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  1. spitfireace3

    Will i get dreadnought in time

    Hey you got closer to it than I did, I only discovered the marathon today with 1 day left
  2. spitfireace3

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Additional ship customisation I remember when i was browsing the forums before the game was released and was interested in a feature that was rumoured to be in the game but was never implemented, this would allow people to pick the name of their ship from a list of historical names. I will use the Colorado class as an example of what i'm thinking: When i purchase the Colorado class i have access to a drop down menu where i can choose to name my ship after one of the three Colorado class battleships in real life, Colorado, West Virginia and Maryland. Say i chose to name my ship USS West Virginia, the name West Virginia would appear on the stern of the ship (or wherever it was placed in real life) and the ships number, 48 (or insignia), would appear on the bow (i couldn't find a picture of WV with her number painted on, but some ships had it). Obviously, some ship names wouldn't be available, such as Missouri for the Iowa class or Duke of York for the KG5 class as these ships are already represented in game as premium ships. The chosen ship name would only be visible to the player, to keep gameplay simple, and it would have no impact on the statistics of the ship, it would simply be a nice way of making your ships more personal for history buffs like myself, as well as a way of representing ships that otherwise may not find a way into the game, such as West Virginia or Maryland. Just a thought
  3. spitfireace3

    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    Wasn't even aware the competition existed, win signals anyway, Feelsgoodman
  4. spitfireace3

    Let's Face the Real Problem with the USN

    Pathetic? Nothing of the Nelson class is pathetic Personally I think Rodney sounds just as good as all the other RN battleships and quite intimidating at the same time
  5. spitfireace3

    Should the RN be next?

    I cant be the only one who is looking forward to the Italian and French trees when they come out? I don't know too much about these nations and I think it should be an interesting way to learn a bit about them. In the meantime i'm more than happy to wait for the RN so long as they make it properly and make Nelson the most op ship in the game . I really wish some certain people shared my opinion however (not the Nelson bit)
  6. spitfireace3

    HMS Rodney

    I think the KGV class will be at tier 8 on the British BB line. Interesting to see how 14" guns will do at that tier against the other battleships
  7. spitfireace3

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    If they make that ships the Nelson i will go ballistic
  8. spitfireace3

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    Well in my humble opinion WG are just giving the other nations a bit of time to enjoy themselves before the glorious Nelson class itself arrives and sweeps them from the seas in one quick tea fueled 16" broadside
  9. spitfireace3

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    The Royal Navy is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to.
  10. spitfireace3

    WG are you trying to sink your own game?

    Whats wrong with 14 year old kids? If we are half decent at the game why do you care how old people are? edit: oh yeah and 1) load HE for the destroyers and watch them scream 2) It's a Russian company, Russian game, huge Russian fan base, we've been over this many times, they are trying to make money that's all, the Brits and Germans are coming, be patient.
  11. spitfireace3

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for caring about grammar
  12. spitfireace3

    What is your comfort ship?

    Good old Wyoming got me my best ever game in wows and i always manage to one shot at least one poor cruiser
  13. spitfireace3

    Real Pro Tips!

    This guy got negative 2 for this? Bit harsh if you ask me
  14. spitfireace3

    Put a gunnery tutorial in the game asap

    Ok i just lost this game on my X1.5 bonus because two ships at the end couldn't land a single shot on a cruiser: I realize at this tier some people are still learning and that shooting accurately is difficult at first but please please do something to make sure this doesn't happen. I had my head in my hands after this game because i'm not usually this good and again it was my daily bonus. I was not happy and you might go onto my profile and look at my firing accuracy but the shots these guys missed were basic. I'm assuming that tutorials are planned for the future but i really think we need them soon. That's my rant over thankfully and i apologize but it is just so frustrating Edit: btw does anyone have an idea how much i would have got with the win and daily bonus? Just wondering Edit edit: I've read through this post and it looks like I am directing my anger at the two players I referred to. This isn't true I am more annoyed at the lack of help new players get on a clearly difficult aspect of the game
  15. spitfireace3

    Which premium?

    Okay so i have decided i like this game enough to get me a premium ship to grind some credits. However im only likely to get one so im wondering what do you recommend? I have my eye on the Atago but it has been so long since i played tier8 (old beta times) that i fear i might drag my team down having only got to tier 5 on the full release. So, any ship you particularly enjoyed? I dont mind what class, tier or price. Thanks