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  1. Check screenshot, not complaining about the player, he was good...i complaining about the new rework and balance...a Kaga tiers 8 premium CV...TOp of the Top tree while mine at my team is a "Meh". Tell me...is this balance that you are talking about? Now imagine Midway player(already saw), the damage out put is insane...already saw Midway Rockets doing routghly 20,000-25,000 damage into a Battleship, is this what you call it balance and fun? Come on...i dont see anything from this CV was rework...i seen it like more painfull and and stressing game...at least a guy was one shot and could go to port straigh away...
  2. Crusherheads

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Yah more CV nerf LOL, why not just remove it honestly? Also for CV tiers 8 been consistent tagged agains tiers 10 match i dont find that fun at all btw.
  3. Crusherheads

    CV Refund - Think i messed up big time - Help

  4. I literaly after refunded my Whole CV line from tiers 10 and down days ago, i went up and spend my free experience(i know, i a idiot) to Unlock till 10, did that and once again refunded, but all that free XP i used to research and refunded for second time it all went into Tiers 1 Hashidate Japanese Cruiser... I know i did a stupid mistake, and when this happened i when and read the Rules one of them saying: "Aircraft carriers can be exchanged more than once. But all subsequent operations will convert the XP used for researching the ship and its modules across to the associated XP of the ship one Tier below. If you exchange Tier IV carrier, starting with the second operation of this kind, the associated XP will be transferred to Tier I ship." Yeah... i messed up big, what a idiot i was...did a thicked about this matter of the 614.000 free experience wasted, will see the response. So whoever read this, dont do the same mistake i did...
  5. Or permanent Camouflages, but i didnt read anywhere news about this discount, where i can find news about this kind of discounts? Edit: for example Iowa Per.Camouflage is at 2000 doubloons.
  6. Oh now that informative there @eliastion, and i smile at the first coment x) , but the info that you just posted has alot of information Thank you veary much for it!
  7. Tiers 10...but if u aint carefull you gonna wait loooonnnnng for those to recover...its away to "passive" or rather boring...
  8. I wondering, instent of a refund, can the owners of the Kaga, and Saipan have a option to buy one of the "previous" tiers 8 premium CVs? Such enterprize, or Graf zeppelin, and such? Even though if we need give abit more of doubloons or money, to make up from the diference price from Kaga or Saipan to the tiers 8 CVs, so is not unfair for the clientes who bought the tiers 8 CV? Now that would be great...and better than a Refund honestly. Or for short period time make enterprice and Graf Zeppelin avaible to buy trough the Doubloons, so when i get refund from my Saipan, i buy the remain doubloons to buy one of those CV's, maybe? Not sure if you can put this sell for only owner of tiers 7 CVs? Because all honestly i kinda perfer a Enterprize or a Graf zeppelin over my Saipan for example, and the way Saipan is showing at the stress test...didnt like it at all. So yeah wondering if this options could be made avaible...
  9. LOL xD yeah those are one of my worries alright! OP? not sure of it, Kaga for example can be OP was well if well played, same goes for Saipan was well. But in the end you are right, although i did wish to see the "recovery of planes" in the saipan and her defence AA buffed...but only time will say it.
  10. Also we cant complain much either, because they offer alot premium ships, that only requires us to play the game to acquire them. But so far they have not done that to the CV class, in a way it would suck if they did honestly ^^. And cheers for the coments guy's, its opening my mind about the matter.
  11. Sadly you are veary right, and i should not give to much though at future, but again it would suck if and "only if" i spot it on...really sadness me..but again its my lost not theirs :-(
  12. Fair enough. Noted at main post.
  13. You will for sure have tiers 7 CV later in the future, i bett you will have, just wait and see. THe thing about the refund is, imagine if they sell new CVs tiers 7 at future, and you only given the option to spend "real money" and not the "doubloons" for it? Now that would be a rip off, and honestly i wouldnt be suprised.
  14. Is not about imagination Tyrendian89, its how they work, like i mention i play this game from Close beta, and what i have been seen till this day, its what brings me into this conclusion.
  15. Right, i do know we dont own this ships even though we spend money to buy them(actually its rented)...but we buy them due the stuff they bring with them. Was for myself, i bought Saipan because it is a Tiers 7 CV, and i can avoid tiers 10 Games with their massive AA damage and range, knowing a Tiers 8 CV does not have enough planes for us to do risky plays, you literaly play passive at those games, and you instent playing 100% was potential CV gameplay you play like 30%, because you are spoting enemy DDs or hunting down the enemy planes, since you are a tiers 8 CV in a Tiers 10 match, and we only act if we get a lone wolfer. In all honestly...this unpleases me, not sure for the other clients, but was a client with multiply premium boats own, and some cash spend this game, i will say this, i will try my Saipan in live and agains tiers 10, and if i see the performance its the same was old CV system agains tiers 10, i will simple refund it and trusth me, aint goin spend a "cent" any more in this game, its unfair. Why do i say its "unfair"? Because the premium CVs tiers 7 are been raised to tiers 8 and i know new tiers 7 CVs will come to the game later on, and you will not be able to spend the "Doubloons" that you refunded from your CV to buy this new tiers 7 premium CV, NOW THAT UNFAIR. I dont find this tiers CV raise up to be a "Rework or balance" i find it a way so company can sell more new tiers 7 CVs later in the future, its unfair in a way and good for those that didnt bought the currect tiers 7 premium CVs. But again, i do think Developers dont have a adiea how tiers 8 CVs struggle agains tiers 10 AA boats...and at tiers 7 and 8 theres alot boats that has super AA capabilities. Not to mention the horrific the saipan recovery is...and cant defend himself agains other CVs due the bad AA range it has...in this rework. If you guys think i am wrong, please tell me the why i am...if this is fair and why, because right now i feel i been robbed. Also you can check my Saipan stats, i not a big noob but also not a profissional, but i do have some knowledge about CV mechanics and game itself, do know was CV what to do and when. Also i play this game from Close beta, and weekens beta, that how long i play this game. Edited: This is "pure conjecture" from my part, yes, because i jumping into conclusions, but also does not mean i wrong.