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  1. miScx

    Ranked introduction course?

    True on both counts.. Just figured it would be better than SOMETHING.. if you can reach just a few, it would be an improvement over nothing? no?
  2. miScx

    Ranked introduction course?

    Hence why I want it to be mandatory. They can't enter RANKED mode untill intro course has been completed.
  3. miScx

    Ranked introduction course?

    Now before you rip my head off for suggesting something, and pointing out that I'm not a GOOD player. I know.. I also know that my stats aren't impressive, and that I have yet to reach rank 1. Though I got close last season.. But I know how to stay alive in ranked, I the basics.. strategy, and that every ship matters. Some just carry the team, and keep winning. I am not good enough to do that yet, and so I rely on teamwork to advance. However, teamwork is far from present in Ranked. You rarely come across players who have a clue about what to do, where to go and HOW to do it. Infact, most of the time I see half my team die within the first 2 mins. On which the enemy team already have huge advantage, and ends up closing the deal shortly after. I am seeing Demoines rushing 3 battleships alone, battleships going far to wide and hugging borderline.. You know.. the usual stuf... -.- Again I am not GREAT by any means, and I am not as such.. "blaming the team". I know it's a team effort, and I know my "role". I apply alot of the same tactics from clanwars, but none of that matters when you have yolo players with zero clue on what to do. Ofcourse I could try direct and give orders, but that only works half the time. Usually people don't listen, and I don't want to be .. THAT GUY.. lol But..... could WG create an introduction course, 3 step program? Some sort of short MANDATORY training program, you have to complete in order to even play Ranked? Something that would go through the basics of Ranked, tactics with 7v7, and thereby minimizing the yolo plays? Because it's close to unplayable for a regular/casual player to get ANYWHERE in ranked at this state. I've managed to kill half the enemy team myself, and still lost the match, it seems almost impossible. (I know ranked is suppose to be a challenge).. And I welcome that, dont want it to be easy. All im saying is.. its not even a FIGHT.. a match.. Screw the wins and rewards, just asking for a bit of teamplay atleast. uggh.. it turned out to be a whiny post anyways.. I apologize for that. Really didn't mean for that to happen, wanted it to be constructive.. creative. -.-
  4. miScx

    Suggestions thread

    STOP... double CVs. Simple as that. I don't know WHO in WG had the bright idea of loading in double CV's, effectively screwing up balance completely. Here are the 3 usual outcomes: 1. One of the CV's Is skilled, the other is a rookie and unexperienced. (leaving it a 2v1 in air) 2. Or... Both skilled CV players, raping the other team. (ruining the fun for the other cv's/team) 3. Or... Both rookies and failing the team completely. 1v1? Much better scenario, because even if one is bad and one cv is winning - the amount of ships can affect the outcome with AAs. You could argue that in 2v2 ships can also do that, however double amount of planes in the air are tougher to deal with than half. As a cv I use my AA ships for support, however they aren't much help at the borderline of map behind me. Tier 4 to 7 - most players are generally clueless on how and what to do in that regard. Sometimes they are killed in the first 2 mins, as they don't know what their role is. Tell them? Explain it to them? Very few listen.. understand english. Or.. they simply ignore you. lol Point is.. double cv is cancer. Stop it..! It's no fun for anyone, except the ONE team that was blessed with dual skilled CV players. I Don't take joy in utter raping the other team. I like a balanced battle.
  5. miScx

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    I got one better Roman... 5 DDs and 2 BBs... AND.. a few days ago it was 6 bbs and 1 dd. What da actual F*** WG? lol..
  6. miScx

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    I like the tiers, I like the grind, I like pretty much all the changes except for the 10-1 insanity without breaks. No the real problem is AFK's... I've HAD enough with afks. Sometimes even 2 afks in a ranked battle.. PLEASE DO SOMETHING...
  7. miScx

    Dude, Where's My Spaceship?

    Nothing is hidden.. And everything is explained in the news, posts, and mission descriptions. People really need to learn to read..
  8. All true.. But that's assuming players are competent and able to apply this in praxis. The majority are not... Only once in a while (outside playing with clan mates), will you come across players that understand teamwork. I just played a tier 8 battle, where we lost 5 ships in less than 2 mins. All sitting broadside in smoke taking torpes, and despite warning - refused to move..... :D
  9. miScx

    Naval Tour contest - Wrong ingame notification

    No S*** Better change the batteries in the old pacemaker.. ;)
  10. miScx

    suspicious message

    Yep just got it aswell, had no idea what it meant untill teammates translated it for me. For a second there I thought I actually won something, but nope.... lol Seems to be a major bug.. a really BAD one.
  11. miScx

    Server Down

    World of Warships - scheduled maintenance Greetings Captains! On the 18/01/2018 at 02:00 UTC, the World of Warships Game server will be unavailable for approximately 240 minutes as we perform maintenance work. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Stations! Your Customer Service Team
  12. miScx

    Server Down?

    World of Warships - scheduled maintenance Greetings Captains! On the 18/01/2018 at 02:00 UTC, the World of Warships Game server will be unavailable for approximately 240 minutes as we perform maintenance work. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Stations! Your Customer Service Team
  13. Thank you all, never exspected so many replies and feedback. I truly appriciate it, but I have already found my clan/team. (BOTS) So I am no longer looking. ;) Thanks
  14. Hi all, thank you very much for your consideration! I have been in touch with some of you, and I seem to have found the right team/community now. Thank you again. ;)
  15. Hi there ! I go by the name "miSc", and I have been part of the wargaming "society" for roughly 4-5 years. However, after the old community died out - I took a long break. I am 42 years old and from Denmark (scandinavia). Mostly active in the afternoons/evenings, as I work during the day. I just recently got back to playing again, and I am now looking to join a team/clan/group of likeminded casual gamers. It's important to underline this part "casual", as I am no near a skilled gamer. I am "decent" at best, but I do like some competition from time to time. Thing is, I don't have much time or energy to really get involved. As mentioned I play a few hours afternoon/evening, and probably going to need some tutoring in art of naval battle. :) I would like to point out though, that I'm looking for a "senior" team of guys, somewhere in the range of 20-50. I don't know much about Pokemon GO or justin bieber.. :S So if there is someone out there, that think I could fit in nicely with your team/group - give me a ring. Shoot me a PM or reply here. Thanks.