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    [MOD IDEA] Different gun fire sounds

    Hello, having played a loooong while I've found the gun fire sounds to be slightly... same'ish. While it is possibly historically accurate, it is not exactly appealing. I watched several videos from back in the closed beta tests, and many ships had different gun fire sounds, especially the BB's. Is there any way to mod them/Bring the beta ones back?
  2. DontShootBrah

    UI Bugs @ Port

    Hello, recently I've found an strange bug whilst selecting my kongo.. screenshots below. It occurs while selecting other ships and then clicking on Kongo, and Kongo only. Behold! The Mighty KongoHiryuTaka...
  3. DontShootBrah

    Some tips for the Ryujo, please? :)

    I sadly sold the Colorado for it was too cool for my liking And currently Im playing without a mouse, communicating telepathically with the crews of my airplanes.
  4. Hello fellow captains! I recently unlocked the Ryujo and.. I gotta say im feeling slightly weird. My hit chance with torps weent much lower than the one I had with Zuiho (Any tips on dropping?) Im also using the "balanced" loadout, with one fighter, quite useful for running around while independence gives chase with his slow-pokes. But it feels like.. Im not doing anything and still end up on top of the exp chain. Should I go with the strike set up instead? In the attached files, I've shown the looks and usefullness of my torpedo planes at this very moment..
  5. DontShootBrah

    So here's my resolution to Colorado class

    Or you could just give the ship some attention and learn how to play it. Colorado is an great ship, once you learn how to use it efficiently.
  6. DontShootBrah

    colorado - just why ?>

    Here's the "baaaaaaaaaaaaad colorado" for you... Its just different, get used to it.
  7. DontShootBrah

    HE Discussion.

    I think that the HE system needs a little bit of a rework within the game, the fires are insanely out of control. Yesterday I managed to sink an Yamato in a T7 ship, just because I kept causing fires from my Napalm Shells. Today, I got sunk by 2 T5 Omaha's with their 1mm puckleHEfiring guns, not a single omaha struck me with its torpedoes, just the insane napalm barrage. It feels like the crews scrub the decks with gasoline, or other highly flammable liquids.
  8. DontShootBrah

    IJN Kawachi - Whats wrong with it?

    Hello dear forum, I've spent over 140 battles in BB's mostly US, and got as far as New Mexico (Still going though). But I thought to myself, hey ima try the japanese stuff, they have some nice BCs later on, and then the Kawachi happened. Im not able to hit a broadside of a barn, whilst being inside of the said barn, 10 feet from the wall. The spread is enormous, firing for the waterline makes the shells fly over the ship, firing mid-deck makes them go down way below the ship. It is awful, please tell me that atleast the tier IV BC is better than this.. piece of...badness
  9. DontShootBrah

    Feeling ripped off £35 premium & warspite

    Really? I find the NY amazing, I loved the Wyoming as well, and Im generally playing BB's. NY has some serious torpedo dodging capabilities too, and scores enormous damage when aimed correctly. You just need to practice a little bit and you'll find BB's to be weapons of mass destruction when handled properly.
  10. DontShootBrah

    Name your Warspite

    I'd call mine.. Precious.. if I had one Will the ship be available for purchase at a later date, or forever gone? I wants it! Filthy hobbitses stole the precious
  11. DontShootBrah

    So, USS New York

    I really like the NY, it gets much much better after upgrading and 17'ish KM range on the guns aint super bad either. She has awesome turning capabilities to evade torpedoes too. I enjoy her a lot, I cant wait for the New Mexico
  12. DontShootBrah

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    Do you guys know whether it'll be possible to purchase the Warspite again anytime soon?