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  1. ToxicWomble

    cv rework.

    Right people,no one is happy with how the cv`s are so over powered right? haven`t seen a lot of the rework play but I can guarantee that a lot of people will not be happy when the new rework is out. How about.. Rework the AA on all ships make it more powerful,so that say a T10 cv cannot delete an T10 AA spec`d cruiser (I`ve been a victim) Rework the fighters so they cannot continually stay above a cap (I`ve been a victim) give them a degradation of health if they aren`t moved,make them only able to follow your planes and engage other planes. Rework the torpedo damage, nerf it so they virtually take out a full heath BB therefore taking it out of the game As in the new rework with AA reduce the time significantly for switching AA priority. I`m ready for the hate.......
  2. ToxicWomble

    team killers

    what is going to be done about those `nice` teamates who, for whatever reason decide to try and kill someone on their own team on purpose....turning them pink just doesn`t cut it anymore.I know accident`s happen but to intentionally kill you on purpose because they have a beef with WG
  3. ToxicWomble

    Questions of the Community

    Europeans? thought it was the British that sent ships and boats to help evacuate those at Dunkirk.....
  4. ToxicWomble

    Questions of the Community

    Would you consider rewarding karma? For example get one compliment and you would get rewarded with say, 500 free xp ,that would go a long way to promote good teamplay.Just had a few games where dd`s actually smoked me because I was under pressure and giving a `compliment `with no actual reward seems wrong.
  5. ToxicWomble

    Community Contributor Program - FAQ

    erm better review this(think you might have lost a few)
  6. ToxicWomble


    but isn`t it the way to win? all ships enter the circles and actually fight instead of the BB`s doing the usual thing of camping round the edges afraid of getting damaged and the cruiser`s and dd`s getting close and fighting i dont think it is excessive to say that it would actually promote better teamplay
  7. ToxicWomble


    just had a game in this mode and as usual the top tier BB did not even enter the cap circles instead they left it to the cruiser`s and dd`s to fight for them whilst the enemy teams BB`s fought for the caps ,can`t WG fix this so if a ship does not enter the circles he gets no xp or credits even if the team won.....
  8. ToxicWomble

    Chatham dock event , whos going ?,

    just a quick question...I`m coming by car what is the parking like?
  9. ToxicWomble

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    fantastic work guys...
  10. ToxicWomble

    Chatham dock event , whos going ?,

    Even though it`s 600 mile round trip I`m in....
  11. ToxicWomble


    and no i wait for more fires then turn on my fire extinguishers and its not a whine it is fact, as i said previously i play all ships and burn in them all,yes i burn other ships as well but tend to use the correct shell type for the ship I`m shooting at.......
  12. ToxicWomble


    domen3, on 01 September 2016 - 08:35 PM, said: aaa, no they don't need to nerf it...it's probably because you waste your repairs on just one
  13. ToxicWomble


    Anyone else sick to death or being burnt to death time after time after time? Every time I play a BB or come to think of it cruisers I`m being killed by fire from DD`s,Cruisers and even BB`s...I have all the usual skills and modules but still die from fire......WG has to nerf the percentage of setting fires to ALL ships, I am getting fed up of continuesley burning and it`s getting to the point where it is no longer fun to play.. so much so I am thinking of deleting the game to go and play with my ships in the bath.....
  14. ToxicWomble

    New Royal Navy Armor layout

    just watched a video on these from t9 upwards it is just going to be pure pain........but I still want to play them... (.I`m a masochist)
  15. ToxicWomble

    Is Flint really that OP?

    what armour does it have though(not seen the video)seriously if it has the same armour as the Atlanta then it will sink just as easy