are either equal or higher value than the money you paid for them. When you buy something for 5 euros, and they give you atleast 5 euro worth goods... That BY DEFINITION, cannot be gambling. One point to make here.. I am not advocating about the gambling or saying belgium did wrong etc etc.. Belgium is making good by trying to protect its citizens from gambling. And they are not banning anything, they are just regulating it, like most of the other countries. and I am not an advocate of loot boxes or santa boxes of WG. I could't care less.. As every christmas, I've bought myself 5 of the smallest ones as christmast gift.. thats all.. But.. The problem here, Santa boxes of the WG, ARE NOT A TYPE OF GAMBLING... There are a lot of loot boxes in other games which are clearly giving you shite value of your money.. and belgium gov are just not trying to go in specific cases.. and WG is not applying for it, because they don't want their merchandise to be labeled as gambling. This way, it is still in limbo. If they apply for it to sell them in belgium. They will be officially accepting it. and again.. Those boxes, BY DEFINITION, are not gambling. Anyone buying them just to win the ships and feel that they lost when they don't get the ships, are actually the community WG relies on and want! But I have bad news for you, you have a problem! PS: so I guess putting thumbs down makes you feel powerful eh? :) good thing that you found yourself something to feel good about
  7. emphasis on the independent mate! did your debit card has some loan limit that you can use anytime you don't have money? or were you limited to use the funds that your parents or someone else puts in that account.. It was still controlled by someone else.. you maybe were working at that time I wouldn't know, but that is not the case I guess for the general MMO playing 16 year olds today. case stands. Your parents don't transfer money to your debit account. You cannot use it to buy lootboxes. Everytime you need money to buy something virtual by using that card.. you have to ask! didn't you? The producer/seller decides the price. They put in their shop.. XXX = 10 Euros. you buy this random box, for 10 euros, and you will get XXX in minimum.. May be more? This is not gambling. Because there is no risk here!! If they would have said, buy a loot box and get a chance to win a prem ship.. But only a prem ship, so you buy a box for 1 euro you either win a prem ship or you don't win anything at all.. yeah that is gambling. Because you are risking your 1 euro.. Why anyone having problems to grasp this concept. NO RISK OF LOSING MONEY, NO GAMBLING!
  8. Gambling is a serious problem, but you shouldn't ban it completely. I gues the thing about the lootboxes, belgian government says, You have to label your game PEGI 18 or you cannot sell lootboxes in Belgium.. I am not %100 sure but I think it is like that. And yes, kids and teenagers has to be protected because they don't know jack shite about gambling addiction and how destructive it can be.. Like alcohol and tobacco.. 18 Years old limit.. But on the other hand, Somebody said very nicely, Kids and most teenagers don't have their independent online payment methods. And If their parents cannot control them to use their cards.. Then that means we have a much more serious problem then loot boxes. As a foot note, It was discussed before, WG lootboxes cannot be deemed as gambling, because It gives more than you payed in the minimum. So there is no risk of losing money. Where there is no risk of losing money, that thing cannot be gambling.
  9. Excavatus

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    appereantly very! :) Reading processor of mine malfunctioned I guess.. Apologies!
  10. Excavatus

    Plans for changing division matchmaking?

    The problem here is not the division, but the brain ! We were in a division with 2 x mino and a wooster. and a CV in game. That CV communicated with us, and mopped the floor with the enemy CV, even though the enemy team had more than a couple AA ships.. are you gonna ban AA ships going into division together? what do you think about a 2x belfast + flint division? or 3x stalingrad divisions? are you gonna ban whatever you think is making you to lose? If so, start banning yourself, because you are the main reason behind all the success or failure of your results.
  11. Excavatus

    Beware of steel to coal auto conversion!

    I don't think they did that on purpose to make us spend our steel. I think the reason behind this, they didn't think :) no one I think have ever said, "Hey guys, may be we need to put a reminder when they are about to spend some steel, since its valuable!" :) They just didn't think about it. They are not WOT team, They are not evil like them! They are just gullable!
  12. Excavatus

    Beware of steel to coal auto conversion!

    Yep If you put an additional 2990 coal on it, or just a coupon for %25, you will see the purchase button will be activated.. and It won't ask you "Are you sure" :) just get your steel out!
  13. Excavatus

    Beware of steel to coal auto conversion!

    nope, It was always auto exchange, I've had my musashi months ago, without converting steel manually, but converting 2700+ steel without asking me.. This is WG :)
  14. Excavatus

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    This looks like a veyr bad bait! If not... You have a lot to learn because you actually can only be reported for once by a player, additional reports are useless, and a divison reports count as only 1... So.. Lie, Lie, another lie, and team damage, killing a richeleu, and killing another one, you should have been died way long ago! and frankly, If this above scenario is remotely true, this has nothing to be with chat abuse, you must have been reported by 21 individual players on that match, and seeing that specific team damage, It can actually be likely. and you should have been banned from the game permanently, You are sir, is the combination of what is wrong with this community and you don't deserve a place in even a full bot Co-OP team..
  15. Excavatus

    Lonely BB player looking for fun, lets hook up?

    yeah.. right.. ofcourse.. Bussines... On the other hand, your clan seems active in clanwars.. not looks like sleeping.. I guess even they don't want to take you in their game? may be?