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  1. Falcon_11

    Public test round 2 - 0.7.8: Improving the detection mechanics

    Options in the gear wheel? Can u give me a path please?
  2. Falcon_11

    Public test round 2 - 0.7.8: Improving the detection mechanics

    Purchased those camos (winter and bottom) for copper and didn't get them, tho notifications say I did. Did a battle and relog and nothing..
  3. Falcon_11

    Bug Reports

    Yes it did, and i got to pick a side again, with no points on the new day progress, and no container from the past one.
  4. Falcon_11

    Bug Reports

    Just saw that in the rules. But funny thing is that I started a Random battle at ~ 3:50 st and got the points afterwards. Whatever, will do it during day next time :) Thanks for your answer!! /salute
  5. Falcon_11

    Bug Reports

    In past 2 hours I have played several battles (Random, Co-op and Scenario) and I have been accumulating contribution points from all random battles, and from first scenario battles with each ship (Dallas and QE), after that I ended up missing 16 points for a 750 pts milestone, so I decided to do a co-op battle and get it easy. I did the battle (2 kills and a win) and received 0 points, than I got back to scenario battle with a ship that has no +50% first win bonus, 4 star win and 0 points, and another one with other ship (also no first win bonus), still 0 points. Either I got the rules article wrong or there is a problem with this? Just lost a container because of this.
  6. Falcon_11

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    It doesn't say that anywhere in the article but thanks tho.
  7. Falcon_11

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    Well I must say I have expected all that sharks and eagles stuff, or should I say EVERYTHING that was in here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update-077-go-navy/ Got like 20% of it instead, so I just wanna know if I did something wrong so this is the case, or it is with everyone.
  8. Falcon_11

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    Installed update and everything else, even the loading screen is unchanged. Actually the only thing that got changed is Go Navy tab added in arsenal and version label that says "". Did I do something wrong? Edit: I also have operation Narai.
  9. Falcon_11

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Game freezes in port when i try to preview camo color schemes for the CV. (feature obitained by american cruisers collection). 2. Reproduction steps well i just got it so i wanted to preview how it looks on each of the camos for which it is available, so when i do: -exterior/mounted camo (or any other) / change color --- 3. Result it changes the color, but freezes (i can rotate the camera but clicking anywhere does nothing) so i have to Ctrl+Alt+Del out. it does not freeze always after first change tho i.e. (if i try to preview mounted camo color scheme sometimes it does let me do it, but freezes on the next camo i try) 4. Expected result The game not freezing. 5. Technical detail
  10. Do i have to kill 5 bots in one battle or overall for "Rise of the machines" achievement? Didnt get any extra rewards for thos golden turned achievements (i log in every day, and play a battle, logged in the day they turned gold) Anything i can do about these?
  11. Falcon_11

    MM fail (no rant)

    LoL thats not bad at all if u consider that i got in t7 battle with a stock t5 BB (second battle on that ship). Screenshot is below
  12. Falcon_11

    General Feedback

    Hey, just a random question, we get 1 day of premium for 10 victories in any battle type (i.e. co-op) or it has to be random battle?. Same question for the 20 destroyers mission. Thanks
  13. Falcon_11


    I would really want to know, do i need to improve my playing, or pensacola sux big time? Im getting 20k+ dmg from like every AP hit (20 - 30k battleship and 15-25k cruiser hits), slow turning really makes it hard to evade shells/ torps, and on top of all im taking more damage/sec from DDs then i can actually deal to them (as the only ship class I can compete with, if i evade torpedoes ofc). Almost feels like i could take out Pensacola with Omaha without losing 50% hp.
  14. Falcon_11

    Bonus code activation

    Different code and still says its not valid. Thanks tho