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    New Halloween contest for the weekend. EU only.

    Aww, I've fulfilled the conditions twice already without knowing about this contest, curses! Wait, would it be alright to submit a replay but no screenshots because I had replays enabled?
  2. So first of all what has changed? Well on the Farragut gone are the "top" torpedoes with the 4.5km range and they are replaced by new ones which go 6.4km at 55knts and do 11600 damage apiece (I believe they used to be the top torpedoes on the Mahan). The Mahan now gets those as stock and the upgraded torps go a whopping 9.2km, still at 55knts and still doing 11600 damage, These are now stock on the Benson and its upgraded torps go the same distance but increase the speed up to 65knts and the damage up to 16500. In short I think this a fantastic change for the US DDs, improving their performance at mid tiers and helping them keep their niche in the face of the new Russian DDs. I think that we can safely say that the Russians now claim the suicide range torps that go fast and deal big damage whereas US destroyers, past tier 5, are now more mid range torpers which can from tier 7 onwards torp from stealth. Wargaming has also cleverly protected the Japanese destroyers status as best torpedo users by making US torps slow and deal less damage than other nations. This kind of middle ground approach between guns and torps is where the US DDs shine best, as can be seen from the Fletcher which has always been a formidable ship, but now you don't need to wait until tier 8 to begin to experience that. I've heard a lot of people say that the Mahan was a pretty weak ship for its tier, being not really much better than the Nicholas at tier 5, but now it's one of the best ships at tier 7. Anyway what does anyone else whose played them on the test server think? Possibly that they might even outperform the Russians, having both good guns and (now) decent torpedoes?
  3. Tin_Can_Terror

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    134,252 damage in a Farragut? On Ocean? What sorcery is this?! Got super close to a Fuso and a Kongo and nailed them with torps. Who says you can only ambush in US DDs?
  4. Tin_Can_Terror

    THE closest game of World of Warships ever

    This game is not exceptional in terms of gameplay or damage done, but rather due to the tiny margin between victory and defeat. If literally one of my shots against the people in the cap had missed, this would have been a defeat. Replay: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=41724477109678641162
  5. Tin_Can_Terror

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I love this ship! I don't play carriers so this was my first clear sky since OBT started.
  6. Tin_Can_Terror


    7 citadels in Fuso Replay: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66677327736986439568
  7. Tin_Can_Terror

    Sovjet DD branch

    The crucial thing is that up to at least tier 6 the torps only go 4km! This will balance them out a bit I think and set a precedent for the entire tree ie. Great guns but torps only usable at suicidal ranges. However on the tier 6 Ognevoi the torps go 70 knts so you're pretty much guaranteed a kill if you manage to close within range. The top tiers do look a little OP though, the tier 9 Udaloi's torps can go 8km. I don't know if this outside detection range or not but still very usable. source:http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/fast-and-furious/
  8. Tin_Can_Terror

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    No it's not, see? Actually this a massive bug because when I purchased the second hull upgrade the range shot up to 19.8km. The targeting system modification still says that it will increase the range to 14.5km. Anyone else see this? e?
  9. Tin_Can_Terror

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    Sadly at some point Wargaming sadly smacked this ship with the nerfbat and now it only has 14.3km range. When you combine that with the low top speed, poor armour ad inability to mount the range increasing upgrade that's quite a nerf.
  10. Tin_Can_Terror

    Post your best 3x XP matches

    How's This? After seeing how here's the replay too: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=34866449643583442673
  11. Tin_Can_Terror

    Unlocked modules not shared? (IJN Torpedoes)

    I know I am having the same issue, which is funny because I'm pretty certain they did share on CBT.
  12. Tin_Can_Terror

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Have you ever seen so many kills... and we still managed to lose.
  13. Back in closed beta I think I saw 3 detonations in approx. 500 games and only got detonated once. Now I see detonations every other game and it SUCKS for your team when one guy with a lot of health left explodes out of the blue. I would prefer the anti detonation flags to be a rare compensation rather than a necessity.
  14. Tin_Can_Terror

    Standard Battles - 20 min not enough time

    The number of ships can be very deceiving. For example one full health battleship could very possibly defeat 3 low health enemy ships or, as is very probable at low tiers especially, one carrier could easily win against a bunch of slow ships with no AAA. The score at the top does not tell the full story.
  15. Tin_Can_Terror

    Standard Battles - 20 min not enough time

    One battleship player can easily extend his demise by 5 minutes from full health even on his own (unless he gets torped of course) and you can't win by cap if your getting shot. You can't just leave the enemy team to go to the cap, they wouldn't allow you to. You have to kill a certain number of key ships (carriers, fast cruisers, pretty much everything) before capping becomes viable and this takes time, often as much as 20 minutes. It then becomes impossible to reach the cap let alone capture it. How can that be a misplay? Furthermore you as an individual cannot rely on random team mates to "do the right thing" and head for the enemy cap circle. Having more time allows the individual player to better effect the battles they participate in. And besides from a game play standpoint wouldn't you prefer to be able to do things like a heroic cap defence and still be able to win? The game's rules can be changed, we don't just have to make do with what we've got.