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  1. Crusherheads

    CV refund - official statement - where i can find it?

    Cheers, tyvm for the information!
  2. Crusherheads

    CV refund - official statement - where i can find it?

    For example i got both t10 CVs, but sold the remain CVs, i guess i will have to rebuy them back so i can get those refunds i guess? The thing is they didnt mention more detailed about it.
  3. I try it to google it or find at forum no luck, even at wargaming news was not able to find it... Could some1 direct me for the official link about, please?
  4. Crusherheads

    Matchmaking is Stupid...

    Come ON! This is just a example... seriously................ 1 tiers 8 per side in this match, Wthell........... How stupid this can be? I mean this just desmotivates a person to the GROUND, what is so fun playing a match like this.... Also i tend go suicide mode at this kind of matches.
  5. Crusherheads

    Replay - CV Drop liner's

    I just try the commands u suggested, though u see the normal movement direction of the planes, but still you cant see the line up of the drops/strafes :(
  6. Crusherheads

    Replay - CV Drop liner's

  7. Crusherheads

    Replay - CV Drop liner's

    At replay is not there a key that allows us too see how we perform our drops, i mean showing torpedos/bombers/fighhters strafe lines? Cheers and ty
  8. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    Sadly no :-/ but our DD die right at begining ty to the enemy cv lol
  9. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    Alright, just glad that this is happening to every1, tyvm for the answers/post gentlemen, i though it was maybe a bug or similar occasion. This concludes its working was intended. Much appreciated,
  10. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    Alright much appreciate regarless
  11. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    yeah like i mention not the first time, the first time i was on my Cv Hury t10 Btw since i touching at this matter, do you guys think that devs will implement the new MM that WoT has in WoWs anytime soon?
  12. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    Ops! erm seems image cant be put, hold on lol. - Done, ty mtm, seems i had to "detach" the file or something to show up, strange.
  13. Crusherheads

    Who needs cruiser's...

    Not my first time to get this kind of MM... So any info about this? its intended? Redirect me if theres a thread about this. Thank you.
  14. Crusherheads

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met Troublemaker (i think) 15/05/2017. 1 game on my team 1 game on enemy's both that i lost... -.-
  15. Far i remember, gearing got nerf, resulting on bigger arc at his shells at that time, due the stealth fire. So, since stealth fire is long gone, why not give back the arc gearing had at that time, before it got nerfed? Just a adiea btw ^^ . the ship its still good atm, but wouldnt hurt for it to get his arc back, was long they dont increase the HE damage like they did to Khaba, so that wouldnt make it to OP.