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  1. wot_chikor

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    when i said that , people told me i am a retard ( including your clan ) aka my main community clan
  2. wot_chikor

    rant about WG policy

    i agree with what you say but you didt get the point , lets take the conqueror for example ; why did it take so many months to nerf it ? i remember flamu doing a vid with strong language and raging at them why its taking them too long to fix it , he said at the end " fix the god damned ship already " and thats the point i am trying to make , WG make them OP IN PURPOSE , just to nerf them later and not just any " later " , but after few months , when popel get it and free xp it / grind it . i hope you get it now
  3. wot_chikor

    rant about WG policy

    i dont use fre xp but i use time and its bad to waste it on something that will be nerfed , as for wooster , it already had a nerf and new ones will come , specialy after this IFHE change that they are planing , it will hit all the good ships we love,
  4. wot_chikor

    rant about WG policy

    glad to hear that , doesnt happen usualy ^^
  5. wot_chikor

    rant about WG policy

    what ? i noticd you . personal ? is that all what you think about the topic ? ffs
  6. wot_chikor

    rant about WG policy

    so , apparently its official now, WG doesn't like my posts in forums and any mistake will be my last , never the less , i will keep saying what is needed to be said . wit hjust less "F"s . today i want to talk abotu WG bad policy that ruined world of tanks but they are " in purpose " doing it again in world of warships . and i can't wait to see what are the arguments of the poeple who like to disagree with me always , in this topic . so lets go to the tech tree and see what's going on with our favorite new tier10s . -you introduce hindenburg , was good and popular and everyone liked it , it gets nerfed -you introduce the conqueror , everyone rush to get it , and after few months it gets nurfed aafter people spent their free xp or time . - yueyyang , same , it got nerfed the smokes are no nothing special after the nerfe and its gettign a new nerf -khabarovsk , was legendarry , flamu makes a vid , the ship gets nerfed -wooster , nerfed radar . and mark my words guys , in few months also ; just liek everytime , they will nerf harugomo and / or daring , and they do it just after when everyone gets them by grinding or free xp , its EXACTLY what they do in world of tanks . same plociy it can't be a coincidence . and they never nerf after a month , but always after few months when eveyrone gets them , and alter they make the new power creep tier10 just to also be nerfed in few months and so on and so on . last nail in the offin , is the new dev blog basicly saing screw all of you we are changing IFHE so all your woosters harugumo khaba daring will be changed ( aka nerfed ) lets see what do you guys think
  7. i think things are going prety well , you shouldnt worry about submarines because there is a great chance they wont even make it at all , for now its all about cv rework and what it means for the overall ballance of the game , and maybe later a radar rework ,
  8. wot_chikor

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    you are right , this report system need to be removed or reworked ; its being abused alot
  9. wot_chikor

    chat ban

    thats exactly what happend to me
  10. wot_chikor

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    jell played, but just for my deffence i am a new kidd player with new commander in it ^^ but you did well tho
  11. wot_chikor

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    i couldn't believe my eyes , i am a free to play player and you could imagine what this meant for me ^^ i guess i deserved it , also i didnt even think its possible to get a tier8 from the normal CS , i guess with this luck next time i will get a missouri xD
  12. wot_chikor

    If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    i 100% advice you to get for japanese line , the american are all bad or below average untill you get the midway , but the japanese are all great
  13. wot_chikor

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    ehhe ty for the pro tip ,,, bafta ^^
  14. wot_chikor

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    no you are trying to bully someone because he said something you don't like
  15. wot_chikor

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    do you have a doubt taht i am shittalking as always ? i gess yes dude i dont even know what is politcal harrase