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  1. wot_chikor


    i dont want a op ship to make me feel better , its not good for others at least
  2. wot_chikor


    omg at last someone who have the capacity of thinking , thanks
  3. wot_chikor


    thats it i am out of here
  4. wot_chikor


    well apart from flamu i dont know who , but okey . still , even if the CCs are disagreeing with wg , the community isn't , look at the comments on this thread , and you may have the impression that staling is a below average cruiser . yeahmore than good , a nightmare in CBs , i'd say these are good reasons to tune it down a bit
  5. wot_chikor


    alright maybe you are right , maybe i should play it more to make my full opinion . but i am sure my opinion WILL stay between too strong and op . it will not go down to " its just a good ship '
  6. wot_chikor


    well , you said taking but you meant avoiding , and the citadel , every cruiser have it . and tanking , it has similar armor to moskva with just 10k HP more , almost nothing right ? i would agree that HE is not greta but who shoots HE in a BB ^^ all in all your argument is still not convinsing , and please tell me whats the difference between OP and too strong ?
  7. wot_chikor


    well that makes us two , because apparently people who have it and abuse its power think its fine
  8. wot_chikor


    best hp and armor and guns and penetration and pen angles and speed and 1 min long def AA and you tell me its not op because it cant handle HE from hindi and conq ? i am sorry mate , but your arguemtn is really week , at least show me what cruisers can take HE of hindi and conq ?
  9. wot_chikor


    heheheh pls not you , i know you like your stalin but come on , really :/
  10. wot_chikor


    is that is the balance factor ? you need to bring 2 HIV and spec them just to deal with stalingrad ? ( witch we actualy did in my clan ) if that is not an argument that stalingrad is broken then i dont know what is . its just sad that you of all people are saying that Grumpy
  11. wot_chikor


    so are you actualy telling me that this ship is completly fine ? *edited*
  12. wot_chikor


    Little disclaimer at the start , if you get offended quickly , don't read this , you have been warned. with that out of the way , today and for the first time i want to comlapin about the community not about WG . to all supertesters , to all CCs , and top clans players . how did non of you step aside and said no to this abomination that is the stalingrad ? how can you be so selfish and irresponsable to a game that you supposed to love ? i got it today and fankly i am disapointed ,its just a big *edited* machine to everyone in the enemy with very little counters , has probably best guns at tier10 , gret pen and pen-angles , radar , armor , speed ,, just everything . it has been a nightmare in CBs to see , and now more people will have them . i have seen clans running 3 and 4 , even 6 of them , and i have screenshots trust me on this WG , its NOT just " a ship " , it WILL damage the health and balance of the game , please learn from mistakes made in world of tanks , and fix this , NERF it , i know you can , you did it before in tanks , , and expel every SINGLE tester who gave a positive feedback that the ship was ready , they are no use to you if they continue missleading you . at the end , i know there are many people who dont like my posts , but i would love to see how can you disagree with me on this one , because if you know that the sun rises from the east , and cacti are not meant for sitting on , then you should know that stalingrad is Broken
  13. wot_chikor

    Fara on carrier rework

    WATCHED the video and i agree with his points but seriously his main grip is the ship control , how often do you need that when you play cv ?
  14. wot_chikor

    [Official] Wargaming Response to Steel Concerns

    edit : world of stalingrads in 25th of december, wait for it
  15. wot_chikor

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    are you mad that you just yyou wll play the op stalingrad in CBs and ranked ?