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  1. hardkur911

    Important message for the community

    give back flags for achievements , to show us u think about players not only money .
  2. Take tier X it will give u supercontainer on special events twice a year
  3. hardkur911

    Suggestions thread

    i use blacklist to flag bad players so i knew they in my (or opposite) team when game start . yes i knew there is matchmaking monitor but i dont want to knew too much to not get depressed. my idea is to add more colors like for example green for people on your friend list , then white list where u can mark super good players , and brown for warpack cheaters WG is doing nothing about cheaters so at least let us flag them so we dont waste torpedoes
  4. hardkur911

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    people buy lootboxes with ships that going to be added to game for free , if that's not whaling i don't knew what is . and honestly i don't think we can blame WG for milking them . problem is they should fix bugs and add content not only milk whales
  5. hardkur911

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Bug Reports

    all British DDs have engine mod installed by default so its kinda normal
  6. hardkur911

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Bug Reports

    Napoli didn't got Gift just regular +50%
  7. hardkur911

    Something different: new CB season, subs in Coop.

    at least give us submarines in Clan Battles so we can hide from planes
  8. hardkur911


    these is whats going to kill the game for good
  9. hardkur911

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    so half of u defend Yuro but when i call u brain-dead lemmings in game i get chat banned ..... go figure
  10. hardkur911

    Add Score Timer to the game

    i just want score timer dude !!!! Think about every time your game is about to end on points and people swim around the caps clueless ... just these simple add of tested simple mod with a timer to win or loose on points make a huge difference , discussion about other mods and hacks totally miss the point . U can be the best player ever but u just 1/12 of the team and average player winrate is 40% , if it can get better with addition of simple mod that let u clearly knew how much time u have to do something , why not ?
  11. hardkur911

    Add Score Timer to the game

    I just want score timer , dont confuse WG with asking for more mods
  12. hardkur911

    Add Score Timer to the game

    my theory (100% pulled from the hat without any info) is that guy that made score timer quit with CCs and there is no one to refresh it after update
  13. hardkur911

    Add Score Timer to the game

    Some mods are so good they should be added to the game for everybody. Score timer is one of them , and Nomogram crosshairs is the other .
  14. hardkur911

    The Ex-CC list

    remove Trenlass from these list he is not quitting
  15. hardkur911

    Where has the Missi containers gone?

    "Details of the event and info about how to grab the new content will be announced later." nice link bro keep trying