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  1. Saipan was already shafted, now she is shafted even more.. and I didn't use TiTs ever since the reticule change on my lexy or midway.. I still play CVs.. mostly immelman, midway, audacious and enty.. not having too much trouble with rocket planes.. having some yes.. but not much.. I believe I'll get a hang of them soon.. But I was never a CV main, yes played them a lot lately.. but no.. I like Cruisers and DDs more.. and now it looks like a good chance to turn back into my first love..
  2. Sorry mate.. I got rehab.. now I'm recovering :) I've decided to turn into my first love.. gonna be a DD main again :)
  3. Excavatus

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    woaw 5 pages in 22 hours.. Nice.. sorry OP, to be fair for the last 2 year's attempts.. your topic will be locked. Please use the existing CV discussion thread.. on top of the general discussion page.
  4. The only thing (IMO) WG achieved here is THE most opposite thing to their main ideas behind the original CV rework. They single handedly widen the skill gap in CVs by A LOT.. grand canyon now looks like a vein on a baby's finger... Lest accept, DDs are still by far the most effective class on the result of a given battle.. and CVs were their extremely hard counter.. at least some of them.. and now making hard for "BAD" CV players to counter the DDs.. just widens the skill gap. I'm not saying I'm performing as the same.. but learning.. and not complaining a lot.. yes I still cannot compensate quite for the drift o some DDs.. and I still don't know what to do on a "hard breaking" DD.. (this is the best counter against rocket planes IMO, If the CV player cannot anticipate that move. But as I've said, not complaining to much.. because I'm still hitting them.. and hitting them hard.. not consistent as the previous version, but that was a problem for the general health of the game to begin with. As a totally unrelated note.. I'm growing a newfound love for the Audacios because I'm getting more consistent results with her rocket planes :) Anyway.. be nice to each other.. and stay civil.. and keep this topic about rocket planes.
  5. Lets not say expertly murder a pommern, it was more like, made a wrong decision and got myself cornered at 5km from that pommern and he didn't hydro me :) and blind fired in my smoke :) But, yeah.. looked like a carry but couldn't have done without you and your teammate.. You carried / delayed your side enough for us to clean up our side (thanks to really amazing enemies) and come finish up your side.. you had the strong side of the enemy.. we just stomped the very squishy tomatoes and oranges on our way :D Was happy to be in the same team... lets do this again sometime..
  6. Excavatus

    So MM is capable of doing this afterall.....

    There is an MM topic for this. Please use that.
  7. I've told you not to share clan priviliages with the others..
  8. I'll read the topic some other time to see who insulted whom :) But in the mean time, we don't need another CV and/or RU CV topic.. Hence it will be locked.. PS: I liked the robots!
  9. Excavatus

    LF ~storm league clan

  10. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It is like, "1 of the 4 people in a room is an idiot.. If you cannot identify who is that in your room, I have bad news for you" But the ratio you've given is much higher
  11. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Get in line, people are screaming in WOT for WN8 (basically same thing but more detailed) for 10 years :)
  12. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thats what I'm talking about too :) WG is sharing the data.. out in the open :) then people using it.. they need to hide the data so people wouldn't use it.. It is a black and white situation actually.
  13. Excavatus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    no mate.. I don't like surprises... I indeed need to know the total number of working braincells among my team