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  1. Only works playing with clanmates / decent players. Playing with randoms is waste of time, as 99 percent are completely clueless. EVEN if you tell them exactly how and when things happen, they don't listen and just potato around. This event is so easy on ALL levels normal to superhard, no difference. Same basic tactic: - Ignore the rear ships. - Focus fire (duuh) - DDs torp incoming ships AT the FRONT and sides, smoke up Transylvania on regular basis. - BBs kill Catapults fast (use AP), protects the DDs. - Shoot the skull nose on enemy ships, thats your citadels ;) AND.. all focus / kill Rasputin 1st!! Main priority <<< 5 star.. voila. But of course, if your bbs dont shoot catapults.. use HE... Nobody infront .. DDs go in the rear to kill irelevant ships... yea you can forget all about it.. XD
  2. miScx

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yea added more, instead of creating a new post in response. Problem? lol You are right they don't reflect directly the gameplay in public games. Regardless it still gives you a good idea of mechanics and, and specs etc. That combined with regular cv experience, and being on the receiving end - I'd say it's fair use. Testdriving a racecar on a test track is not the same as an actual race, however still give the driver a "good idea". ;)
  3. miScx

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes in Public test, did you read my comment? :) I only recently got into CV play, about 8 months before reworks. Really enjoyed it, the chessplay, multitasking, counter dd play.. counter cv play.. etc Only got to discover US line, before WG fucked it up even more. PS. Public test is not recorded on the stat page :)
  4. miScx

    CV Rework Discussion

    Eh.. thats not me lol Don't own those ships, might wanna look up the right profile haha. I played the cv's in public test though :)
  5. miScx

    CV Rework Discussion

    Ofcourse you are.. everybody FOR CVs now, are the ones enjoying raping :) I use to be a CV player before rework, and love the mechanics, the chessplay and challenge. Now it's noobproff, much less skill involved, shitty mechanics, and very little multitasking. Even the super unicum cv players are cursing this reworks, but plebs like you are finally getting some damage done and therefore applauding it lol.
  6. miScx

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Geez almighty you ruined Ranked more than usual. "But we've had CV's before..." How does that make it any different? It's unplayable. Period! CVs dominate from r5 and up, no chance against a decent player in a hak. Not only that, they stay alive and save their stars. It's absolutely ridiculous. Trying to keep my composure against these idiotic decisions at WG, when do they stop sniffing methangas and come to their senses?? Stop forcing these damn CVs down our throats! Create a 4th installment .. name it.. WORLD OF CARRIERS, and put them all there. Then all the cv addicts can go play cv vs cv, and the rest of us who enjoy ships can play and enjoy the game. Only playable mode left is COOP........
  7. miScx

    CV Rework Discussion

    Look in the suggestion thread.. Create World of Carriers, and move them all over there. Rework = success.
  8. miScx

    Suggestions thread

    Here is a suggestion for ya.. How about you make a 4th installment called "World of Carriers". Put all the CV's there, and let us who enjoy playing ships.. play our ships in peace. Since the beginning CVs has been cursed at, and you ONLY made it worse as time progressed. "But our statistics speaks otherwise" ... so? Just because MORE play CVs does not mean the game quality has gotten better... on the contrary. I joined roughly 2 years ago, and since then .. the game just kept getting worse and worse. Gameplay is ruined. Why am I even posting.. I'ts not like WG listens. They didn't listen to the feedback, Beta testers or the general public. It's redundant.
  9. miScx

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    I got one better Roman... 5 DDs and 2 BBs... AND.. a few days ago it was 6 bbs and 1 dd. What da actual F*** WG? lol..
  10. miScx

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    I like the tiers, I like the grind, I like pretty much all the changes except for the 10-1 insanity without breaks. No the real problem is AFK's... I've HAD enough with afks. Sometimes even 2 afks in a ranked battle.. PLEASE DO SOMETHING...