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  1. dreambill

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    If I want to use global premium account, bonuses in premium from WoWs will be in global premium, or dedicated WoWs premium? I mean we must allowed to state what we prefer and receive premium gift time according to our selection.
  2. I like CVs very much the way they are now. Perhaps I may like the new game play (although it looks awful and stupidly arcade), BUT removing CVs from lines that I spend many hours of my life to get is the most stupid thing you can do. I'm really against it no matter the compensation. With moves like this you are following the glorious path of WoWp to failure. They implemented huge alterations (ignoring total negative feedback from players and testers) to come up with a new $hity game that is in a far more miserable state than it was before, one year after.
  3. dreambill

    Why Iron Duke has 1 funnel ?

    One reason I love WoWarships, is the beautiful 3D models of the ships, and the way they evolve by upgrading hulls. Admiring Iron Duke in the game I noticed It has one funnel. But on all plastic models, and actual photos I search (briefly) on the web, the ship appears to have 2 funnels (Orion style) for at least before WW2. I haven't found a photo with the single funnel. Even if it is a late modification, I believe that at least hull A should have the 2 funnels. Is this an error from the modelers? I would like to hear an answer from WG if possible please. Thanks!
  4. dreambill

    Bug Reports

    I just purchased FUSO. It has 13.2 Km Firing range. With the second Firing control says 10% increase to 21.8 km ???? Is the above correct?