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  1. Xerkics

    Kurfurst Vs. Yamato?

    It's pretty simple actually it's a trade off of guns vs armour Yamato can be 1 shotted when broadside the German ship can't because of its armour ''tis way harder to citadel Yamatos guns are really good tho . It's a matter of playstyle. Watch flamus video on Kurfürst turtle armour
  2. Xerkics

    Question about new Commander skills

    I think they need to separate primary weapons with caliber up to 150 from the secondary guns so secondary builds are not affected by DD balancing
  3. Xerkics

    Is Fusou worth it?

    As long as you stay at medium range Fuso is the best tier 6 BB imo.
  4. So i cant use Decesed Daisy ship contour mods if i want that to work then? I think ill use 1 line carousel for now then as i want that contours in game. Thanks
  5. So i remember how they told us how the secondary skills werent very good so they will seek to improve them and what im seeing in the new sneak preview of commander skills is a complete nerf of secondary builds both range for secondary and manual secondary control for dispersion been moved to last tier of skills which last time i checked translates into a pretty hefty nerf. Am i missing something here? It seems pretty misguided to heap op stealth firing builds with pretty situational secondary builds and make it last tier skill because its good for destroyers.
  6. I dont have either of those installed , doesnt work with the latest version either.
  7. Xerkics

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Just wow , insert the obligatory eu cash cow SerB milking gif . Well done WG eu. Merry Christmas everyone .
  8. Merry Xmas . I just reinstalled latest version twice and better icons on compact carousel dont work they still show default
  9. Xerkics

    Captain Steven Seagal

    His voice over doesn't actually sound like him lol
  10. Xerkics

    tier 9-10 German Vs IJN

    Could you expand on this please?
  11. Xerkics

    tier 9-10 German Vs IJN

    Are ijn tier 9 and 10 still competitive compared to the german counter parts or have they been power creeped? Like they used to have the best secondaries and best guns for the tier i think. Have german ones made them obsolete?
  12. Xerkics

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    Only ru ship I seen at that tier is Kutuzov and no others whatsoever . Got like 3 ru kills finished German and half way through ijn .
  13. Xerkics

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    Well I'm voting with my wallet on this I spent my free xp to get the Bismark from tier 2 , they can keep their Missouri.
  14. Exactly , only cheese in the mousetrap is free , i dont mind buying normal premiums but this is too much if you got free xp save it for a new line of ships.