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  1. Why Iron Duke has 1 funnel ?

    One reason I love WoWarships, is the beautiful 3D models of the ships, and the way they evolve by upgrading hulls. Admiring Iron Duke in the game I noticed It has one funnel. But on all plastic models, and actual photos I search (briefly) on the web, the ship appears to have 2 funnels (Orion style) for at least before WW2. I haven't found a photo with the single funnel. Even if it is a late modification, I believe that at least hull A should have the 2 funnels. Is this an error from the modelers? I would like to hear an answer from WG if possible please. Thanks!
  2. Bug Reports

    I just purchased FUSO. It has 13.2 Km Firing range. With the second Firing control says 10% increase to 21.8 km ???? Is the above correct?