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  1. Falcon_11

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    Just finished a game where an enemy smolensk got deleted at sight (first salvo first blood). It seems that rng went against smolensks big time today. Anyway thank you everyone for replies, perhaps i was too quick to judge hot headed. Ill see how it goes in the next few days, considering i play Smolensk mostly i will sure notice a difference between first 50 and the next 50 battles.
  2. Falcon_11

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    It means he doesnt have a pinpoint accuarcy so some shots might land in the water when shooting at smaller profile target. 9km from a Kremlin blind shooting into smoke? Yes, GK did hit me and im not saying he didnt i was totally unaware of him, its just either the first time BB hits me with 3-4 into citadel or something is wrong. And ofc, we could blame RNG for all 3 situations, but I dont usually believe that similar things can repeat few times in a short period of time.
  3. Falcon_11

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    As i said its not my first game in it. Ive been shoot at and hit before and I wasnt deleted not once. Now that happens 3x in a row. So either there were some total lowbies shooting at me for 50 games, or these 3 guys are the best marksmen eu.
  4. Falcon_11

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    I realize that its armor wont bounce bbs, im angling it while kiting away just to be a samaller target and harder to hit. Same thing i do in smoke, less torps and blindshots u eat, but that Kremlin just deleted me. Yes i have done some great things with it myself, and suddenly im just getting deleted while doing all the same o.O Its not like i did my first 3 games and im talking [edited] here. I usually do OP in Smolensk and i love it (i mean who doesnt) and it used to work with my playstyle, now it doesnt, thats why im asking is it nerfed or it was just unlucky coincidence.
  5. Falcon_11

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    Alright, this might be a total coincidence, but these things never happend to my Smolensk before, and i have 57 battles so far, including these 3 toady. Anyway, i got deleted full health to 0 in just 1 salvo 3 battles in a row. 1st was Lion some ~14km away and i was almost fully angled (he was firing @ my stern) 2nd was Kremlin 9~km away and i was angled just enough to use my stern guns and i was in smoke. 3rd was GK from some 17-18km, maybe more (he was way off my firing range). I cant tell for sure about the position of my ship in this case since i got really stunned by being deleted like that, and i was kiting away Stalingrad, but for sure i wasnt full broadside (i saw his last location on map and it was more towards my stern than Stalingrad, i.e. my bow guns couldnt fire at him). So once again, this might be total coincidence, but considering the variety of ranges (mid - low - long ), looks like those overpenetrations are not working on Smolensk anymore, since it was quite tanky in my previous 50 battles. Was there any note about this? Here are screenshots of dmg taken respectively:
  6. Falcon_11

    Raid for the Filth: Results

    WHEN do i get my port slots back? Event has ended and those ships are still holding 6 of my slots...